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Friday, September 14, 2012

Sepia Saturday - 143 - 15 September 2012


Welcome to Sepia Saturday.

     The photo above was supplied by Alan, as our theme for Sepia Saturday this week.  Once I saw the photo only one theme came to mind.


That's right, an apparition - A ghostly figure; specter. A sudden or unusual sight, (of a woman dressed in white floating above the crowd)  I know silly right?  But nontheless this is what my theme shall be!

Our eyes can play tricks on us, especially by artists that are masters of deception.  Or otherwise known as, Optical Illusions.

Anonymous, "Young woman / Old woman" - German postcard - 1880
I had no idea it ever appeared on a postcard before.
I'm sure you've all seen this photo before.
Do you see them both?

Is she lost or lovesick?

Joan of Arc 
A ghostly figure of Joan of Arc hanging from a tree and two saintly figures watch from behind the tree.

Another trick with the eyes  .....

This lovely Black and White photo by photographer, Carol Highsmith of 
The Ghost House
work created by architects, Frank Gehry, Venturi and Scott Brown and Associates.

This image by Bain News Service 
from 1910-1915
Horse's Ghost at Fair
Poplar, Montana

More interesting tricks for the eye.

Florida Ghost House
Ft. George Island
image by
Niagara Falls, N.Y. Geo. Barker-1886
ruins in Florida 

"You hear all these claims that some one made contact with Abraham Lincoln" said Houdini after becoming obsessed with the occult after his mother died.
Credit- "Houdini and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln" between 1920 and 1930. The American Variety Stage. Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment. 1870 - 1920 Library of Congress.
A ghostly warning to certain presidential aspirants.
Created by Udo J. Keppler
Illustration shows the ghost of General Winfield Scott Hancock offering a warning to "presidential aspirants" General Nelson A. Miles, Admiral George Dewey, and Rear Admiral Winfield S. Schley, all about to step off a cliff in an effort to reach the chair of the "Presidency" hovering out of reach.
From- The Library of Congress - Washington, D.C.

From the Library of Congress Prints and Photos
Washington, D.C.
The Great Oregon Caves, The Ghost Chamber, Oregon.

Ghost and Store
(Is he a ghost or not?)
The Old storekeeper and the abandoned store, near ghost town 
Shaw, Kansas November 1940.

Okay, I had to have a little fun with someone on a ladder dressed in white
and so here it is!

Since this post is about sepia mostly, why not post a unique photo of

"The Young Holy Ghosters"
mill workers (having some fun)
aged 15- 25
taken on June 21, 1916
in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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A ghost of a chance you can explain what went through your mind, to go this way?!?

Titania said...

GhosT stories havE always been poPpular, I think they have come to playh some trikks on me! Enjoyed the ghostly postcards with their apparitions.

Susan said...

So many eerie photos. Very cool.

Peter said...

Like Ticklebear I am curious to hear how you associated grocers and apparitions. But apart from that I feel many of these pictures are intriguing. Some of them come close to what the French call a "trompe l'oeil", a mistake of the eye.

james atel said...

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Wendy said...

These were fun to look at. My fav is the Holy Ghosters -- very clever!

Little Nell said...

The storeman is flesh and blood, hence his need for the earthly ladder to reach the great heights he did, but I see what you mean.Tht subliminal flash of something white raised above the heads of the grey crowd below. After all that's all one needs to spark the imagination and send us off on a theme. I scratched my head over 'Horse's Ghost' too...and then it came to me. Fun post as usual Karen.

Bob Scotney said...

A unique association of ideas, Karen. had seen the first picture before but all are gems once I got used to your ethereal train of thought.

Michael J. McCann said...

Looks like I'll have to haunt your blog all the time! Thanks, very much fun!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I am quite sure that most ghosts love being considered just "optical illusions." There are, however, a few who still crave attention (insert eerie laugh here).

Gail said...

Enjoyed the post.

Shall have to check out the owner of Sepia Saturday.

Kathy said...

This post was a lot of fun! And Karen, I don't know what happened when I approved and replied to your comments on my blog. They don't show up. Just want you to know I didn't ignore you and I appreciated your kind comments. Maybe my blog is haunted. I hope the ghost who is playing tricks on me will stop!

sage said...

Spooky stuff, what'll be up for Halloween weekend?

Cloudia said...

pleasurable, thanks

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Queen Bee said...

Didn't notice it before, but when I looked at the picture Alan chose for this week's theme, I see what you mean about the man on the ladder. In the first photo, I saw the young woman before I saw the old woman. Wonder if that means anything. :)

Alan Burnett said...

You take us on a glorious - if somewhat ghostly - mystery tour but finish up back in the store. A total delight.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oh i love this...all the ghost-y stuff!! a perfect post with halloween on it's way!!

Judie said...

What fun, Karen! I love that last sepia. Where did you find it?

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Karen, I love the different take that you did on the this week's theme! That woman on the ladder (I thought it was a guy, I didn't even look very closely) does look as if she is floating above the crowd.

You found some amazing photos for your post. That one with Abraham Lincoln is very interesting, as we can see through him to the arm of the chair.

Thanks so much for the hard work that you did on this, it is wonderful!

Kathy M.

Tattered and Lost said...

Once I saw the old woman I couldn't get rid of her. She haunts me now!

Annmarie Pipa said...

fun pictures!! my son goes to Gettysburg college and there are all kinds of haunted stories there about the ghosts of the soldiers...

Jana Last said...

Interesting post!

The old storekeeper and the abandoned store is a pretty sad picture isn't it? Perhaps he is fondly remembering days gone by and wishing they weren't over...or he could just be hungry since he's looking at the Chicken Dinner advertisement on the side of the store. :) Did you notice that? I had to look closely, but there it is.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

An interesting set of pictures/paintings, I could stare at them for a long time. Each one tells a whole unique story of its own.

darlin said...

What a fun post Karen, I can't seem to see the old woman though for some reason. I love the man on the ladder, if only this would transpire I'd have someone paint my second story! lol


Karen S. said...

Darlin, to see the old lady in the photo concentrate on the lower left (she's looking down) the nose on the young girl is like a wart on the old lady's nose! Now look again!