Wayzata, Minnesota

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Nature of Critters

About my secret well of happiness, 
it pretty much begins with 

There's really only one thing that brings me down.
I know it's utterly ridiculous yet,
Who is minding our world affairs?
Who is, protecting our hearty fields of grain 
and sweet flowing waters, 
and ......
(okay, I remember this is our happy place)

See why critters are so dear?

Adorning, serious eyes, holding a world of wisdom in those eyes.


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."
Martin Buber

Sniff, sniff, are you a real bunny? Sniff, sniff.

Yep. Really real.

Just kidding. I know she's stuffed, all the more fun Mommy.

"You can judge a man's true character 
by the way he treats his fellow animals."
Paul McCartney

My mother always said, beware the person who doesn't
 like animals, or children, 
and especially those who don't drink coffee.

"A bird without wings and a man without art
are both condemned to wander in low places;
they can never soar up to those
unrivaled heights."
Mehmet Murat ildan

When there's a choice to play dress-up, always play!

Lose your stillness and you will fail
 in everything you do."

Love all critters.
Two legged, four legged, three legged, no legged.

And if ever you're confronted with anyone being,
Absurdist, bullyish, childish, devilish and utterly ridiculous just

Hold your head high
 and carry on!

"If you look at the monkeys
you can learn many things about the men;
if you look at the men
you can learn many things about the madness."
Mehmet Murat ildan

Rusty's not so sure why Oliver is getting all the attention, 
Don't they remember dogs rule and cats drool?

Children need critters.
Critters feed a person's soul.

Always feel like the prize ring in a tug o'war rope
and you'll always be a winner.

Enjoy your day, in everything you do-
we're headed for some earthiness,
(on a mission to gather some nature photos
 as incredible as our dear writer friend, Mac)

thank goodness there's sunshine outside!
No matter,
Take good care of you- 


eileeninmd said...

Hello, What a great critter post. I enjoyed all the cute pet photos and your kiddies. I think we all need critters, they make me happy. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

sage said...

Your dog is so cute, but about that quote about men and monkeys! :)

Cloudia said...

Bless you my sister!

RedPat said...

A cheerful post is just what we all need, Karen! Thanks!

Elephant's Child said...

Love your critters. Always.

Alexia said...

I totally agree with your mother!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Kilroy loves critters

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, again. I love this. Paul McCartney must be a Gandhi fan. You must take after your mom, who I suspect is Irish (or Scots)? They say that about animals and those who like them. Thanks for posting like you do. Hugs.

Debbie said...

sweet animals and the kids aren't bad either!!!!

your mom is right!! aren't moms always right!!

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

GREAT shots! Love happy. And I do agree with Paul McCartney. However, far be it for me to court controversy, but I'd rather have even the current crop of political lunatics running our countries than a cute looking dog, however doleful his eyes are. And not all animals and children are delightful - though in fairness that isn't always their fault. Must go - I'm reading up on how to become a fluffy bunny :-)