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Monday, April 30, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Strong Lines

Thematic Photographic

Carmi, from Written Inc. Blog, has announced "Strong Lines" as our theme for this week. 

If I were to take you outside my patio door, and you were to look above, this is what you'd see this evening.

If only I arrived home before the sun gave up it's strength for this day!

Every line tells its own story, even the very tentative ones.  Gillian Redwood

Familiar figures I have seen, from one city to another.  Each revealing their own unexpected inspirations; from unsung heroes specializing in glass and stone.  In the end, each creating another masterpiece to behold.

Behind these lines, the most essential element to learning can be systemically obtained, just by venturing within.   The Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In the beginning years, we bought plans.  Now, we just buy wood and start creating from there.

Remember, a line cannot exist alone; it always brings a companion along.  Do remember that one line does nothing; it is only in relation to another that it creates a volume. Henry Matisse

Broken lines do not know what they want.  With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners.  Rene Crevel.

Funny thing about strong lines, (families as well) in every existence, they all sing their own sweet song.....right?

If you've never given Thematic Photographic a try

why not do it today?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Centus - I Want You For

Welcome to


       Jenny begins our centus with, "There's a yellow rose in Texas" as our prompt.

Our rules for engagement are simple. 105 words, any style writing, pictures and no messing with the prompt!

Here's how I drive my main road.

But yellow is hardly my favorite color.

and listening to Glen Campbell is so yesterday's music my darling.

Oh without a doubt
I can hear you through the wine

watching you ride each bubbly surf,
of yesterday
as it's always about your turf.

and your dreams of towing the line man
it's just a brawny line
when you're such a ladies man.

and when our goings get tough
you're the man

you pour a little more wine

and I want you for

all time

and not just for your intellectual mind man.

But rather, our unexpected discoveries.

Always have.
Always will.

There's a yellow rose in Texas, but not for us!
Do you need to hear that old favorite song one more time?  This is for you, enjoy their climb!

So, I know you're just tugging at your keyboard to play along too. So give in to those deepest of desires and throw caution to blogging unless of course, you'd rather follow your heart to Texas instead!
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Six Word Saturday 4-28-2012

Good morning



Let my words,
like vegetables,
be tender and sweet,
for tomorrow I may
have to to eat them.

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Six Word Saturday?
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sepia Saturday A Maying We Shall Go



Flowers, flowers, showers and more flowers; loads of May-ness everywhere you go!

April showers, bring May flowers.  As April fades into May, a gentle pitter-patter of rain falls upon a sea of umbrellas, as people gather for a May Day Parade.

May Day Parade, on the first day of May in 1909 in New York City.  Courtesy of Bains News Service.

Isn't ironic how this photo was taken in front of the "United Hat Stores?"

Sepia Saturday celebrates May Day as it's theme this week.

What's that, some of you haven't even heard of May Day before?

Absolutely not funny, but it's true, there are many who have no idea what this ancient northern hemisphere of spring festivals is all about.  Follow along for a glimpse of how many before us, have celebrated this public holiday.  Just so you know, May Day springs forth through so many cultures.

In most places, all May Day Celebrations offered,

Parades, banners, flowers, balloons and dancing through the streets just in celebration of spring blooming within our world.

This photo presents the crowning of Dorothy Zimmerman as May Queen at the Neighborhood House in Washington D.C. May 1925. photo courtesy of National Photo Company Collection.

Always during these most happiest of parades there would be a crowning of the May Queen in most every one's May Day festivals.

Is it just me, or do you also wonder what this gentleman is thinking?

Most intriguing are the May Day Baskets, that arrived secretly, and usually left anonymously on a neighbor's doorsteps.

Ever so quietly they would tip-toe up the walk and place the small May Day Basket of sweets and or flowers before their door, and quickly run away after ringing the bell.

But on some special occasions they weren't left so mysteriously.

Photo courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington D.C. April 30 1927.
Mrs. Coolidge, wife of Calvin Coolidge the President of the United States from 1923 - 1929.

Such as the case of Mrs. Coolidge receiving a basket of flowers and a kiss, in celebration of May Day.  The children, Nan Norton, Elizabeth Ann Taylor, and Margaret Cooley presented this basket of flowers as part of the ceremonies for "May Day is child health day."

Isn't it sad, how today so many of us seldom celebrate May Day?

How will you celebrate it?

So many little simple acts of kindness, and traditions seem to fade away, just as this young lad's long ago job, has withered away.

Meet Abe Singer, a 14 year old helper at Wax Florists at 143 Tremont Street. Don't you wish he was coming to your house with these packages! Photo dated as 1917.

How many sparkling faces like this darling delivery boy pictured here, have you seen bring flowers to your door?

Not very many I'm sure!

But a most common tradition for May Day Celebrations besides flowers and parades and a crowning, were the MAY POLES, and all the happy dancers circling the strikingly decorated poles.  Mostly in school yards.

Sometimes the poles were imaginary. It was the May Pole Dance itself, that brightened the grounds and delighted the people gathered at the White House lawn in Washington, D.C.

Whether you celebrate the festival of Flora, or reach as far back as the Germanic festival of Walpurgis, or perhaps you celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary, or possibly ventured over to Cawsand Square with Morris dancing during the May Day Bank holiday after snapping photos of the Flower Boat Ritual....

isn't it just more about our togetherness?

Photo courtesy of Jack Delano, photographer May 1941 in celebration of a May Day pageant in Siloam, Green County, Georgia.

No matter what country you are from, or what May Day Celebrations you traditionally share, in the end, it's just about sharing a togetherness of love and spirit during a time of much freshness as spring enters our lives......

What ever you may do to celebrate, your devotion will lead the way.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thematic Photographic 193 - Faith


Man cannot live without an enduring faith
 in something indestructible within him." Franz Kafka

"My daddy's home again!"

Carmi, couldn't have selected a better theme for today.  Faith is our theme, and faith is my game for today! My son-in-law returned home from his deployment in Iraq and Kuwait after leaving last May 2011!   Hooray!  My faith is restored again.

"Faith and doubt go hand in hand, they are complementaries.  One who never doubts will never truly believe." - Hermann Hesse

No matter where you are.
Or, what faith you believe.
You just need faith
to believe.

Anything is possible.

Trusting, that this too, shall pass, if you're willing to mend all the pieces.

"Faith is not being sure where you're going but going anyway." -Fredrick Buechner

....and believing your own two hands, and a bounty of sweat, can take you anywhere.
Even after mother nature's Machiavellian ways produced a bitter destruction. 

Will you walk this best view of faith ever?

Are you just bursting with your own "faith" themed photo? Then please, go here

Monday, April 23, 2012

Relation + Faith = Elation

Just a few weeks shy of a year ago 
I joined a crowd of loved ones
for a day of farewells.
We were mostly strangers to each other.
Until being joined together by invincible strings
tugging deeply at our souls;
as we all climbed aboard another mystic juncture
of fear, apprehension and fleeting trust.

Familiar, quavering voices surrounded sullen faces
as we shared farewell wishes.

I studied your expressions 
as well as those around you.
Secretly I applaud your exhilaration
and dedication;
that so perfectly outlines your pure inner happiness
as you embark upon another chapter in your book of life
where faith leads warrior;
or is it the other way around?

Soon we'll see that army face take place
as it gobbles up every bit of your joy-bearing person
just so you stay ahead of the muck.

You are defined by your devotion,
even as so many of us standing here
are digging our feet so tightly into the dirt beneath our souls
it's all the whispers I remember so clearly now.
So many people are ashamed to admit they have ceased belief
of this mission you are banking your life upon.
As you stand strong, we shall support you, again.

I must admit while I watch your loved ones
all standing proud and excited,
inside, my gratitude, for your valor-
disappeared before your flight left the ground.

But, that's my secret.

At twenty something you are a beloved son, brother, husband and father....
on yet your second tour of duty.
365 days seems short to those without tensions.
Oddly enough on that day, I wondered if you'd ever add grandfather to that list?
Silly thoughts plague worried souls,
even with whispers of wonder dancing through our thoughts, of you,
lost in an undesirable land;
doing, what is it again, I can't remember?

At last, the dawning of today
brings joy to our hearts
as we gather together again.

What's that we hear coming up the quiet street?
Why it's so many sirens leading four buses
toward this joyous crowd.

Your excited little girl calling "It's Daddy!"

Elated, delighted, jumping up and down with excitiment.
While a year ago your life was put on pause,
right now as you step down from the bus
you are home again!

Our prayers have been answered.

We are thankful.

......and God bless you one and all.  Our hearts are bursting with joy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Centus 21 April 2012 More please!

Welcome to


Jenny Matlock

This is where Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" brings "Saturday centus" to the flash-fiction sort of world that sometimes changes to true life experiences!

Jenny's rules for today are 105 words, any style writing, pictures okay and the prompt of,
Not for profit. For comfort.

Here's mine

The desert sun was relentless, causing your skin to feel like parchment.

"Daddy what does rub someone the wrong way mean?"

"Not now Jenny. I'm late for work and my car needs gasoline."

"Please daddy, Danny screamed it at me. Please tell me."

"Okay, it means to make someone unhappy, or uncomfortable."

"Thanks daddy!"

Later -

After Jenny's mother discovered sugar spilled across the kitchen table she ran to the sun porch.

"Danny, where's your sister?"

He pointed outside "Mom, I helped make her "Free Lemonade" sign.  Please let her do it!"

"But why free?"

"Who knows. She told me it's "Not for profit. For comfort."

Are you all comfortable now?

  Jenny drew a picture for her favorite hero.

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Six Word Saturday 21 April 2012

This is a





and you're spinning around and around?

no time to ride your bike?



Well things could be worse right?

Do you have something to share in six words?
Cate, from Show My Face blog welcomes you too!
then please go here

I hope you all find a moment to do something special for Earth Day today!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sepia Saturday - 21 April 2012 A garden from the heart

Sepia Saturday

May I present, our garden of love, in honor of Earth Day 2012

Once upon a Sepia Saturday, a very long, long time ago, there lived an old woman, and she lived in an even older house, surrounded by millions of weeds.

Millions I tell you!

Photo courtesy of Frances Benjamin Johnston - 1864-1952
Beware of what lurks behind this gate!  Even her gardens appeared seriously disturbed and reflected years of neglect.  Of course, like so many stories go, all the townsfolk stayed away.  They never came to call.

Photo credits by Joseph Elliott Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Even her backyard, which began from the city park was doomed and unbearable. It's hard to imagine it was once a stately residence.  

Now, you're probably expecting to hear about the local children from this charming neighborhood and their adventures of chasing a bouncing ball into the old lady's grounds?

Photo courtesy of Bayview Alabama, School Garden Tennessee Coal and Iron and Railroad Company of children gardening.

Sorry, that's not my story.

Well, these are a few of the neighborhood youngsters, but they weren't after a lost ball at all.  Although, they did have a mission.

They were celebrating, Earth Day (which was in the distant far-away future) and BE KIND to YOUR NEIGHBOR WEEK.

They knew deep down in their sweet little hearts, and growing minds that there was a sad old lady who lived by herself.  Mostly, they knew she needed their kindness.

Photo courtesy of Russell Lee 1903-1986 taken in May 1938.
They arrived in teams of both young and old, but all of them were children, except a teacher or two that followed along just to observe.

Photo courtesy of Lewis Wickes Hine, September 1910, group of hard working between the ages of 13 and 15 years old. (Yep, all dressed up and ready to go places.)

There was talk in town that these children had heard the tall tale of "A million dollars being hidden somewhere on the old lady's grounds" since she was extremely wealthy and never trusted banks.  Could they have been after her secret stash buried about her over grown yard?

Do turtles ever fly?

Courtesy of Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1920.

True story or not, these hard working, big-hearted children living in the old lady's city by the sea, never found as much as a penny.  But they crafted a mighty fine piece of heaven around the old lady's home sweet home.

I'm just saying, who would argue that this isn't a true story here at Sepia Saturday?

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thematic Photographic Silhouette Take Two

Thematic Photographic - Silhouette - Take - Two

Off into the still of one Saturday night, just for a special occasion -

Looking into this vast and free limitless expanse of open water, (void of ice!) and hungry sea gulls lurking past....

What should appear from around the corner of this shadowy grove before me.....across the lake I see,

Oh these still waters run deeply through my veins evermore....

So slowly this water-chariot treads softly through these quiet, still waters in the hopes of not being too late for the party.

We all ....walk softly through this Eden-like world of beauty under a pale blue sky and moss-covered rocks underfoot, and rejoice, for there are plenty of tables, and much free parking found here.

In honor of coming to Thematic Photographic so late this week, I offer a night on the water!

Have some of your own to share?  Why not?  Oh you need a link?

Thematic Photographic #192 Silhouette



Carmi has declared our theme to be:  Silhouette

Lost in a toy land where anything is possible.

Where does the meaning of a silhouette take me?

I would choose simplicity over most anything

Have you ever wondered if your life is carried away by too much detail?

Would you rather see your days in a silhouette?

I can do without many things

I prefer to choose the lesser of silhouettes
a single thing here or there
and more of what is waiting to be noticed.

Even that rare fleeting moment of
a smile
a hopeful glance
 a wink just for me
or the wrinkle of a nose from laughter.

Yes for me there should be reason for any photograph.

Oh how I know sometimes,
 the real importance comes to us once we review our shot.

Simple is good, but not simpler.  I see the silhouette as something grasping toward the bigger, more simpler moment, of something so special, the more I can consume of it the better.

We started this round of silhouettes a bit late this week, and I'm even later posting.  But why not join in with the rest of us at Carmi's "Thematic Photographic" on his blog at "Written Inc."  It's waiting somewhere around the corner just for you!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thematic Photographic - Single People



One single person
getting paid
while enjoying this beautiful day.

Such a giant capacity one commands
when we focus our resources
on mastering a single area
of our lives.

To be happy in this world,
first you need a cell phone and
then you need an airplane.
Then you're truly wireless.
Ted Turner

You may think he's just a man walking his dog.

But truthfully
I think
he's seizing the day
through his dog's eyes.

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