Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday 7 September 2011 and Kerplunk

Welcome friends of whimsy and all things nice!  It's time again for


Freedom rules....oops look down below......Ker... plunk
Isn't it funny how one thing can enter your life and invariably it will follow you around for a bit?  I guess for me, it's an Egg thing today!  (If you follow my blog you'll know what I mean) ...anyway while eagles soar, ducklings stumble, owls hoot, and seagulls glide like confetti over top of this Mommy bird tending to her eggs.... everyone please have a stupendously whimsical kind of Wednesday! 

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dthaase said...


Judie said...

Oops! Well, that's one less mouth to feed! A very cute and creative illustration, Karen!! You rock!!!

Bethe77 said...

Very fun and playful! Love the print of the funny questionable bird you ahve there!

Galen Pearl said...

Enjoying your egg posts! I have finches and one pair kept trying to lay eggs in a tiny food dish, in spite of other more suitable nest options. The eggs fell out and all broke. Oh well, I didn't really want baby finches to deal with. And I decided if they weren't smart enough to use the real nest for their babies, they weren't smart enough to reproduce anyway!