Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thematic Photographic # 180 Movement


           "Movement"     has literally blown in from Carmi's blog, Written Inc.  and his unbelievable capture of a flight (powered with grand-old-fashioned landing gear) is one you don't want to miss!
Check it out here

Let the Movement begin

A la bonne heure..... In Good Time

Today, the movement in traffic was a much better drive, compared to yesterday morning...

Then right in the middle of a normal day....movement can take us in directions we never thought we'd journey.......

Sometimes, like a wedding shower our movement takes on a new twist.

Like this

As in the bride-to-be and maid-of-honor both blindfolded and given a chest filled with "household items" to dress the bride with!

it's a new age movement....!

back to the basics with necessary things.

and yes, of course that's a potholder on her head!


at this point the begging began, "Please don't post this to Facebook!"
Like I said, new age movement!

Movement of the howling wind and blowing snow outside
tends to move a person inside...
yet craving for the outside
you move toward

Some of the coolest movement in water known to man

and beyond their beauty...

at the very sound of another voice,

they will change their movement, immediately.

Is it food they seek?

Or companionship?

Then on another rare movement
you are lucky enough to catch

Minnesota (and for a short while the Big Apple NYC)
very own Garrison Keillor moving along
eating a Corn Dog with mustard 
before his show at
the Minnesota State Fair
where else?

If you're wondering yes, he's moving in Red Shoes like always.

In fall we had a real surprise movement come to town...

When a stranger with horses moved in.

can free us from just another evening at home
eating the usual....served in the usual manner
Do you feel like having someone else do the cooking tonight?

Me too!  I just caught the tail end of this....trying to eat and snap at the same time...not so good ....he did amazing things with his knives, but it's what he did with the eggs that will bring us back again.....well that and the FOOD!!!!!


Cloudia said...

quite a moving exposition!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


A Paperback Writer Photos said...

Wow. Those are some of the best fish photos I've ever seen!

Alexia said...

This post made me smile - and the last one made me hungry! Lovely fish photos - reminded me that I have a pic somwhere with the same subject.

Max Sartin said...

You got that moving car quite well. I've tried that and never kept the car recognizable. The fish are way cool too!

Bob Scotney said...

Loved the fish but strangely enough I studied the movement of the boat in your header with its movement emphasised by the stillness of the birds.

darlin said...

Hello Karen, finally a breather and the internet both on the same night, it's bonus night for me! :-)

I love the "movement" of the bride and bridesmaid, I'll have to mention this to my daughter who's the bridesmaid for one of her friends, it looks hilarious! The movement of cooking done by someone else...yummm!

Excellent post, my next movement however, is going to be to move to my bed! Nite!

Karen S. said...

Thanks everyone! Your comments always bring me joy!

Karen S. said...

Max- I actually shot an eighteen-wheeler right after, not blurry, great yellow lights but kind of farther away...I know what you mean about the blur....too often.

Karen S. said...

Bob- Sometimes I feel the same way when I study that photo...I can hear the waves gently push against the sides....of the boat....

Rek said...

Those are fancy, sweet, silly and momentous movements you have captured here. Loved the bride dressing up shot and the fishes so vibrant yet soothing.

Karen S. said...

Writer, I know! I've been taking pictures of these fish for years...they are really growing up...

Little Nell said...

Lucky you to see the real fish. When I want to experience their rapid movement I have only the iPad vesrion. Great pcs as ever.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

lots of movement going on!!
i love the snowy tree in the first movement!!
and the koi! we have a tank...and he's getting so big we just might have to dig a pond out back!

(thanks for the encouraging words and support karen!) :)