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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sepia Saturday - Tennis Anyone



My Sepia post is a bit late, as you can see we're spending time by the water with family. Okay, this really isn't us, because we can't drive our cars on this beach!

But in keeping up with Little Nell, who is watching over Sepia Saturday for Alan, even from the sandy shores and open waters, I'm posting something about her lovely topic of tennis!


"Competition, the wringing of success from somebody's failure."
- Jules Henry

Welcome to the Tennis - Chevy Chase Club.  Are you signed in?

Greetings, from Miss Desha Allen, during the Tennis Tournament in 1913.

How about those dresses to play in?

Of course there are spectators as well as players.

Besides a great many contestants at the Diplomatic tennis tournament, on July 22, 1922.

Although as wonderful and intriguing as a good game of tennis can be, in the United States this week we are celebrating something quite different.  A celebration which carries quite a bit of surprise and entertainment all around.   We will be celebrating the 4th of July on Wednesday, also called Independence Day!

Miss Child Liberty
all dressed up 
for the Fourth of July

The 4th of July or Independence Day
commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776
declaring independence from the
Kingdom of Great Britain.

A lively Fourth of July
Parade in - 1915
location unknown.
Some place in

Children on a float for
the Fourth of July
Parade celebrations
Vale, Oregon 

"Don't forget me! I'm ready for the party!"
4th of July 1906


Robert N. Harper D. C. Naval Officer
The Fourth of July 1919
attending the celebrations and
honoring the troops.

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Jenny Woolf said...

They're all nice pictures but for some reason the car on the beach is my favourite. I think it must tug at some long ago memory of mine.

Wendy said...

Long dresses and sports jackets -- they must not have played tennis in the heat! I enjoyed the July 4 tribute photos too.

Wendy said...
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JosephAlsarraf said...

I want to play tennis! Cool pictures, they must have been hot playing tennis in all those clothes! Hope you have a great fourth of July!
: )

Jana Last said...

Such great pics! Love the car on the beach photo and the 4th of July pics are awesome too!

Thanks for sharing!

Queen Bee said...

Great group of photos. My favorites are the children in the Fourth of July pics - too cute!

Bob Scotney said...

Those tennis shots are worth seeing; not so sure about playing in that kit. Serena looks a bit different these days.

Joy said...

How did they run around the court in those dresses, although they do look pretty.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

cool pix

live sports said...

nice pics

live sports said...

nice pics

barbara and nancy said...

I love the pic of the little girl in the patriotic striped dress. What a cutie.

Filip and Kristel said...

I wonder where you keep finding these Black and white treasures.


Little Nell said...

All lovely old pictures Karen, but that little boy is a real sweetie. There's always something celebratory going on here too; Spain won the football so there was a lot of car horns blaring and jubilant shouts.

CameraCruise said...

Great series of beautiful shots!
Love this post.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great 4th of July.

Galen Pearl said...

Always fun to see what photos you choose. My favorite is the three children.

Postcardy said...

I love the photos with the kids and flags, especially Miss Child Liberty.

Titania said...

Karen,loved the old tennis pictures; an elegant lot. Wondering if the ladies were wearing their hat in a match? In their long skirts it
must have been quite a sedate game! Happy holidays, Karen.

Steve Gravano said...

I love the old photos especially the Marion Post Wolcott of the Picnic at the Beach. I tried to read every book about the Farm Security Administration photographers. She was among the last of them. She replaced Dorothea Lange when the FSA wanted to portray America in a different light.
P.S. Yes, that's the same Amityville.

Karen S. said...

Steve, I thought it was! I'm not such a fan of those movies, but two of my children are! I enjoy all those FSA photos too, heck I just love photos, especially of people and the day, and buildings and animals, everything!