Wayzata, Minnesota

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thematic Photographic Shiny 2 Moon vs the Spoon


Sometimes we have coincidences in life
which stand out
like a shining moon
or a silver spoon.
Why, you ask.
Early Monday morning while out with my dogs
(and before Carmi revealed our new theme)
heck even before my first cup of coffee
I ran back inside for my camera to capture this

I'm still working on shooting the moon correctly.

So, I'm wondering if this was happening over Canada on Monday morning?

Later, that same day, a preschool teacher also had the case of shiny for her class.  My three year old grandson was so excited to share what he had learned that day.

"Grandma, grandma look!  See yourself in this spoon?" he exclaimed waving his spoon in my face.  As I looked at the back of the spoon he had stuck in my face - Yes! I could see my reflection shining back.

Then he said, "Now turn it over.  See! You're upside over grandma!"

Well, I called it upside down- but
same thing!

I'm not going to post my upside over or rather my clown's upside over

because if you haven't ever done this before

you really, really need to do it for yourself.

This shiny is really, really cool!

He was so right!

 So right now, grab your shiniest spoon and see your mirrored reflection shining right side up on the back of a spoon


the coolest thing is to turn it over and look at the inside of the spoon!

Try it!

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Lisa Shafer said...

Well, I think those are good moon shots. Better than I could do, anyway. Max can probably outdo both of us, though. :)

Karen S. said...

Lisa, Thanks, I know every time I see Max or even Carmi post moon photos they are always awesome!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I say, let the signs shine!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The moon IS tricky.

Still worth it!


Carmi Levy said...

Moons and spoons - you always make me smile and think, Karen. I've always wanted to capture spoon-reflective shots, but could never quite pull it off. You've done just that here: I love the spirit of the moment with your little man. Consider me inspired!

Moon pics are so vexing, because the camera's exposure meter typically overexposes the surface. Best bet is to underexpose the heck out of it. Hard to conclude that there's one particular setting, as light conditions can vary tremendously. What I usually do is underexpose by a full stop, shoot, assess, then adjust downward from there. I typically find success at least three stops down - and I'd recommend using a tripod or similar bracing to minimize shake, as you'll want to zoom in as much as you can to get surface detail.

Hope this helps...can't wait to see what you get!