Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Think of Who Created Thought

We all do!
Thoughts are always with us
no matter what.

"I had always thought that 
love at first sight 
was one of those things
invented by lady novelists 
from the south with three names."
John Perry Barlow

Finally with all the thoughts and planning that went into the Super Bowl
the hoopla is over. The folks that had their parking spots yanked are elated to have their parking spaces back.  No more public transportation for you! 
Just had a segment on the news last night, we're one of the worst places
(I don't think we should be proud of that) for traffic jams, with so many drivers.

Our thoughts are a curious thing about ourselves really.

Here's a thoughts for today

Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops across America could be part of 
A military parade to honor our heroic men and women past, present and future. Our debt to their service for our country can never be repaid or forgotten. THEY deserve our undying gratitude,
and a Military parade for THEM. Period.

And the thought of what those military vehicles could do to 
pounding upon our streets
well that thought/idea/theory is just pure madness. 

The thoughts of many Super Bowl visitors were that of total shock.   How we actually desired living here made us beyond hope.  Of course it's been a colder winter all across the United States.  Obviously they haven't experienced our springs, summers, 9:30 p.m. sunsets and our incredible autumns! 

It's on days like this you completely forget about winter blues.

Many claim a wholly wickedness about our winters, 
yet we survive with a dog's persistence.  
Seeing snow as precious jewels reflecting inward 
and outwardly carpeting our souls
 with snow filled arms 
and snowflake kisses 
for the purpose
of prettiness.

The magical pure whiteness of winter is everywhere you go.

The idea of a plane caught in Harry's Cafe sign is thought provoking right?

Trust the process of using a genuine house in a local neighborhood to be remarkable for Minnesotans yet today.

Remember the Mary Tyler Moore show?
This was where the television Mary lived (top floor) in Minneapolis.

So many views, so little time. The frozen tundras of the world offer more land to roam.
Frozen lakes a gigantic draw.

Look very close, I caught this bunny eating breakfast outside my kitchen window two days ago.

The next two photos I took this morning.
Looks like my bunnies were busy eating up the remains of my flowerbed.
Not so much left today.

Look closely again into this photo. The thoughts of feelings and theory they're joyfully enjoying the moment of precious thought.

Yep my thoughts as I'm sure yours this time of year, make some delicious chicken noodle soup.

"We cannot separate the
air that chokes from the
air upon which wings beat."
John Perry Barlow

Our thoughts are apt to always be feeling something, 
somewhere, sometime. 

"The most important thing
is to enjoy your life
to be happy
it's all that matters."
Audrey Hepburn

If you always where a bell
you'll be easy to find.

If you're not lost
you're not much of an explorer. 
John Perry Barlow

"But groundless hope, like
unconditional love,
is the only kind worth having."
John Perry Barlow

May love, kindness and happiness be within your thoughts and follow you everywhere you go.
Thanks for stopping by and take good care of you.


Sandi said...

Cute bunny!

"I had always thought that
love at first sight
was one of those things
invented by lady novelists
from the south with three names."
John Perry Barlow

I LOVE this!

Take good care of you too, Karen. :)

RedPat said...

I love seeing Mary's house!

Hootin' Anni said...

I think...therefore, I am.

Written by a lady southern author with only TWO names! Take that John Perry Barlow. :-)

Pretty winter scenes, but I must admit the summer waders steal the show!

Mark said...

I'm with you a 100% about parades. :-)

eileeninmd said...

I agree with your parade idea! I like the MTM house, I enjoyed her show! Did you go to the Suoerbowl, I can imagine the crowds! Pretty scenes and photos! Stay warm , Spring is coming! Have a great day and weekend!

Debbie said...

so many fun and happy thought...

i LOVE the beach picture and "i feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people"!!! WoW!!! great quote, loving image!!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Too deep a well to ponder.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh those little bunnies are everywhere Karen ☺ Yes I can just imagine the damage to the infrastructure that a #45 military parade would cause, it's a ridiculous idea indeed !

Mark said...

Yes, we're struggling here with temps in the upper 40s this afternoon. :-)