Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Centus I'm Living the

Greetings on this sun-less (so far) Saturday for,


This Saturday Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" blog seems to be stuck on exact word counts.  Won't this get confusing?  She says, our centus must be 100 exact words, and contain the prompt, "I'm living the dream, man"  that quote is so (well let's just say "man" is annoyingly overused) but there is a man behind it (an old boss) who said this day in and day out.

Anyway, Jenny is letting us do this with as many photos as we'd like, in any style of writing, it's just up to our creative minds.

My centus,

Has your life ever been so prosaic?

That your evening

Dreams bring you to where you need to be?

Care to follow a little dirt road with me?

Zigzagging here and there

In search of escapades

Of tranquility and amusing adventures

We’ll see

A rage of endless whispering fields

Beautiful colored blossoms

That chatter a worthy song

If you have time to listen

A great orderliness river waiting below

Flowing past my memory

Of  yesterday’s -

horrible could be forest

But rather endless vocations.

Today stretches tall against our skies,

reaching for tomorrow, no matter what

"I'm  living the dream, man."

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A special note all of my photos for this post
(due to the watering-river escapades)
I used a disposable camera.


anitamombanita said...

Hi Karen, that was great. I should be out strolling around that beautiful countryside instead of sitting indoors and dreaming up more SC stuff....heehee... Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comments, as always! Hope you have a delightful weekend! (p.s. I posted a second SC entry...couldn't resist...)

MiracleMommy said...

I love the use of the pictures with the poetic lines! Though it makes me feel so...not creative :)

Christine H. said...

Seriously, these are all from a disposable camera? Wow. I love the one of the chairs by the river and all those happy hostas.

Gail said...

You've convinced me.

Anna said...

Very nice post with your text and photos together.

Best wishes,
Anna's SC wk 99 - 'Robert reads a letter' said...

This was so beautiful, Karen - a real gift for the reader. Thank you.


Judie said...

Hey, it's just me, here to tell you how wonderfully creative and poetic you are, and how glad I am that we are friends!


p.s. the shot of the milkweed is excellent!

Karen S. said...

Judie - So happy to see you here too! My milkweed and I thank you too! Hope you have fun some fun on your weekend now, especially after selling some of your art pieces, you must be ready to celebrate! Very cool!

Karen S. said...

Christine H. Yes seriously, it was a Kodak I think, it could have been fuji, I used them a lot when we travel too, but when there's water involved, or canoes I like to play it safe just never know! Thanks for stopping by here too!

Karen S. said...

Anita, I know what you mean...I spent a bit more time home on the computer today too, I have lots to catch up on! Your second post is so cute and funny...and furry! Jenny will smile with it too!

Rek said...

Poetic both the frames and the words. Can I borrow the dream? I so love the last one along with the tree reflections.

sage said...

Nice photos and words... That first photo is incredible (and of course, the link to the river didn't go unnoticed by me)

Sue said...

Oh, yeah. I liked taking that trip with you!


Filip Demuinck said...

Would like to sit in those chairs alongside the river with a beer on a sunny day. Must be relaxing.


Jenny Woolf said...

What a good idea. I loved your entry. I specially liked the first picture, it was a fine example of evocative and enigmatic.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Nice pix!

Thanks for the follow /OD

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful post!
Love to sit in one of those chairs.
Have a wonderful day.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Beautifully written lines with incredible photos. I'd love to walk in all of those places.

Galen Pearl said...

How long does it take you to put together such a genius post? You make it look easy, but you have to craft the words just so, and find the photos, and put it all together. Amazing.

Karen S. said...

Galen, thanks for such a nice comment! This one I was in a hurry with, our Saturday Centus prompt comes to us fresh and new everyday Saturday morning, sometimes after I've gotten up, but early! We can post our centus anytime after, mine was that morning in a hurry with a big day scheduled ahead! Flash fiction as many call it, or whatever is just so fun when it's on the spot! Or off the cuff!

Jim said...

Nice thoughts and really pretty pictures. My faves are the old farmstead and the two chairs by the stream.

I'm running late this week on the Saturday Centus and really did it on Sunday.

Judee said...

Great take on the prompt and I love those pictures, I could literally feel the greenness. Beautiful!
If you have a moment, here is mine on WP:

Alan Burnett said...

You put words and pictures together like a creative jig-saw puzzle. Lovely.

Jenny said...

This was amazing. I am so intriqued by that old house. I would so love to go knock on that door and find the stories inside those charming walls.

What a lovely little journey you took us on.

This made my heart sigh.