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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sepia Saturday - 1 Dec 2012

Welcome to the first December 2012 SEPIA SATURDAY POST

Fairbanks, Alaska
Winter Wonderland
It appears the lady skaters are dressed rather lightly for winter in Alaska.
I like the shadow play the photographer captured as well.


Alan has posted a unique wooden bridge with people milling about and a reported dog (black) and quite large, and he blends in well with his male companion.  Can you believe I discovered a painting of a man with his (white) dog crossing an old wooden bridge?  Well, I did.

Blind man on the bridge - Thomas Gainsborough
1727 - 1788
In keeping with winter and bridges the photo below is of a partially dismantled pontoon bridge.

Angara at Irkutsk
Winter of 1895 - 1896

Playing in the snow has it's rewards.

....and it's tastier rewards as well.

Oh delicious, sweet maple syrup, your name says it all. The sweet molasses savor you leave lingering on my taste buds, lasts oh so long!

Sometimes, there are such heavy snow falls that the public school systems declare a
Snow Day!

Valdez, Alaska 1910

Wintertime can have it's downfalls like below


January 28, 1922 - Blizzard

Although, some people make the most out of  blizzards!

Not to foget
A Famous Bridge

View across moat to east bridge from entrance to
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial
Winter Photo
Theodore Roosevelt Island
Potomac River Washington District of Columbia, DC

A rather well know bridge below.  Can anyone guess where this photo was taken?
It has appeared in numerous movies.

and the bridge below is also located in the same area.

I hope you all take a moment the next time you cross any bridge-
and give thanks that someone put it there!

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Bob Scotney said...

I have lots of photos of bridges; the one at Yarm was built in 1410 and still carries and main road. An iron replacement fell down before it can be used. Every bridge has a story to tell just like the ones you've shown. You may keep the snow however, however picturesque>

Ms. Corby said...

Absolutely wonderful glimpse into winter! I clicked on the Thodore bridge to enlarge it- what an amazing area that is! I must go there sometime. Romping in the snow still fun for me any day!

darlin said...

Karen you have some stunning photos, I love the man crossing the bridge! You took me back in time, when we used to hit -40f the schools would shut down and there were times we'd be outside playing, what were we thinking? Today I RUN to my car, RUN to wherever I'm headed and RUN back to the warmth of my home. There's a lot to be said about aging, and staying warm is high on my list! lol

Have a wonderful weekend!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


We've only had a couple of dustings so far this year.

I do remember being a kid and hoping we'd get enough snow to get out of school!

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Beautiful bridges. And the snow. Even though I live in S. California and appreciate our wonderful climate, I still occasionally get snow nostalgic. Making angels and all that.

Galen Pearl said...

Love the Valdez shot! The first winter I lived in Montana, my van got buried under a sudden snowstorm and we didn't get it out again until spring. Amazingly, it started right up--I must have had an energizer battery!

Cloudia said...

LOVE this theme & execution!

How fun to see the snow's beauty, and then find myself here in Waikiki.

U da Bes` [ you are the best]

Happy Aloha Friday
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

~ > < } } ( ° >

> < 3 3 3 ( ' >

><}}(°> ~

Peter said...

I am not much of a movie man so no bridge suggestions from my side. But judging by the look of the first bridge, it must have served in a romantic comedy. Am I wrong?

Snowcatcher said...

Spectacular images, and what a trip down memory lane! My brother was stationed in Alaska for six years, so now I have a tiny hint of what it must have been like there during winter!

Titania said...

Karen, you lead us splendidly through the labyrinth of ice, snow, cold and fantastic bridges. My knowledge of movies is not great so I must pass on those two! I enjoyed the winter wonderland, it is quite hot here.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i love all your sepias!
love all the bridges and snow play too!

seeing these pictures bring back memories of growing up in NY...having those 'snow days' off from school, building snowmen & igloos, sledding...and of course the snowball fun!

that's a beautiful picture of the 'view across the moat'...well, really, they ALL are!!

happy saturday!

Wendy said...

Bridges and snow -- a dangerous combination in real life but perfect here on Sepia Saturday. After seeing how pretty the last 2 bridges are, I will pay more attention to footbridges from now. Are they in Central Park in New York City? The first one looks like the one in "You've Got Mail."

Pat transplanted to MN said...

so many bridges and such high snow, which has not visited us this year, but it is early. Little last winter around here. I liked looking at all your bridges...

Little Nell said...

I'm not at all surprised that you found a painting with a bridge, a dog and a man; if anyone could do it you can! The snow scenes fill me with dread. I have to go back to England next week and I hear that snow is threatened. Brrrr!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I enjoyed them. I love bridges and if possible, we stop to take pictures.

barbara and nancy said...

Wendy, you beat me to it. I also was going to say Central Park for the two bridges. But I have no idea what the movies might have been. Maybe "When Harry Met Sally".

Karen S. said...

Yes- Wendy and Barbara and Nancy both bridges are in Central Park in New York City, and yes When Harry Met Sally is one of the movies that was filmed there!

Karen S. said...

Snowcatcher- HI! Cool- I hope your brother enjoyed it there. I've always thought of Alaska and cold and snowy and often dark except when they have the 24 hours sunshine during the summer!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

I didn't recognize the bridges but after seeing the answer I remember. I have a friend who lives in Alaska and she has SAD and is trying to learn to deal with it. She says it is beautiful however.

Mike Brubaker said...

This past week it has been -30 degrees in Fairbanks. Probably pretty cold in Irkutsk too. Who needs a bridge if the river is frozen?

Sharon said...

I didn't recognise the bridges. They are full of character and I hope to see them one day.

These photos and Christmas approaching have made me yearn a White Christmas. It has always been my dream to experience a white Christmas at least once.

Alan Burnett said...

You always tell such a delightful story with your pictures. Your first December Sepia contribution - the first of several I hope.

Kristin said...

Those ladies in the snow bank look underdressed!


Ah, "snow days"!!
Those were the best!!
I miss those.

Monica T. said...

Oh you've got some snowy pictures there... It's snowing here just now!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Judging by your selection of pictures winter has really started. It promptly started snowing over here today, so brrr. Snow is fun as long as it stays away from the highways.

Karen S. said...

Rob- actually it's currently 52 degrees here! Yes!!!! We don't have any snow yet, but my old pictures can have all the snow if you ask me! I'll take this weather everyday!

Lyn said...

The diversity is wonderful, and I'll take a guess as you request..sure looks like the bridge in Central Park, not too far from Strawberry Fields!Never been there in the snow, though, must try!