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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sepia Saturday 71 23 April 2011

Welcome to another Sepia Saturday during this Easter time holiday.......Following Alan's theme for all things Easter...... I have a mix of photos and old postcards to share!  I hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

If you want to see what this Sepia Saturday is about just go here

An Easter Egg Hunt, in Logan Park, Minneapolis, about 1923.  Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society.
Could these boys have more fun?  Look closely those are real eggs too!

Easter card

The other side of this postcard is quite interesting....can you understand what it says?

This postcard below is from Spearfish, South Dakota
Passion Play Setting, Spearfish, South Dakota

This view shows a partial panorama of the stage where thrice weekly throughout the summer season world famous Christus portrayer, Joseph Meier presents the Biblical drama with a cast of hundreds.
        In 1932 Joseph Meier brought from Germany the Luenen Passion Play to settle permanently in Spearfish and to become the Black Hills Passion Play.  He continued in the role of Jesus for six decades before his death in 2007.   Soon after his death the amphitheater and all 23 acres were sold.

A boy and his cart in search of the ...."Easter Bunny?"

A determined lad with his cart and animals in search of hidden eggs...Courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society
This post card was sent in 1912 to Carrie Durrow of Lake Elmo, Mn.

Clara mailed this in 1912

Easter Greetings sent to Minnesota from Pasadena, California April 3, at 5:30 P.M.with a 1 cent stamp.
The card reads:

Easter Greetings
 When teeming nature replenishes
the earth at Easter, may she
scatter seeds of gladness
in your life.
Next another old time post card - Postkarte - Carte postale

From one, Dear Sister to another?

This post card was printed in Germany.... and below is the other side to this "A Happy Easter"

Penmanship was not this sister's strong suit!

My last old time photo post card is a 3-D and one of my favorites....

Oops!  What do you call this?  A black duckling?

When I was eleven years old my sister passed away the day after Easter, so for me ever since then it holds a bitter sweetness.  Perhaps that is why I so enjoy the memory of Easter with little chicks, a rabbit that loves to hide eggs, coloring my own eggs and one of my favorite gifts from my grandparents over seas....was a bunny (appeared to be made of soap) but once you unwrapped it and set it on the table everyday fur would grow, thicker and thicker!  I've never been able to find them these days, but the memory is very sweet.
May happiness follow you all in everything you do this Easter, and everyday!
finishing quote....

Certainly this quote makes much sense.... and somewhat sums up my feelings around Easter.  "Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up...." Guideposts


Tattered and Lost said...

Love the bunny card and really love the boy in the wagon with the pig. Lots of fun images.

Brett Payne said...

Great photos and cards Karen, thank you.

Little Nell said...

A wonderful collection for Easter.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Karen, I enjoyed all of your postcards and photos ... but the one with the pig in the cart was priceless! Happy Easter and God bless,

Kathy M.

PS - If you tried to see my SS post and were led back to SS, I'm sorry. I have re-posted my link ... under Kathy Matthews FOR REAL!

Kristin said...

The boys in the first photo look so pleased with themselves and their eggs.

Postcardy said...

I like the photos of the Easter egg hunters. When I was young, we only looked for eggs indoors.

Christine H. said...

It's an Easter extravaganza! I love the joy on those boys' faces in the first photo, but all of the cards are fabulous.

barbara and nancy said...

That's so sad about your sister. I'm glad that now when you think of Easter you're able to see the sweet through the bitter.
I loved your post cards. I didn't think I had anything for Sepia Saturday until I saw these. Then I remembered that I had two scrapbooks full of my great uncle's post cards.

Anonymous said...

Bittersweet memories for you at Easter. My memory of Easter is picking the tarmac out of my hard-boiled egg which after a run down the hill. Probably like the small boys in your first photo. Thanks for posting all the great cards, esp the black duckling... Jo

MuseSwings said...

It must be so difficult when a family member dies on or near a holiday. Those days cannot pass without a mixture of sadness for the one who is gone and the joy of the holiday with those who remain.
I love your selections of cards and pictures! Especially the first with those happy looking boys.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Karen I have never heard of a bunny growing fur like that. But I will be on the look out for you. The first Easter card was my favorite. So many here to look over and enjoy


alright, i'm officially losing my mind!!
i checked out your ^WS, and forgot to look at your SS post... shame on me!! sorry!!
that passion play thing-y, i believe i've seen a video of that somewhere. love the place though.

and that boy riding in his cart with his little piglet with the ram pulling the cart is too hilarious for words. i would frame something like that. it begs for a story!! any chance to steal it from the MHS????
(joking... well, sort of!!)
was this set up, or it actually happened like that? i love it. a gem!!
that made me smile.
as for your last quote,
all i've got left to do is look up...
still gotta grasp that concept...

good show girl!!


i meant 6WS....