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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thematic Photographic #189 Branded



              Carmi, from "Written Inc." blog  has unleashed "branded" as our theme this week.  Which way should we wander?  

How about, branded by the brands around us (commercialization) or, perhaps ownership with a ranch logo branded to their cattle, or possibly the latest in tattoos?

Or the

BRANDED Being a word defined so eloquently upon sight of it, explanations aren't necessary?

 I rather like the sound of that.

"Let's eat out!"
Why shouldn't this gigantic hamburger company have their own sign flying out front?  They've been selling burgers since May 15th 1940, are headquartered in the United States but can also be found in 119 countries.

I do feel a bit famished though.

Through the ages we have acquired such branding..... where shapes and colors besides names instantaneously tell us the entire story.

There's definitely something about COLORS branded in our heads from the beginning of childhood to adulthood. 

What about all those reds and pinks and all the rosy colors in between?

It's a girl's shop!

Blue (my favorite color) could it be more of a boy's color?  At baby showers it sure is!

Yes, there is a place for old retired race cars to go, if they were lucky enough to be this popular #32 still hangs proudly today.

Are you thirsty yet?

Does the name of this band really matter, when the sponsors are trying to sell beer? 

Do you feel like playing along with Carmi's TP?
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Cloudia said...

nice job on the meme...I like blue too :-)

Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Lisa Shafer said...

The one of the flags is actually really striking in color.

Max Sartin said...

Great set of photos - love the one of the car in the tree!

darlin said...

Karen it's so true, we live in a branded world, brand name clothing, there's another factor to take in to consideration. If I were in the city I might play along but where I'm situated the only branding is... hmmm well I don't know other than at the one local store and even there I don't see much in the way of brand name products.

I love the car up in the tree, was that you who posted it before? I've seen it someplace in hte past.


Bob Scotney said...

The car driver must have been feeling blue.

Little Nell said...

Karen, you explored the theme realy well as per usual. I have to agree though that sometimes the brand does take over when sponsors want their logos so dominantly displayed. I too am plumping for that car in the tree pic as my favourite.

Steve Gravano said...

Micky D's... that must be the first brand of fast food kids of my generation recognized. I remember the very first MacDonalds to come to Suffolk County. My grandmother took the grandkids there. It wasn't a fast food joint back then, it was a destination. Good selection for the theme.

21 Wits said...

Darlin, you are right, I posted this car a long time back. It's a favorite race car of mine! ha ha..up a tree looking for a way down!

21 Wits said...

Steve- you are correct, and it was our destination too. Funny thing in many places it still is! Aren't most memories the best thing ever?!

21 Wits said...

Cloudia Thanks. I was having a tough time with this at first, I hate how our world has become so branded, and I try not to photograph any of it. I actually had to drive to a Mac and Don's yesterday for that photo. Our sky came close to one of yours don't you think?

21 Wits said...

Little Nell, your post really rocked too, and I came close to posting a few family photos, it seems today we are walking, talking billboards!

21 Wits said...

Lisa, thanks I took that photo just for this post. Can you tell it was extremely windy. What a great way to get a cool flag photo!

21 Wits said...

Max and Bob, I did post that race car before, it's too good not to repost right?!

Max Sartin said...

Absolutely! Well worth a second (or more) post.