Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Scandinavian-ness Inventory, maybe.

Simple thoughts.

Day two of 

Make nice of some/any one's day.

"I have seen what a morning laugh or smile can do.

His and her cups.

Think again before you throw away this year's tree!
Reuse, recycle, rejoice. The birds will love you too.

What could be better than a good roll in the snow and snow on your face?

Do you really want to know?!

Remembering laughter!

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."
Helen Keller

I miss being a kid. All that laughing, and running about while singing! But mostly, somebody else was in charge of my hair!

The shades of black and grey in my life make me stupendously happy!

You can always trust a wagging tale and eager faces!

"Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin."
Simone Schwarz-Bart

He/she who carves, creates his/her own.

"Happy is he who has praise and wisdom in life." 
Old Norse Proverb

And, little girls/boys with big hearts and happy faces!

Life is as good as those that you share it with!

Yep there is time for Christmas songs, but best of all is listening to those young readers!

Smiles are day-makers!

Read and you shall live wiser longer.

"A boy's will is the will of the wind." Norse Proverb

Laugh long and hard as if your entire life depends on it.
Because it truly does!

"Generous and brave men live the best." Old Norse Proverb

"Go often to the house of thy friend: for weeds soon choke up the unused path."

Don't forget the seasonings!
Of life and food, naturally.

"Spices, of course, are essential."
Marcus Samuelsson

and delicious moments shared by all.

Eat and be merry. But mostly,  just be merry!

But also, don't forget the spices! 

But most of all be silly, think funny, be courageously You!

So- finishing up on my tale of Scandinavian bliss-

How Can You Tell if
Your Children are
Abusing spices?

Just a few thoughts taken from John Louis Anderson's
Scandinavian Humor.

Do they hide supplies of pepper, garlic, jalapeno peppers and curry powder in their dresser drawers or in the garage?

Are they no longer able to control their belching and wind-breaking?

Does their breath reek of Rolaids?

Thank you for stopping by
and gifting me with words. 
Your visits always brighten my day!


Gail said...

Great advice.


sage said...

Love the photos and the humorous advice. Happy New Year, Karen!

EG CameraGirl said...

Such a fun post, Karen. You appear to be blessed with a happy family! I am too and it's such a blessing!

Elephant's Child said...

Big smiles. I hope 'her' cup was the big one. Says the woman who NEEDS another cup of tea. With spices.

Dee said...

Happy New Year!

eileeninmd said...

Hello, your post had me smiling. Wonderful family images, you are blessed. Have a happy weekend!

RedPat said...

I really miss having a dog when it snows - they do so enjoy it and they pass on the good mood! You have a super family, Karen!

Alexia said...

I agree with EG CameraGirl - you really do appear to be blessed with a very happy family. Now, I wonder who they've inherited that from, Karen??!!


Cloudia said...

Your ways make me happy, and bring the light of joy a little stronger to the world!

TexWisGirl said...

'someone else in charge of my hair' ha!!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Snow! you have snow! It has been far too warm this winter for any hint of snow, though sadly some parts have had far too much rain.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Very well done!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Kilroy :)

Debbie said...

i would not mind having the energy of a child but i like having the maturity and wisdom of an adult!! i like your mugs, i hope you filled them with some homemade hot cocoa!!!!!

Rose said...

this is such a wonderful post...brought back so memories for me.

Karen S. said...

It is! A gift to me from my dear friend! I'm a huge coffee fan!