Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Drink the Wild Air and Critters

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, with work, and Halloween all while staying over at my son's house for a week while his son, my oldest grandchild graduated from boot camp for the United States Air Force.

...and a day before his graduation
Halloween arrived once more!

Slowly, yet most assuredly Emme reaches the window, 
with not even a bark.
Oh my what does she see? 

and of course critters

We are all truly blessed.

These kiddos always have a theme, (just three in this shot)
and this year they all dressed up as characters in
Alice in Wonderland.

Why, sometimes I've believed 
as many as six impossible things
before breakfast.

Live in the sunshine
swim the sea
drink the wild air.

My quotes today come from the breezy depths
 of Ralph Waldo Emerson's wandering wisdom.

You're entirely bonkers.
But I'll tell you a secret,
All the best people are.
Lewis Carroll

Was I ever surprised when these two grandsons (brothers) came knocking at our door just clowning around.

You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know
how soon it will be too late.

Tread gently on anyone who looks at you sideways.
Billy Connolly

So happy it's gonna snow tonight says Misty!
It did, not a fun drive in to work either.

Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it
nothing great was ever achieved.

Can we play ball now, please?

It is not the length of life,
but the depth of life.

People seem not to realize that their opinion of the world
is also a confession of character.

My grandson is the young lad on the left.
They are all so young.

Trust your instinct to the end,
though you can render no reason.

Passion lights the fire in every soul.

Thank you for stopping by.
Take good care of you.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know you are proud of your grandson and all your grands! And I love your quotes today too. Happy weekend!

eileeninmd said...


Congrats to your grandson! The kiddies all look cute in their Halloween costumes. Love the furbabies, they are all adorable too.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend. PS, thanks so much for the visit and comment.

Cloudia said...

Thank you for sharing your blessings ❤️🙏

Sandi said...

I echo Cloudia above. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us!

Congrats on the new grad! Yes, they are all so young. Too young. I have a nephew in the military. I am so proud of him, but so ashamed of "us" for needing fighting men. "Us" being all the world... 😕

"Tread gently on anyone who looks at you sideways."
Billy Connolly

This quote is profound.

RedPat said...

Your grandkids looks sweet in their Halloween costumes! The older one looks so young to be in the air force. Young people having to prepare to fight is so sad.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Another wonderful post Karen and huge congratulations to your handsome grandson 💙

Unknown said...

All interesting......stay you and stay happy !

Debbie said...

your grandchildren are just adorable, you must be super proud of your grandson!!

the pups are cutie pies!!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

lovely critters

Jenny Woolf said...

Lovely costumes! And your grandson looks like a really bright and together young man! congratulations on his graduation!

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