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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thematic Photographic #161 White (The Egg Project)

Playing along with Carmi's Thematic Photographic  and more WHITE!

    Yes, I'm hooked on Carmi's TP challenge it just opens so many open doors you have to enter.  Last night one of TP's followers, Max (also one of my favorite bloggers) after viewing a few car photos of mine he was reminded of a project in a Photography class he took at the university so he shared it with me.

He was supposed to photograph a white egg on a white background and you could only use salt to hold it up.  So without a doubt I just had to try it too.  Max was right it was loads of fun.  Strangely enough one egg was lost in the process, oops. 

Doesn't this sound like fun?  Well another fave blogger of mine Bob S. also a TP follower has commented that he too will give it a try.  I hope you do Bob!

Here we go .....eggs away!

It's all about the lighting. This table is the color of an egg!

Very little salt .... is the key.

Other than what's outside the window everything is egg shell white, but the lighting can fool you.  Can you see any of the salt holding up the egg?  Well, it's there and if you click larger, will you see it then?

I first tried this last night, but my camera was about to die from it's long use at the Zoo, and the electric light wasn't cool; but a couple of shots I took were awesome in a different way from Max's project....see for yourself!

The Moon Shot!  Created by, low light and low battery?  Maybe, and maybe not.

One more from last night with low light and low battery...

See what I mean?  Time permitting for my own purposes I'll try this again later with better light, and possibly less salt'd be so awesome (not sure if that's what Max's teacher had in mind) but to see the egg against a white background, (still showing no salt) and have it all in their true white color!

So remember any white will do if you feel like sharing or if you just want to scan the many other shades of WHITE go here


Pearl said...

Great. Now I've got the song "Lighter Shade of Pale" in my head.



Bob Scotney said...

Stop egging me on!

Karen S. said...

Bob S. cute Bob, really funny wording there, but you still must give it the eggs up for trying it out!

Pearl -that's funny now I have that song in my head too! Thanks for stopping by!

Karen S. said...

Pearl actually here it is....a Whiter Shade of Pale! Just in case others just have to hear it too! Lovely song!

Little Nell said...

You have had fun with that Karen. Omelettes for dinner?

Songsnwords said...

I liked the pictures and the last one...remind me to borrow it for any of my fut sci fi stories....

Karen S. said...

songsnwords- welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you want an egg photo for sci fi stories egg away!

Litte Nell - funny thing I did boil eggs for egg salad just today! ;)

Alexia said...

Fantastic! they look really good - I'm cracking up over this ;)

AND I'm very keen to have a go at this too - a weekend project, maybe?

Alexia said...

oops - just looked in the fridge, and I only have brown eggs ......

Karen S. said...

Alexia- Oh no! ;) quick get the paint out! The more eggs we have in the TP basket the better!

Max said...

Here's what I remember of the requirements for the project. Keep in mind that this was 1981, digital cameras were unheard of so we were working with black and white 35mm cameras and we developed our own negatives and pictures.
1. White egg on completely white background.
2. Standing up with little to no visible means of support.
3. Must see the entire outline of the egg, with as little grey shading as possible.
We took white poster board and curved it to form the bottom and the back in one piece, without creasing it. The egg, like yours, stood on a little salt. We were allowed to manipulate not only the shot, but also the developing of the print, which I guess in today's digital age would allow for the use of any photo software.
That first one of yours is really good, very little shading on the egg itself, and if it weren't in color there would be a lot more white. The last ones show a lot of white, and I think with the curved poster board behind would be great too.
Congratulations, and thanks for bringing me back to my early college days. If you want to see my original, 30 year old picture, it's here.

AudreyO said...

Wow, that's unreal how the light can affect the color of the egg and the table.

Karen S. said...

Max, Thanks for the project! Your teacher would be so proud to know you still thought of this! Very cool! What's even more amazing is how many various and exciting ways this can be done...even without adding any paper or playing with it..I can just imagine what Writer could come up with! Too cool thanks so much!

Audrey O, Songsnwords, if you haven't already check out Max's 30 year old photo! Awesome (he has it linked right from his comment here!) you'll be glad you saw what inspired me to do this!

Max said...

I'm excited that this old project of mine has made such a stir among my blogger friends. As you said, there are a lot of ways of doing this, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the ones that people here come up with.

Karen S. said...

Max- Absolutely! Let the eggs roll in! :)

Gilly said...

Clever pics! But can't try it, even if I wanted to - all our eggs are brown!

Carmi said...

I've always had a thing for shooting eggs, and never quite mastered it. Thankfully I now have you to learn from: I never imagined so many ways to capture these things!

Here's one, lame, old egg shot:

You've inspired me to get cracking again.

Karen S. said...

Carmi, thanks, but I owe all my eggwork to Max and his teacher's really awesome project! ...and to think it all began from Max looking at my car lighting shots...funny how our world takes us on such fun journies in life!

Gilly maybe with brown eggs something really cool may come...I might get some brown eggs this week! Thanks!