Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reward Offered, if you dare

              I should be back in Minneapolis tomorrow.......searching for my most favorite gigantic chocolate bunny many Minnesotans (and tourists) enjoy....the real kind...well sort of......I'm sure by now someone removed his hats and scarf, surely they did............while I know he won't be wearing swimming wear yet (did I ever mention we're still not sure if he's a boy or a girl?)
        This post is an all points bulletin, (is that how it's said?) and jelly beans (spiced or not) will be given to he or she that sends first proof (like proof of evidence) that winter has officially left our favorite bunny's grounds.....I can hardly wait to visit our sweet chocolate (?) bunny!
Searching for, spring.......what else?

Have you ever seen such big brown darling eyes before?


JJ said...

Karen: The photo is terrific, but the snow is bringing back New Hampshire memories. I am now a weather wimp.

Max said...

I can't help you there. We're expecting snow in the valley tomorrow morning. This afternoon it went from a tad above 60 F at noon to 43 F by 2:00. Winter is not over yet for northern Utah.

darlin said...

What a cute bunny and no more snow please! I'm finally starting to be able to see that I have a lawn, one that needs some TLC this year but a lawn nonetheless.

Have a very Happy Easter!

Jenny said...

I just want to take a big bite off his/her ears!

Galen Pearl said...

No more snow ...or rain! Ready for some sunshine! Make that warm sunshine!!