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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Centus - It was only ninety-eight cents


                SATURDAY CENTUS

                  Miss Jenny, from "Off on my tangent"  
having so much work and so little time for play thought she'd bundle an extra load of work for all of us.  Or so I thought, at first.  Jenny declared our centus must be exactly 98 words

Is she serious?

It must include the prompt of, 
"It was only ninety-eight cents"
with any style of writing, and pictures if we wish.

Here is my centus for today in exactly 98 words.

It was only ninety-eight cents, making Taylor four dollars and two cents short for her movie ticket. Her mother’s rules were, “Be creative” like it would be impossible.

Never underestimate a 4th grader on a mission.

The two cents were inside her Barbie car and with a three dollar off coupon to Harry's Foods, which her Grandmother happily exchanged (promising she'd help with chores)

left a dollar balance.  Of course searching her book bag she found a quarter.  She could collect the last seventy-five cents at the recycling center with empty bottles from their garage.

Excellent work Taylor!

Okay now it's your turn.  I know you just can't wait for this link

Time is running out so fast.  Not really, you have all week, and if you live where I do, What in the World are you doing inside today?


Ms. Corby said...

Yay! For the Saturday afternoon at the movies! Taylor gets to go!

anitamombanita said...

haha! That was inventive on your part and industrious on hers. What a great lessons more parents could teach their children these days, it seems. Nicely done!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Very smart girl! It's beautiful in Philly today too-enjoy:@)

Galen Pearl said...

I don't know where you live, but we are having a moment of sunshine here, so I'm taking your advice and going outside!

Bookie said...

Oh, such an industrious child! Reminded me when a date and I spent a jar of coins to go to a movie...the teller just said go in without counting it..most was pennies!

moondustwriter said...

too bad movies had to go up to that price...
Kids will always be resourceful
fun Centus

Kara said...

Very nice. I liked that story very mcuch.

Anonymous said...

Great story!

Rek said...

Very smart, will go a long way in life. I enjoy your twisty tales. I wish I could hang around more often.

Sue said...

A very enterprising young lady!


CameraCruise said...

Great story!
Have a wonderful day.

Filip Demuinck said...

The bedroom is very special.


darlin said...

You are amazing Karen, excellent use of words and photos... fantastic job!

Have a wonderful week, cheers.

Jo said...

Absolutely enjoyable, and so relatable ... i remember scrambling for money, way back when, to go to the saturday afternoon matinee ... thanks for that little jog to my memories!

Pierre BOYER said...

It's Béziers's municipal théâtre on the first picture... Isn't it ????
I spended my youth there...
Best regards from France,


JosephAlsarraf said...

LOL! She's not actually going to count all the words is she? I did and it came out to exactly 98 words! Great Story! : )

Jim said...

Excellent work, Karen!

My friend's son collects aluminum cans. She, his mom, told me that aluminum is now selling for seventy-three cents a pound. One can weighs one ounce, I weighed one empty coke can.

I hope your Saturday afternoon was nice. Our was, it was a 'top-down day!'
Jim's '98 Mustang GT

Nonna Beach said...

Hooray for you Karen...I love this so much !!!

A novel approach to wanting money for the movies...find ways to actually EARN it yourself...a very refreshing idea which needs to be applied more often in our children's lives so they know the value and work that goes into earning money and spending it wisely !!!

laurak@forestwalkart said...

creative story always karen!!

yikes...i remember when it was only a couple of bucks...or maybe even less than that...a buck fifty?? to get into the movies!!

so...who's bedroom and loft is that? and i love the last a black and white but with the shiny pennies. which brings back more memories...of paying for stuff with PENNIES!

Melody said...

Yay for being resourceful! Great writing.


Judie said...

My mother gladly PAID for me to go to the Saturday movie, just to get me out of her hair! Good one Karen!!

Karen S. said...

Laura, thanks, and I hope you didn't get too wet! The bedroom is actually (not at grandma's house) it's a youth hostel in England that my daughter was at! She actually slept in the upper loft! Pretty cool place for them all!

Karen S. said...

Judie, Thanks! I'm glad to see you here, hope all is well!

Karen S. said...

Jim, I love top-down days...especially the cars!

Nonna, I so agree!

Snowcatcher said...

Ha! Our good weather won't come back until Wednesday, and I sure hope to soak some of it up before another potential late spring storm gobbles it all up! Enjoy your sunshine!

Karen S. said...

Pierre, Of course you are right! Theatre Municipal de Beziers! I know you must have enjoyed every moment growing up. A most lovely place. Karen

Jenny said...

God bless the resourcefulness of a child like this!

That girl is definitely going places...and not just to the movies!

Neat write...thanks for the smile.