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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Six Word Saturday - Fooled around


Time has been short and I've missed a couple of weeks, but Cate is still here at Show my face, blog with her Six Word Saturday.  Want to play along too?


It's our book of life, that we live
so stop fooling around
if you don't like what you see
all you've got to do is
tear out that page!

Summer has a way of taking up so much
blogging time
I've missed 6WS
I'm here today and you can too
go here


JJ said...

Summer does find blogging a little light, but I just got back into the groove myself after finishing all the life/work changes I needed, so I am making the rounds just to say hello.


Jim said...

Karen, I like your plan! :)
Trouble is that I don't want to go back and read my book so that I can figure out what needs to be torn out. Perhaps I should just read the last few days, weeks, or months of stuff?

Great Six Words! Happy 6WS!

Jim's Six Word Saturday

soulbrush said...

good post- don't tear it out, accept and move on.

Andrea said...

If you have already lived that page, it is there for keeps ... the thing to do is make a new page and another new page until you get it right. Life is a work in progress ... work, play, enjoy!

Andrea @ From The Sol

restlessjo said...

Great photo to illustrate the words. Welcome back, Karen.

Ron. said...

I've torn out so many pages, I've got nothing left but covers.

Brenda Youngerman said...

I love this idea... but what happens when you have more pages torn out than remain in the book????

McGuffy Ann said...

I am glad you were here today!! :)
I very much agree with this. I keep journals, and have realized that they are mine. sometimes I write something out...then go back & tear out that page. While it may not change what happened, my thoughts on it have changed. It helps.
And Brenda...there are always more journals.

Fi @ Inspiration to Dream said...

We shouldn't tear out the pages - but we should make the next pages spectacular. Blogging should come in and around life and its activities.

Jess said...

That's a very intense 6ws :-) sometimes live is busy and we have much to write about but no time to do it!Swings and roundabouts x

JosephAlsarraf said...

Lol! That's alot of pages. I'd like to keep mine though. Maybe i'll turn them into a book!
: )