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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Mag 131


Under Windsor Bridge - 1912 - Adolphe Valette

Femme Fatale
Under Windsor Bridge people say
but are they sure?

Cold rain or swirling fog never kept him away.
Amidst his late night walks -
her figure defined by his thoughts
that awakened a swimming sensation
of feeling deliciously alive-

just as long as it was the water, calling to him.
It's lapping feeding against a bridge
 be it sea or river it was all the same
to him.
A conspicuous whisper
electrified his soul
buoying his spirit in one mysterious wave.
She became bolder when thunder rolled over.
Throbbing thunderheads couldn't coax him away.
The destination didn't matter anyway.
Only the gentle cry of the foghorn.
 She was intoxicating
as an opaque fog billowed around him.
He'd soon disappear as if swallowed up
within the throes of Amphitrite
silently laughing it all up-
Under Windsor Bridge.

Image by Tess Kincaid
Magpie Tales

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Dulcina said...

Sensual description of the scene where the weather and the objects play an important role.
I love this line, her figure defined by his thoughts.

Berowne said...

Quite a mood piece; nicely done...

Brian Miller said...

nice...your opening two lines about people knowing but are they sure really sets this up and asks the question subtley....and then a nice intimate portrait but then it pulls me back to those opening lines....very nice...

Margaret said...

He'd soon disappear as if swallowed up
within the throes of Amphitrite

Love the image of being swallowed up by the sea goddess!

Little Nell said...

You've painted a word picture of a man under a spell Karen. Intoxicated by some hypnotic force she has over him. The opaque fog somehow makes it all the more mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Very cool conceit here. Well carried out too. k.

Anonymous said...

the fog horn as the sirens, very clever...

Karen S. said...

Little Nell - and mystery is what this image is all about!

Helena said...

My fave line?:

'throbbing thunderheads couldn't coax him away'

Great read, Karen....

Kutamun said...

Hey Karen , this carries real energy and is moving. Not a water sign by any chance ? . Amphitrite, Amphorahe , a water bearer. Aquarian then ? , ah guess again . Thanks anyway . Amphetamine,

Stafford Ray said...

Amphetamine indeed. He is so naughty. I know what drew you to write this moody piece, it was the man facing away from you! You, like Adolphe was behind him!

Karen S. said...

Stafford Ray - I think you're right! :)