Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thematic Photographic 174 Seeing Red


Carmi has declared "seeing red" as our goal for this week's Thematic Photographic" and it's a color easy to come by...especially this time of year.

Need a lift?

When I first saw this, I was excited! A new age train to ride....then I discovered it just hauls people back and forth to their cars at Disneyland.

But it's free to ride!

How could I not stop to meet this darling little boy doggie....

There was music in the air and happiness on their faces...for all the crowd to see

Better a red face than a black heart....Portuguese Proverb

and it's better to dance and be merry
so why are you still standing?

and if you...

are a fan of seeing red, then you know like everything else
it comes in so many different shades...

So much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white
William Carlos

if after viewing so much red......
why just by 
seeing red

can turn a wheel barrow into a


If you really haven't seen enough red yet, then just go here


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! Awesome photos ~ and so appropriate ~ lots of red! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

darlin said...

There's something about red that sure makes certain things stand out, in a good way! I love that puppy, and the band is something like I'd only I'd see in a movie. Great shots of red Karen! Have a wonderful day.

Little Nell said...

A wheelbarrow into a plane? Better than swords into ploughshares:) Great collection again Karen

Galen Pearl said...

Love the doggie. Does he love his duds? Not so sure!

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

FYI, it's William Carlos Williams. Somehow part of his name got chopped off there.

I love the marching band photo. :)

Alexia said...

the bandsmen's hats are great!
I love dogs, but I hate seeing them dressed up like this. No dignity for the poor chap.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Ggreat post!!! Love the way you tied all your great photos together for enjoyable ride to the land of red. Great interpretation of the theme.
thanks for visiting my blog and you encouraging words.
Johnina :^A

Bob Scotney said...

It's 'plane' to see you have a talent for photography - that last photo flies right out of the screen at you.
I've never seen what pleasure there is for a dog to be dressed up though.
I'm glad you told us about the first shot - I thought it was a boat.
Right on themeagain, Karen.

Leovi said...

Without a doubt my favorite is the second nice with his tie and cap.

sage said...

Neat plane! I'm seeing red, but by tomorrow may be seeing white!

Max Sartin said...

Aw, that poor dog! Nice red outfit, but can he be comfortable in it?
I do want to take that plane for a ride though... great set of photos!

laurak@forestwalkart said...!! thanks for the ride through ALL that RED! it sure is a NOTICE ME color!!
i don't think i'd like to ride in the plane...maybe when it was a wheel barrow! :) nice pic's!! great choice of REDS!

Carmi said...

These rock, Karen. Such vibrancy in so many places! I'm somewhat smitten by the first, as even the most mundane shuttle-type vehicles is still deemed special enough to get some additional design flourish. Someone cared, which really moves me.

Limar said...

What a nice collection of reds :)

Snowcatcher said...

I got a brief glimpse of this last week on my phone but wasn't able to properly explore. I couldn't wait to come back and see more red! Very festive!

Jenny said...

I like all the red pictures! This reminded me I need to start taking DOWN all the decorations I just put UP!