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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Centus - 16 April - Week 50 - Shake' em up, up, up!

Jenny Matlock

                     Oh Miss Jenny you're playing with silliness on this great adventure in honor of week 50...and you're so right it's totally golden!   So not to offend anyone, by an ill review or selecting one post as better than another I'm going to review ...well you'll just have to read and find out!

If anyone else wants to play along and has no idea what this Saturday Centus is all about just go here

Every week it's a bit different but in the end it's so much fun and eye opening in so many unbelievable ways! Try it out, you'll see!

As instructed by Miss Jenny, here is my choice to review, "April Showers Bring"... - by Karen S.

          Taylor’s true passion for this centuries old art began from her keen eye for flower design. Victorian people used symbols and gestures instead of words with special meanings for certain flowers. Camellia for graciousness, daisies for innocence and Wisteria for steadfast and so Taylor magically weaved each bride to flower.

         After grooms swallowed their bait, putting all doubts aside and holding a carat before his bride to be, he would ask for her hand in marriage. Love being too insistent to ignore, dates would be set and ultimately after April Showers bring May flowers; Taylor presented, the loveliest of springtime weddings.

This is my review:  (granted it's my own piece) about Taylor and her flower crafting!

         For years I’ve reviewed author’s material from a hot bath! This essay caught me soaking up claims of a compassionate flower designer; yet once the bubbles disappeared it’s only an unconfirmed rumor that Taylor was exceptional. Simply, it lacked hugely important images, and presented a scary thought of another expert amateur designing with her eyes wide shut. This lack luster approach beckons drowning instead of keeping it safe and dry as other writings penned by this author. Seek her Flying Boat poem collection or American Chop Suey Recipes, and let this one swim with the fish!


sanahj said...

wow, extremely thought provoking, nice post

Galen Pearl said...

Not sure I'm understanding this but it's fun! And fun is good!!

Karen S. said...

jfb57, Galen, Saturday Centus this week is having us review last week's Centus posts, and I chose to review my own in a not so favorable way...! I'm taking the nastier reviewer approach, and using my own Centus from last week. Like I say Miss Jenny always changes things to be new and fresh!

Dazee Dreamer said...

you are way too hard on yourself. You did a great job with the prompt last week.

Judie said...

We are always way too critical of our own work! You are a wonderful "wordsmith" and don't you forget it!!!

Sue said...

I agree that you should lighten up on yourself! Having said that, you lambasted yourself quite cleverly!


Nonna Beach said...

Very nicely done ! How brave of you for critiquing yourself so harshly. No need for that at all, your writing is wonderful !

Tgoette said...

LOL! It's true we are our own worst critics! In this case I think you came down a bit heavy-handed on the author who was clearly in her zone. LOL! Fabulous take this week, Karen! Funny stuff!

Ames said...

Oh my you are a one woman roast. ...I hope you won't be my reviewer! ...Just kidding. You played the nasty reviewer well. ~Ames

Anna said...

The description of what the different flowers meant in connection with a wedding, reminds of some of the descriptions from The Age of Innocence [I saw the movie, but I'm sure it was a novel first.]
I love spring flowers. After a very long winter the tiny leaves suddenly 'popped' open the day before yesterday creating this pale yellow-green cloud where it was bare branches. Yes, spring flowers seem to make ANYONE a poet - or at least a scribbler!

Since I am behind, i am combining three posts into one because the links for weeks 48 & 49 är cloesd.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC-48-49-50

Jenny said...

Karen, It is quite early on Sunday morning and my husband is still asleep. I got up early to confiscate his computer since mine is being all wonky.

I suspect he will be getting up shortly, though, because I just laughed so loudly, it would probably wake the dead.

This was killer.

Loved it. It feels so interesting to critique yourself, doesn't it?

I think you were definitely too hard on yourself, though. I loved your irony here, but the first piece was a gem.

Hope your Easter is filled with Hoppiness.