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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Mag 125 - The Homecoming

THE MAG # 125

Chilmark Hay
Thomas Hart Benton (painter) -  1951

The Homecoming

In the calm of day - one brother
Thrashing hay everyday - the other brother
Cut the line.

Neither stumbled lightly -  in brutal appraisal
to work the land or flee?
Cradling wheat, or a life of cocktail onions,
and nameless, faceless ambitious people
raising white spires - both pure and naive.

Two brothers long divided -
until this homecoming.
Approaching storm - both lives invisible to the other.
Just over the horizon - through orchard and purple stalks
bursting through masonry walls of memories - long gone.

Two brothers unite in discussion - avoiding angry stems
exchanging trophies and sharing dreams.

Posting for Magpie Tales
photo prompt by
Tess Kincaid
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References to other works by Thomas Hart Benton
Cut the line - 1944 depicting the launch of U.S. Navy Tank Landing Ship.
Cradling wheat - Lithograph 1939
Approaching storm - Lithograph 1939


Leovi said...

Really a great poem. I like those feelings about the two brothers.

Brian Miller said...

very cool...i like your ref to his other works embedded in this as well...i am thankful when family feuds can come back together...that is a hard thing...

Sue said...

I enjoyed your theme. No uncrossable lines should be drawn between family members.

I will have to go check out some more of this guy's work.


Berowne said...

A most interesing tale you've created from the prompt; congratulations.

Filip and Kristel said...

That's a very special painting.


Jenny Woolf said...

A good and wise poem. I also wanted to say that I do like your current header picture.

Daydreamertoo said...

This is a lovely write. It's always a wonderful thing when siblings can put aside their differences and can get along again.
Some very lovely imagery all through this and, lots of wisdom too.

Little Nell said...

I’m so glad there was a resolution. Two siblings reunited. Lovely poem Karen.

Steve Gravano said...

Great poem Karen. There's so much of life in it. I will call my brother today.

Karen S. said...

Steve :)

Tess Kincaid said...

I love the resolution here...

Anonymous said...

and what a day that was, for a homecoming... beautiful poem (i do like a happy ending)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Now that was certainly different!

Grace said...

What a creative perspective of the two brothers ~ I am glad for the peace and sharing dreams ~

Snowcatcher said...

Wow, Steve's comment put the icing on the cake of this post! WOW!

Kutamun said...

Great how you highlighted all things in our little 3D consciousness travel in pairs, really enjoyed it