Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Series of shots -202


Carmi from Written Inc. blog, has changed things up a bit.  Our theme is pretty wide open - as we celebrate "series" for this #202 TP!

3 Series.....

Welcome to the Minnesota Zoo on a bright and sunny Sunday morning.

It's almost as if the mother bison has lowered her head to one side as a gentle reminder to keep her curious baby moving along.

They're both trying to keep up with.....

....father bison.

Just remember even when bison are peaceful, unconcerned, or even appear very lazy, they can attack anything, without warning! 
Although we're pretty safe with these statues!

Fall 2011 -  in San Diego, California.

Just enjoying a rainy day along the California coastline.

We pulled over to view the ocean.

.....and to check out the true locals.

I tell you, they're so friendly out here in southern California that they actually will dance for you!

Even if the rain wasn't about to let up I was still ready to shoot all that I could.
Sometimes, an on and off again rain shower,
feels really good.

Why not ride the waves in the misty rain?

Early Spring in Minnesota, on Lake Minnetonka - 2012

The wind is picking up - time to head back - before it blows us away!

So many rocks to climb!

Finally back to the top and not a bit too soon.

"Mommy the waves are going to catch us!"

(In reality, I snapped about 12 or at least photos of this little beach excursion.  A really big series.) 

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Grace said...

Great snapshots ~ I specially like the early spring by the lake ~

Lisa Shafer said...

I cannot tell you how good misty rain looks to me right now! We have not had rain in over a month. It's painfully hot and dry.

cloudia charters said...

Sweet final pic-
Glad you had a California day

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

Alexia said...

Very nice series of series :)

I must admit i looked several times at the bison before deciding that, yes, they were statues!

Beaches are great anytime - sometimes think I like them better on grey, wintry days than on hot sunny ones...

and that lake wind sure looks chilly!

Bob Scotney said...

Somehow I just knew the bison were atatues, The beach scenes are great.
the UK has had the wettest April-June on record and now they say we may expect 2 months rain in the next two days. Lisa can have some of ours.

darlin said...

Karen are these your children? They're so adorable!

I love your sense of adventure, it's like a postman, no rain, sleet, nor snow keeps photographers away! :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Max Sartin said...

Love your series. I had to look at the bison a few times to make sure that it was the way you took the pictures and that they were not actually moving.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

summer...and family outings...ahhh...springs forth memories of the the mountains.

Thanks for that

Over yonder...loved the captured pelican in flight. My stinking camera can take up to three seconds after I click. Arghhh! I can't capture motion. Have even had to move to a tripod. I'm otherwise to impatient and get a blurry picture (maybe its the shaky, old hand)

- Mac

Little Nell said...

Wild is the word- the animals and the weather! I see what you mean about your zoo allusion on my Sepia Saturday post. Those statues are very lifelike.

JosephAlsarraf said...

Cool pictures, thanks for the tip about the Bison. Nice pictures of the birds, LOL! For a second I thought you were saying that you were trying shoot the birds and I was like "what???" : | It took me awhile to figure it out! : )

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Excellent take on the theme love the bison

Jim said...

You worked hard on these series, Karen. I liked the bison the best. Yes, don't mess with the bison, they get mean. Well, probably not your stationary ones.

Jim's Thematic Photographic posts

Filip and Kristel said...

It looks like the weather could be a lot better. I assume this is not normal in California.


Gilly said...

Great Bison!!!

And the beach scenes are fantastic!

lailani said...

Let's go to buffalo . . . :) great shots Karen! I love the beach ones - how did you do that by the way? :)

Karen S. said...

lailani - the beach photos I actually did this spring, and took quite a few of them. Way more then I posted. My little grand-daughter Lyra,(with her mommy) just loves climbing, and she was up and down and back again (even in that strong wind) it was a fun day out for the girl's day!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love that lake, and wish I was there.

It's going to 106 degrees today!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

ditto to what 'ifthethunderdontgetya' said...
i want to BE at lake Minnetonka too!!
(i love that name...i always think of the shoes...i guess the lake came first and the Minnetonka shoe company is some place nearby?!!)

i like your beach bird pic's too!!