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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Six Word Saturday 6WS 7 May 2011


Welcome again to Six Word Saturday!  I really enjoy having the chance to express anything in six little meaningful words ....about what may be going on in my life right now....just what is it that stands out sooooo very much today...

well, it has to do with PEOPLE!!!!   My life as surely as all of you has so many people in it....and so many I may meet for a short time and possibly never come in contact with them again....especially never to forget those fellow commuters on the freeway that  .... !#;^%$#...well anyway,   "HAPPY Mother's Day" too, to all those that are Mother's this day.....and all of you that surely do have MOTHERS !

If you feel the desire to express your life too in six lovely-blisful-meaningful words then just pop over here


This is so my plan for the next week ahead.....self-confidence is a blessing, and it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONCEIT......


Have you ever stepped back for a moment and wondered why some people are the way they are with YOU!  I think they try to conquer bringing down who they believe they can....just because they perhaps feel inferior.....

Maybe next time you can just look them in the eye and say, "Hey I celebrate YOU! "  and walk away....can you imagine what will go on in their thoughts then?!


Sherrie said...

Wonderful words to live by. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Galen Pearl said...

Hey I celebrate you...and walk away. That was great! I'm going to use it for sure. I can think of several people right away! Ha!

Great six words. Here are mine--Be a finder, not a seeker.

Susan in SC said...

Great post!

Cloudia said...

insightful (inciteful? :)

Warm Saturday Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




darlin said...

Fantastic six words Karen! I love your attitude.... as the kids once said "You rock!" :-)

Kasi said...

Such true words...(Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

Fiona said...

Ditto! Love your words, love your attitude more

Kathe W. said...

excellent 6 words! and thanks for your nice words on my blog! Have a great Sunday!

Call Me Cate said...

Great words! I have a book about happiness that I re-read every so often and I picked it up last night. So much of how we feel is driven by how we choose to react. It's up to us, whether or not people are successful in bringing us down.

Thanks for playing 6WS!


all the power to you!!!

Self Sagacity said...

Great thought, be sure to let us know of some of the outcomes when you use it. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you too.

Mercy a.k.a Rogue said...

This is so true, its something I have to remind myself every day. Great 6WS!!

Jim said...

I think you are correct, Karen. It is too bad that some people have to be this way.
Happy Mother's Day! I didn't make all the rounds yesterday. Thank you for getting to mine!

Markosy said...

Thanks for your entry, I will visit the place and drop my six words!

Kind regards