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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sepia Saturday - Out For A



TIME AND TIME AGAIN - Is our theme for Alan's Sepia Saturday.

Out for a good time.

Back before there was blogging, and computers, there were other means to while away the hours with delight and surprise.  Here sits a woman enthralled by listening to the radio for another episode of
Murder Mystery on the radio.

Time and Time again
everything stopped
just so they could listen to
another mystery to solve.

January 1943, ravaging winds outside, waste-paper to be taken out, clothes to be folded and her date for the evening soon to pull up outside this boarding house where she pauses again, hoping there's enough time to hear the ending.

Is there enough time before another earthquake?

Why is an earthquake and many other geological mysteries important to man?  Busy at work before time runs out at
The Geological Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute.

Oh no, they are running out of time!

1920 The Red Cross, will they get this old thing running in time?

Time after time they questioned this little mystery tale
concerning actress, Esther Lyons

"The Klondike Girl, or not?"

This photograph shows Esther Lyons inserted into a scene of a raft with photographer and author Veazie Wilson, and a companion on Lake Lindeman, British Columbia. Although Lyons wrote a series of articles about the expedition she claimed she took with them, and lectured about it the rest of her life; facts show she couldn't have taken the expedition at that time.

Will there be time enough for Harry Houdini to escape?

Crate containing Harry Houdini, being lowered into the New York Harbor on
July 7, 1912.

Harry preparing for his escape stunt, at the New York Harbor.

Houdini survived this stunt.  He lived until 1926, he was not performing when he died.  He died on Halloween 1926, with a ruptured appendix and quite an interesting story leading up to it.

Taking time for lunch.
Although time was running out quickly as the others still working were getting quite a bit ahead.

Noon recess, and these hard working young shrimp pickers had to snatch their lunch time as best they could while the others kept on working.  Peerless Oyster Co. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

So are you fixed for time this weekend?

 I am, lots to fit into this holiday weekend.  Hopefully we'll all get our time in order
and as some of us are gathering those precious moments of 
summer activities coming to a time out
until next year

save enough time to enjoy yourself!

What are you going to be doing for your time this Labor Day weekend
for those bloggers in America?

Mine begins this afternoon at the lake for a family fun celebration
and tomorrow
The Minnesota State Fair

Remember TIME is running away
so ENJOY your TIME.

Here's a timeless thought:
There's always time enough, to make time.

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and if there's time enough
you could post your own
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Wendy said...

Wonderful photos and commentary. I often find myself like the girl wanting to hear the end of the show before it's time to leave.

Kathy Hart said...

I love the way you told the stories and invited us to consider our own use of time - thank you!

Peter said...

Hmmm, radio plays, those were the days! And all in mono.
Thanks for reviving my memory.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I always say this, but you are so funny, Karen. Great pictures and I think my favorite was the woman running late for her date ... like a modern day video game player trying to save before Mom unplugs things.

What are we doing? Going to the lake this evening for a BBQ and then back up there to fish in the morning. Otherwise, just catching up with my SS friends!

Thanks for your great finds today and for sharing them with us.

Kathy M.

Little Nell said...

An enjoyable romp through time! The lady in the second photo looks as if she has really got into the mood of the radio play. Those were the days!

Karen S. said...

Wendy- I know just what you mean. Even at the movies I want to see the credits and any last minute clips they put during the credits sometimes, and the clean-up crew is just really wishing everyone would just leave!

Karen S. said...

Peter- you are welcome!

Karen S. said...

Kathy - Thanks so much! I always enjoy your comments here, they often make me laugh too!

Nancy said...

I really like the photos you chose for this post, Karen. Several were just really special. And I liked the two clocks at the end. I hope you are having/had a great weekend.

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh yes, those radio mysteries. I do miss those. I can still recall listening to one in the car on a very rainy night driving through the redwoods. The storm somehow made the story so much more vivid.

And recess.

Time is allotted for certain things. Time doesn't stand still, it's just allotted.

Bob Scotney said...

Enjoyed all this post Karen. I cn't remember the last time I listened to a radio mystery. Loved the shripm pickers and the last clock shots.

Joy said...

The man at the Geological Lab looks as though he has set up his equipment on a bank of card indexes. Is it an early portable computer:-)

Christine H. said...

What a fun journey. Oh, that Esther. I wonder why she did it. And poor Houdini.All very interesting photos. Thank you!

imagespast said...

A novel approach and I very much enjoyed your post. I especially like the first photo :-) Jo


Finally finding the Time, in the wee hours of the night, to read this...
Just in Time before another SS post!!
I remember my parents talking about those shows on the radio. Not being an auditive, it is hard for me to imagine how one could be so captive by a radio. I am truly a TV child!!! and now a web addict!!