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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Mag 136 - Who Am I

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Once upon a field trip, students were asked- “What was David Salle, the artist thinking, or more importantly what all did he paint within his creation of Flying down?”

Without hesitation one student replied,

If my eyes aren’t deceiving me
I see and feel before me

All shook up

Almost wickedly under a dense canopy of stars there glides a plane
Carrying someone he loves and he's singing

Always, on my mind.

and diamond studs are shining from his white jumpsuit
 He's ever so Charmingly painting upon his easel not one fool
or ghoul so

 Don’t be cruel

Just hear it in the wind- this is
The King of Rock and Roll

Oh yes it is!

He’s just lost his Blue Suede shoes so never you mind!
Even after The King is gone we'll be feeling

All shook up!

Appreciating her student's comment she quickly asked the others, "Does anyone else see this too?"

This is only a portion of the painting "Flying Down" by David Salle
image posted by Tess Kincaid 
The Magpie Tales

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Helen said...

Long live rock 'n roll!

kaykuala said...

Ever the Elvis fan. I like your style Karen! Very innovative treatment unlike most of the others!


Filip and Kristel said...

Great art.


Wayne Pitchko said...

nicely done for sure....RR lives forever....from Elvis to The Grateful Dead...thanks for sharing this

Cloudia said...

loved the spontaneous poem!

Aloha from Honolulu,
Happy Monday
Comfort Spiral

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> < } } (°>

Jinksy said...

I like the composition of your chosen snippet, and the monochrome version is far less tumultuous than the OTT coloured one. Interesting Mag.

Catfish Tales said...

Hahaha - but only a true fan of The King would see that!

Judie said...

Karen, you are JUST SO CLEVER!!!

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh said...

My wife often refers to me as being a hound dog, but I don't think it is meant to be complimentary.

Kutamun said...

Cant help thinking of Marc Cohns song " walking in Memphis ", and Marthas Vineyard, is prominent. . Thanks

darlin said...

Karen you have to be one of the most creative people I have come across, you never cease to amaze me with your words. Excellent writing, great post!


Laurie Kolp said...

So creative... love it!

Little Nell said...

Oh why did I never have a student like this in my class? Such a clever one - just like your poem Karen!

PattiKen said...

Wow. This is so creative!

JJ said...

The artwork just screams Love Me Tender(ly). Sorry. English teacher.

Linda said...

"You can do anything, but stay off of them blue suede shoes!" My favourite Elvis song. I love where you went with this, because you arrived at somewhere further than I did. I'm still at Nowhere Man. =D Thanks, I love it. =D