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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday wk 30 - 29 June - July

Mr. Clown's first flight.....!

Welcome back to another week of whimsy on the web...with Whimsical Wednesday!

It's a funny thing about things that are whimsical, musical, or dancical, wait dancical isn't a while you go about your regular business ....keep your eyes wide open ...even more than usual and who might catch a Hummingbird or a firefly...or you could discover a hot air balloon and set it free!  What ever you do...if you feel like sharing a bit of whimsy our way go here

Mr. Clown went to town
One hot summer’s day
Not to play…

Oh no,

Mr. Clown found
On his trip that day
A bit of a breeze to hinder his way…

Oh no,

Mr. Clown grew a frown
The size of Texas
That just wouldn’t go away….

My oh my, Mr. Clown

Are you going to stay
Caught up in trees
And never see town?

"I get up and I bless the light thin clouds
and the first twittering of birds,
and the breathing air and smiling face of the hills." - Giacomo Leopardi


darlin said...

Hummingbirds you say? Hmmm I might venture over!

Definitely a unique piece of writing, whimsical yes! :-)

darlin said...

Now how did I miss your photo? Sheesh, I went to check out the other site and there it was, it jumped right out at me! I love this photo, you are so creative! Now I want to play. ;-)

Karen S. said...

Darlin, I think I may do some artwork (coloring) with some views of Mr. Clown's flight along the way! It gets tough sometimes coming up with stuff each week...but I have a 3 year old helper that makes it fun to color with!

forestwalk/laura k said...

poor Mr clown...hopefully another nice breeze came along and UNstuck him from the tree....

dthaase said...

great to have you in the July whimsy pool - come by and vote or add to the August whimsicality