Wayzata, Minnesota

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thematic Photographic From Behind


Carmi, from "Written Inc." blog has challenged us to look behind us, 
with, FROM BEHIND, as our theme this week.

To join in go here

Isn't it ironic how we're always moving forward in life,
and yet there's often a whole lot of action
 happening right behind us too!

There is someone walking behind you

turn around look at me

There is someone watching your footsteps

turn around look at me

"Please, please turn around dear El Rey!"

There is someone who really needs you

The Rear View  (there is someone, standing inside this house which sits on a lake)

here's my heart - here's my hand

turn around, turn around, look at me...look at me

understand, understand

This is rush hour and there we are,
 one by one driving alone!
Who needs to pool?!

that there's someone to stand beside (or share a ride with) you

Plenty of room in the rear too!

So will you please,
 just turn around
and look at me,
 so I can snap your picture!


Gilly said...

Great "rears" if I might put it that way! Love the bloke on a bike with wings!

R. Mac Wheeler said...


I find I get some of my best shots...if I turn around and look where I've been.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

yep!! you got some good REARS karen!! ha!

cool hippie van...and that el ray truck!! i wish they had turned around so we could see the fronts!

Grace said...

Cool and fun pictures...specially those artsy cars...and yes, I am always telling my kids to look at the camera for a shot ~

Happy day to you~

Lisa Shafer said...

Hey, that is SOME truck!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A dragon bike...COOL!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I love your humor in this!. Great interpretations here, can't believe u came across so many!

sage said...

There was lots of directions this prompt could have gone, from gross "plumber shots" to risqué beauties.

lailani said...

Awesome pictures Karen!

Steve Gravano said...

Great photos Karen. There was a book by a photographer from Canada that was published ...maybe fifteen years ago. ( I can't for the life of me remember his name!) It was filled with amazing photos all made around sunset or sunrise. What made it different was that the sun was never in the photo, just what was illuminated by the sun. It taught me to turn around!

Filip and Kristel said...

Great red car.


Leovi said...

I like these photos of this beautiful car party in this fantastic place.

Karen S. said...

Steve- that books sounds very interesting and it would be a cool project to try!

She Writes said...

Yay! Got 'em :).

Rita said...

A very cute post with some great photo. The VW bus and that painted truck are wonderful.

Jim said...

You did great, Karen! :)
My vote goes to the Hippy Van. I always envied those who had them but never did take the plunge.

Second is the Corvette, I like those, especially the old ones.

Jim's Thematic Photographic

sreeja harikrishnan said...

:-) loved this...

izzy said...

Not just where I have been- but where I am! like you show here- thanks!

Bob Scotney said...

When I watched cycling at the Olympics I was always impressed by the competitors riding looking behind them all the time.

Come to think of it I recognise as many cars from the back as from the front. Never tried winging it like your chap on the bike.

jabblog said...

Lovely sequence of photos - I'm glad some people turned around for you:-)

Aunt Snow said...

Fantastic!! Love the painted cars! What a great take on the theme.

Max Sartin said...

Awesome vehicles, great pictures of them.

Carmi Levy said...

I love this series, Karen: most times I'm in traffic, I'm just trying to muddle my way through. You've shown us that there's much, much more to the experience. Time to start carrying my camera with me when I hit the road. Passengers beware: you're about to be volunteered :)