Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Six Word Saturday 6WS - 5 March 2011

I could put this feeling into six other 6 word sentences if necessary!

I desperately wana Savannah spring!

.....and not for girl scout cookies either!

So if you too have desires, or care to explain how you are feeling in six words be sure to visit


Elaine said...

Spring is on its way here, thank goodness. Hope yours is along before too long.


we've reached two degrees celsius, which is two degrees above freezing point, and it is raining, finally!!! but winter is far from over for us here... so, yeah, i want springtime to get here, a.s.a.p.!!!

are those cookies any good? never bought them...

Lisa said...

I too am oh so eager for spring to stay. We've been having beautiful weather 60's and 70's here in Colorado but I know winter will come back.

Linda said...

I am ready for Spring too!

Karen S. said...

For sure, and Minnesota is going to get another foot at least of snow this week..grrrr
Everyone that is having good weather, send some my way ok?!
Ticklebear girl scout cookies are awesome! You must ry some, I can't believe you've never had one? Not even one of their thin mints? Sanannah is the birthplace of the girls scouts and quite a fascinating tour! Buy some cookies!


my dear,
i don't hang around kids very much...
there aren't that many either in my district. i'm not in the suburbs, but right downtown, in a very specific district. have you read my profile, ever?... that should give you an inkling!!
i have only one friend who has a kid, who is now a young woman, fortunately. her teens left me...unimpressed!!
so, no, no cookies!!

Bethe77 said...

I hope you get your Savannah Spring!
Here from the six words or less hop.
Love your photo!

Call Me Cate said...

It's been awhile since I've been to Savannah and I've never spent the time there that I would like so I can wander around.

And I'll take any kind of Spring, Savannah or otherwise!

Thanks for playing 6WS!