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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Alphabe - Thursday Z is for Zumbrota


Our letter for Jenny's Alphabe - Thursday is " Z "

From Zumbro Valley we'll stop by

Zumbrota, Minnesota. 

I'm thinking somebody
was a poet and didn't know it!

They say,
it's also the only Zumbrota in the world.

One important fact about Zumbrota, is that it's known for having Minnesota's only Covered Bridge.

.....and like most towns they all have their own special set of rules, one must live by.

The Sign says, $10.00 Fine for driving faster than a walk across this bridge.

Inside the covered bridge, looking out over the Zumbro River.

The Zumbrota Covered Bridge Park encompasses 44 acres but it's also in walking distance to their business district.

This Carnegie Library has ties to Carnegie Hall. (more about that after a peek inside)

Originally built as a library for Zumbrota, with funds from Andrew Carnegie, it's now called, Crossings at Carnegie and functions as a community music venue, and arts and education center.

I know you'll enjoy a few shots from inside the gift shop.

Just hanging out ...... waiting for another piece of wood to be carved into somebody.

Everything here has been crafted by local artists.

On November 27, 1906 the city of Zumbrota secured $6,500 from Andrew Carnegie for their library. It was the smallest Carnegie Library built in Minnesota and opened in May 1908.

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland and emigrated to the United States in 1848 with his parents. 
A "rags to riches" story.
He made most of his fortune in steel.
In 1901 he sold the Carnegie Steel Company in 1901 for $480 million to J.P. Morgan.

Amazingly, his first job was in a bobbin factory, then bill logger for the owner and soon after a messenger boy, again he stepped up the ranks within the telegraph company.
Until he built Pittsburgh's Carnegie Steel Company.  Through a merger with other steel companies he eventually built U.S. Steel.

Carnegie was an important philanthropist and big on education.
The man who gave us Carnegie Hall, had a net worth of $298.3 billion in 2007 dollars according to the List of wealthiest historical figures.

Bank of Zumbrota
It's nice to see

Small town charm
big on community!

 A community bank locally owned and managed by local people
serving their community with integrity.

Back at the Covered Bridge Park

I think a few of the local artists must have had their hammer and saws out to put their children's play center "Kid's Kingdom" together.

The park also features, a camp ground, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.  Besides, picnicking, horse shoes, and some interesting historical objects
like this

Two stall jail cell!

I heard many stories around town, about how this double jail cell arrived at the park.
One reaching back to the Civil War.

This is only a mere glimpse into Zumbrota.

Outside the Clay Studio at the Crossings at Carnegie.

If you're in the area in late June, you might want to check out the Covered Bridge Festival.  I know I will.

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VBR said...

I love being able to visit places I have never heard of - even if it is only via blogs such as yours.
I love the library. It must have been a highly valued addition to the community!
Thanks for this Z post!

Tina´s PicStory said...

beautiful pics of Z :)

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Never heard of it, Zumbrota. You brought it to life. I really like the art of the natives. xo Jenny

Alan Burnett said...

You see that is what I so like about reading blogs. You start out with almost a random prompt - in this case a Z - and then you take your readers off on a fascinating voyage of discovery. Fascinating.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Since I didn't recognize the name, I had to look up Zumbrota on the map to see if I may have went through there, and I think I may have while I was trucking all over the place. Although, I may have traveled through there when we living in Shakopee and I wound up in the Mayo Clinic with Rheumatic Fever when I was five. Well, at least that is where I think we were living at the time. My dad was a pipeliner until he became officially disabled in '67, and two other towns in Minnesota that we lived in were Little Falls and Breckenridge.

Steve Gravano said...

Thanks for the tour. It looks like a lively artists' community. I love those wood carvings.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Hi Karen

I don't often leave comments, but you are such a great guest over my way...I just had to mention...Love your photos.

Hope you have a great day. -Mac

Riet said...

Wow great Z word, wonderful find.

Andy David said...

What a charming place. The covered bridge reminds me of a scene from "The Bridges Of Madison County". Loved this mini tour. Thanks for the sharing.

Moonlight Zephyr

You are invited to the debut of the Lovers' Cove Challenge on May 26th.
Then I'm hosting the second Blog Hop Saturday! on June 2nd. Everyone is welcome...hope you can join the fun!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I love covered bridges - so charming! What an intersting name for a city. It sounds like something that came from Africa or Spanish as in Zumba, you see? hee-hee Where ever the orgin of this city name came from, it still remains a very quaint place to visit through Blogsville. Great Z post!

Your newest follower,

Karen S. said...

Mac- thanks! I really enjoy stopping by your blog, so happy I found it. It features my most fave thing in life, dogs!!! and of course you always offer a taste of great writing (in so many ways) and awesome photos!

Karen S. said...

Alan, thanks so much! Blogging has really added to my love of random journies! It gives new meaning to sharing! Plus I get to view other (like yourself) journies as well!

darlin said...

Wow, you sure did an amazing job with the letter Z! I love the covered bridge and the rules to cross it, now that's priceless! Also it's fantastic that the local gift shop supports local artists as they do, what an interesting town. Excellent post Karen!

Karen S. said...

Jerry EB that is amazing to know your roots to Minnesota. Breckenridge was it, is new to me. Now I'll have to check it out and see if I've been there! Shakopee is not too far away from me...our blogging world is so connected isn't it!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tour! You have me wanting to plan a weekend getaway!

Leovi said...

Very interesting, really delicious. I like your frames looking diagonal.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Wow! What a wonderful place to explore.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

GREAT Z post! Absolutely love it!
Happy Z Day!

Jackie/Jake said...

I love finding out about places like this!

Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting me.

Filip and Kristel said...

Like the covered bridge, I have never seen this in real life.


laurak@forestwalkart said...

i like the sound of that name...zumbrota. and the artistry of the little town seems to really fit the name.

wow...480 MILLION in 1901???!!! i didn't even thin k they had that much money back then! ha!

thanks for the tour of this cool town!!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

What a charming place! I love small, quaint towns like that, so much more interesting to me than big cities...

anitamombanita said...

I love that you found a Z that none of the rest of us would have thought of...AND then gave us a tour! AmaZing!!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Love the visual tour♫♪

Judie said...

Oooooh! Karen! You're making me dizzy! Your photos are wonderful as long as I cock my head! I adore you, though!!!!

cloudia charters said...

how cool!

Yes, mr Carnegie said that "he who dies rich dies disgraced" and he built libraries everywhere including here in Honolulu - our main library!

Friendly Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } (°>

JosephAlsarraf said...

I love covered bridges! That's a nice little town. It looks like a nice place to ride your bike. : )

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful photos! Terrific artists! That covered bridge is sweet! Thanks for the nice share. Come visit soon and enjoy your weekend.

Jann Olson said...

What a quaint town with such charm. I have never heard of this place, but it looks like my kind of town. Love the covered bridge and the walking sign is too cute!

Galen Pearl said...

Is there anyplace you haven't been? You have a photo from everywhere!

Gattina said...

I wonder who and why somebody gave this town such a strange name, lol !
The covered bridge looks very nice !

Kara said...

What a unique place. Almost makes me want to stop in to visit if I am ever in the area.

Cheryl D. said...

What a charming town!

Cathy said...

Very picturesque! It reminds me of Sweden. :)

Lola said...

Hi again!

Visiting from Mrs Matlock’s, many thanks for stopping by.

Great post – so many great pics!

Have a great weekend too!

EG CameraGirl said...

Zumbrota has a lot more going for it than I would have guessed. :))

Mumsy¸.¤ª“˜¨ said...

Whoa..fabulous letter Z post! I am echoing EG CameraGirl's comment..Lots to see :-)

Jenny said...

What a fabulous link for the letter Z.

I'd definitely love to visit this town...that wood carving is amazing!

I just wanted you to know how much I've enjoyed visiting you through this round of Alphabe-Thursday.

Your creative take on each of the letters has made this such a fun journey!

Hugs and thanks!