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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Six Word Saturday - 1 February 2014

"Excellent I cried!"  "Elementary." said he.

and remember this-

Grab a genuine, bona fide book my child, you won't ever be sorry you did.

Where Cate, from Show my face blog, asks what's happening in our life to be explained in six words.


Have you ever heard of a boy named,
Griffin Sharpe?  Did you know that he truly met Sherlock Holmes, and that time travel does exist?

This appears to be just what I was searching for,
during a recent visit to the library.

I just hope it's thrilling enough to contain a nine year old boy, that's indeed hungry for a spine tingly, mysterious read of sorts.  Not too scary, but
 mind-gripping all the way.

This selection, written by Jason Lethcoe, author of, "You Wish" and these as books as well.

Perhaps you've heard of him?

I believe discovering Lethcoe is crucial to rousing any child's attention, and also, he's able to maintain control of it until the very last page.

Some times it feels like being a Rocket Scientist, just to get some things accomplished with the younger, growing minds of today.

Grab a genuine, real-live book my child, you won't ever be sorry you did.

How could it not be highly stimulating and an electrifying 
read for anyone?

 About the world's most secret detective.

An interesting letter from Jason Lethcoe to clear up a few intriguing questions brought forth while reading "No Place Like Holmes" can be read here.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

We've got a CD of 33 episodes of the 1954 television series Sherlock Holmes.

Highly recommend it!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Sounds interesting, Karen.. Looked it up on Amazon and its got my interest.

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks like a very interesting book. I had never heard of the writer, and think he must be one of the very good writers who doesn't always cross the sea to Britain. We could do with more children's books like this here.

Gillena Cox said...

(◕‿◕。) have a nice Saturday; thanks for stopping over at my blog

much love...

restlessjo said...

Any way you can hook 'em, Karen! Sounds like a great read :)

Jim said...

:) Enjoy it, Karen. We don't watch the modern stuff. He doesn't speak modern English (the American version) and I have a hard time understanding him. We do watch Doc Martin And Dowton Abbey.

In 5-8 grades I read, and retread some, all of the Sherlock Holmes books.

It started earlier, Karen, when I washed my camera with my laundry. I forgot to check pockets that day.

Filip and Kristel said...

Excellent collage.


Morgan said...

Looks good. I might have to look at reading it. :)