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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - Fall Break - Autumn Colors

     There's something a wee bit different brewing at Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday and it's about autumn!


but as an autumn delight, Jenny from "Off on my tangent" has ordered it be a celebration for autumn and here by names it, "Fall Break" and it's theme shall be "Autumn Colors!"

My offering is a little story called, 
     "The Scarecrow, The Witch and The Coffee Shop"

It was supposed to be autumn and all through the neighborhood came an unnaturally loud stillness in the air.  Autumn never came, not yet.   Oh no!

What was that incredibly wonderful fresh smell more powerful than the bold scents lurking in the countryside?  Suddenly, a slight noise came from behind us and what to our surprise did we see standing right before our eyes......

.....was an old lady with the warmest of colors flowing across her well, body.  Who dresses like this we wondered?  She had an awful rough and croaking voice when she welcomed us inside to have a cup of her wonderful coffee.  We accepted and walked inside.

You would have too, if you'd smelled her coffee.

While feeling all cozy and comfortable as we drank her most delicious coffee, we told her about our worries that autumn may never come this year.

The old woman raised her eyebrows and with a most sinister laugh she urged us to listen very carefully.  "Go out the back door and follow the Minnehaha Creek that awaits and never look back.  Once you see a towered mansion spring up from nowhere stop!  The key to your mystery lives there."

As we walked, we wondered, who would live way out here?

We almost fell into Minnehaha Creek the second we walked out the back door.  But we carefully followed along the side of the creek through the thickest of weeds and rough brush, just like she told us.
....and finally right before our eyes springing up from nowhere (like she said it would) was the house with the very special tower belonging to the Minnehaha Witch!  Seriously? We certainly didn't believe that at all.  But the old woman was very stern about this witch holding the key to whether "autumn" will arrive or not.

The old woman warned us that if we didn't place the stake from a delightful looking scarecrow right in the center of her forlorn property, that autumn would never come.  Oh no!
"Where on earth would we find a scarecrow?"  So with all our genius we first gathered up some weathered grasses and found a worthy firm branch and each of us took off something we were wearing and we stuck it firming in the ground and brought a delightful scarecrow to life wouldn't you agree?

Somebody was happy, as we noticed butterflies making spectacles of themselves, dancing merrily and we heard the song of frogs and crickets croaking all the way from the creek.

But looking all around, nothing seemed to change.  Was it truly going to be autumn now?  So on little tip toes we walked up the mighty steps (well they felt mighty as we were plenty nervous) and we knocked on the door belonging to the old Minnehaha Witch ever so lightly.

.....and to our great surprise

and much too insistent to ignore

sat an ecstatically happy Minnehaha Witch!  Her face was shining with pride as she noticed her old friend, Mr. Scarecrow had returned home once again!

....and once again all was right with the world, and autumn finally fell across all of the land, and we were all happy.

Of course that's not all

we all shared hot cider and spider (decorated silly) cookies!

The end.

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Gattina said...

What a nice autumn post,lol !
In Brussels the trees are still green too, no autumn in side. Anyway I don't miss it, I prefer spring !

Leovi said...

Delicious photos and a nice story.

Lola said...

As Leovi says above, wonderful images and story!

Thanks for stopping by too!

Sue said...

This was a fun fall story. And the photos went along very well!


anitamombanita said...

fun fun. there's nothing like an old spooky house to remind us of fall!

Mary said...

Good hot coffee shared with a scarecrow on the porch of that beautiful victorian home, sounds like a great way to welcome fall to me!

H said...

I love the picture of the scarecrow. If he had left me, I think I would be as sad as your witch!

Karen S. said...

Mary and H - yes sharing a cup of coffee on this grand old porch with this charming scarecrow would be a great idea!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This such fun! I am so glad the witch turned out to the friendly.

storybeader said...

love the story!

I'll remember to look for Minnehaha Creek when the summer looks like it's never going to end! {:-Deb

JJ said...

Karen: This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

Judie said...

Karen, I adore that house! I want to live there! This is a wonderful autumn post.

Raw Thoughts And Feelings said...

What a great story to sit back, relax, and enjoy with pretty photos!

Vicki/Jake said...

I would have run the other way... I hate the smell of coffee! But love the house and that autumn will be here anyway:)

Pondside said...

What fun!! Who knew that coffee was the new candy to get adult children to the witches house? Loved it!

Jann Olson said...

Loved this wonderful witchy story! The house is WAY too cute for a witch to live there! lol! Love it and Mr. Scarecow. Thank goodness that coffee put a spell on you and got you to wander into the woods! Thanks for visiting me. Now a new follower.

Jenny said...

Wow! What a fun stop! Love that didn't scare me a bit, though!

I would have joined you under the coffee spell most willingly!

Thanks for linking this up!

I loved it!