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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Centus - He said, She said


Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" wants a little dialogue, (about 104 words of it too)with the prompt of "He said, She said." 
so dialogue it will be.  We could split the prompt.

My dialogue (centus) is a true story about a very special and dear friend, and this relationship has continued for many years now.....

He said, She said.

Slowly she began, "I've felt so utterly alone and quite miserable without you."

"Well then, let's share the merry dance together," she mimicked, knowing how he'd respond.

"Every winter I long for our late spring retreat," sighing slightly before she groaned, "It's like I'm shaken to the center of my being without your powerful presence, mowing through my fields of pain and misery."

Pausing briefly before she blurted, "I can't continue to only share summers and early autumn together.  I only feel a sense of peace and tranquility when we're together."

"Do you understand? For now, we could just go boating!"

How about a closer look at the character, "He"

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Sue said...


Quite the irreplaceable companion!


Karen S. said...

Sue - I know! I truly do love this (well there have been several Ha! Ha!) but he is so important! Especially when hubby is allergic to mowing (he hates it really!):)

laura.forestdreams:) said...

haha! what a cute PAIR!

sage said...

a true friend (and you can turn him or her off if your feeling like an introvert

anitamombanita said...

Clever! And a very fun take on the prompt! ;)

Judie said...

WE'll be looking for a rriend like that when we move to the coast! It will be Rod's friend with whom I will be merely acquainted.

Very clever, you brilliant woman!!!

Linky is jerking me around today. It says my post is linked, but it lies!!! Waaaaaa!!!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Such a surprise and such fun! Enjoyed this. laurie @

Jenny said...

Oh girl!

This was brilliant!