Wayzata, Minnesota

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday - Xylophilous

Today, Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday class has reached great heights with the letter "X"



Being fond of wood, living on, or in wood.

For the love of wood, fungi grows on trees.

Tree fungus.


Can you spot Mr. Beetle?
Naturally, we shouldn't dismiss the human side of wood lovers, being fond of wood.
Humans and their fondness for wood.

"If you're not a tree hugger, then you're a what, tree hater?" -  Doug Coupland


Our fondness for wood stretches out of our hearts, and thoughts and through our fingers, when we begin to carve wood of any kind.

Oh yes, for the love of wood and the creativeness of our designs.

100% all wood check it out here.

We have a love affair with wood, many of us, and we carve out our love stories in many shapes and sizes.

Photo by

For the love of trees, and their valuable woods, we live within their beautiful surroundings.
For the love of wood, and a fire to keep us warm, we've been known to walk for miles.
"Old wood best to burn
old wine to drink
old friends to trust
and old authors to read." - Athenaeus

Our love for wood finds us designing all sorts of things, like this wooden supercar.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thematic Photographic - That Golden Glow

For this week's theme, Carmi has sent "That Golden Glow" to brighten our world.

What is that golden glow behind my window?
My favorite color of the rainbow is that golden glow and that golden glow.

My dog Misty, with that golden glow in her eyes.
Love is like sunshine, it brings that golden glow to the beholder's face,
and a warm feeling all over their body. It awakens souls and opens eyes,
and when it is over it brings millions of small memories called stars,
to remind the world, that it still exists.

Playing with that golden glow with Hipstamatic.

Late afternoon sunshine all aglow leaving that golden glow.

The dark of night does not come after the golden glow of the day's sun
but before it.

That golden glow from our summer bonfires will be enjoyed,
all winter long with evening bonfires, to warm our moods,
and shower us with that golden glow we all desire.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 27 October 2013

It's been a while since I played along with Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

For more details on this challenge go here.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Scavenger Hunt Sunday sponsored by Ashley.

For this week's challenge the words are, change, your mood today, dark, welcome and depth of field.

Have golf cart and able feet will travel about our own slice of beauty right in my own backyard.


My Mood Today


Depth of Field

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Six Word Saturday - 26 October 2013

"A day may sink or save as realm." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Ever feel like you're sinking?
Or, that the captain of your ship/community has let you sink?

Maybe I'm not really sinking, but I'm truly sad.
Last week, a friend from my school days in Michigan posted a photo on Facebook that broke my spirit for mankind, again.  It displayed a stunning, and remarkable, quaint building with books scattered all over the floor, in a hopeless mess.
Of course, without a doubt, she caught my attention!

"We should feel sorrow, but not sink under its oppression." - Confucius

This example of pure architectural waste is possibly understandable, when a community does not have the aid, resources, or funds to bring something back to life.  However, it's the worst crime of all to allow BOOKS of any sort, to become a moldy loss, and deprive readers from learning and literary enjoyment.
The tragic beginning to the sad story about Detroit's Mark Twain library here should awaken someone.
Apparently, there are those that believe demolishing and bringing a lifetime of memories to dust, is the only answer.  (for the final reality on Detroit's Mark Twain library here.)


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Story of - Me and Bobby McGee

Cloudia, from Comfort Spiral blog, has invited us to play a game, and anyone can join in.  You don't need to be a poet either.  However, the love for songs and movies is a plus.

Poetry Game Movies and Songs - your choice!

Cloudia wrote a poem using song titles, and it's very clever how she linked each song to her line, so I did it too!  You can click on any song, and let the memories fade in.

Just to help you get inside my head, pretend you are on a train.

and you're nearing Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Imagine that you hear crooning in the seat next to you.  Recognize who she is?

In The Summertime

I know you have the urge to play along, so you can post your link to Cloudia's Comfort Spiral Blog here

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Alphabe Thursday 24 October 2013 Why, Where and Wallowing

Warning- this is a silly W post!

Greetings to the bewitching hour of.....

No. Strike that.

I bet you thought being so close to October 31st that I might post something, Halloween like, right?

Be honest.

Not me.  For Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday on her "Off on my tangent" blog we're studying the letter W.

So feasibly we might chat about, wands, warlocks, webs, wild-hairy-werewolf, wicked, wig, witch, witchcraft, wizard, or wraith.  No not wraith, too scary!


Let's discuss

WHY, WHERE and Wallowing

Where have all the good people gone this time of year?  Why pumpkin hunting of course.

pumpkin hunting
can you think of something better?
WONDROUS, and most delicious PUMPKINS GONE?
In Minnesota this year we even grew PINK

They really grew this lovely shade of pink.
Yes! As a matter of fact I'm standing on a mother-load of a pumpkin stash!  Woof! Woof!

With all seriousness aside

for me right now
That's not what I expected to be doing.

Truth be told, I've truly enjoyed a laughing-learning experience
with my own pumpkin growing this year.

Until, last night's frost.  I'm still nervous about going to my pumpkin patch.

Of course some big-time pumpkin growers really know how to put their pumpkins, and other goodies to bed at night
guarding ever so carefully against our brutal frosts.

Nice right?

So, while I'm picking up all the pieces to this willy-nilly pumpkin tale
I put on my happy pumpkin face

and begin here.

Weatherly able, and if you care to join me too,
 we can begin our search for the perfect pumpkin.
Way-wiser were we to discover this farmer's pumpkin paradise.

If only my patch was like his out back!
Well, we wouldn't want to be way-gone or way-over-board
in our search
would we?

Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy.
What do you think about this wobbly couple?

Why not pick one of these?
Well for starters
We'd also have to wander-a-way over to their cousin's
pumpkin collection,
and buy some of their pumpkins too!

 Can't break up a good family you know.

All that really matters
is that you bring home something
scoop it out for soup and such
and carve it real pretty
and light them every night
for as long as you can.

In the end
they all just burned their lives away for the good of mankind.

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