Wayzata, Minnesota

Monday, April 30, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Strong Lines

Thematic Photographic

Carmi, from Written Inc. Blog, has announced "Strong Lines" as our theme for this week. 

If I were to take you outside my patio door, and you were to look above, this is what you'd see this evening.

If only I arrived home before the sun gave up it's strength for this day!

Every line tells its own story, even the very tentative ones.  Gillian Redwood

Familiar figures I have seen, from one city to another.  Each revealing their own unexpected inspirations; from unsung heroes specializing in glass and stone.  In the end, each creating another masterpiece to behold.

Behind these lines, the most essential element to learning can be systemically obtained, just by venturing within.   The Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In the beginning years, we bought plans.  Now, we just buy wood and start creating from there.

Remember, a line cannot exist alone; it always brings a companion along.  Do remember that one line does nothing; it is only in relation to another that it creates a volume. Henry Matisse

Broken lines do not know what they want.  With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners.  Rene Crevel.

Funny thing about strong lines, (families as well) in every existence, they all sing their own sweet song.....right?

If you've never given Thematic Photographic a try

why not do it today?


JosephAlsarraf said...

Cool patio, I like all the lines. Life is full of lines written or, un- written. : )

Cloudia said...

appropriate and satisfying photo essay!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } (°>

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Great examples, Karen!. I love the patio cover the best!. Great DOF!.

Max Sartin said...

Great blending of lines in pictures and lines of text sandwiched together. Nice read, as always.

FilipBlog said...

It looks very modern to me. Good shots.


Snowcatcher said...

I like this theme because I love lines that lead the viewer into the photo, and you've done a great job of that!

Jenny Woolf said...

These thematic photos are a good idea. I specially like the first shot!

Gail said...

Very solid photos. I believe the first is my favorite. Great job.

CameraCruise said...

Great post and photos.
I especially like the first one.

Bob Scotney said...

Help! I feel shut in my that first shot. The hut in the course of construction is about as far as I would get before my inability to saw along a straight line would let me down.

tony said...

Some Very Strong Lines!

Unknown said...

Lines with stories waiting to be have a keen eye. The first one was awesome, the angle and the potential make believe stories.

JJ said...

What great perspective! You are like Matisse with that camera.

Lisa Shafer said...

That top pic is quite a shot!

Lisa Shafer said...

That top pic is quite a shot!

cactus petunia said...

Strong lines for sure! Great composition, too.

Alexia said...

oohh great strong lines in all of these! You always come up with the goods. That first one is excellent.

I like your new header pic too :)