Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whimscial Wednesday 19 October 2011

Welcome to another splash of whimsy just for you!


   When my children were growing up we had a few distant neighbors who did not partake in the autumn bliss of anything Halloween like....In fact they made sure that school parties were called "Fall Harvest Party" or anything that didn't include a hallow or ghostly pumpkin inside..... I still feel a bit sad about that.....

I always decorated our little piece of land that we called "Our Home" ....children loved it.....while a few of those silly more distant neighbors driving by would say..."Oh your the house with all those Halloween decorations!"  ...mind you now nothing really too scary...I mean it would appear much like this below

Kinda not so scary right?
Sometimes, it's just all about having FUN!

                          Capture the moment

                                And plunge
                      The flight of imagination
                               Believe its
                          Magnificent vision

I hope you enjoy a bit of whimsy everywhere you go...and if you want to share some of your own please do


dthaase said...


Snowcatcher said...

I've been around people who think Halloween, Valentine's Day and even Easter should not be celebrated, and I always feel sorry they are missing out on reasons to inject just a little more fun. Yes, holidays can be too commercial, and some of them have not-so-pure roots, but I think of the fun I had as a child celebrating them, and I'm not about to deprive anyone else from feeling that anticipation and excitement.

I really enjoyed your pumpkin story, and the story about your dad a couple of weeks ago touched my heart.

Karen S. said...

Snowcatcher, thanks for your kind words, they always make my day! Enjoy the autumness around us, I know I am! thanks for stopping by!

Judie said...

Karen, Halloween was always my favorite "holiday" when I was growing up, and my kids adored it as well. All their friends would come to our house to be made up. I had a box of theatrical make-up, complete with wigs! We have a traditional meal on Halloween--chili! I would make it in the afternoon, and everyone had to have a bowl before they left to trick or treat. This kept them full and out of the candy before they got home. My own adult kids have chili on Halloween.

I love your whimsy! I have been way too busy getting ready for a show to submit anything lately, but I'll get back with the program when all my art is delivered to the gallery.