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Monday, January 30, 2012

Thematic Photographic 181 Screens


          Carmi, from Written Inc. Blog has a smart twist for TP this week ....
                       our theme is  "Screens"

               Carmi is calling for screens of any scenario - our choice.  Knowing just how much our daily lives often include, flat panel televisions, computer monitors, smart phones, tablets, all the way down to a Saitek X52 Flight Control System, it all works!

Or perhaps some other kind of screen that rocks our world....just bring them to life right here.

# 1 Screen Photo -  on a technology side

Sometimes one monitor just isn't enough... taken with my new camera.....after reading Carmi's theme for this week!
#2 Screen  -  on the softer side of screens......

Venture into the neighborhood and spend an evening on either side of this screened fireplace.  Order a hot brew or an ice cream cone...and watch the comings and goings of all who pass by.
Shot with my old Nikon Coolpix
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Centus We Know Where all the Bodies are Buried


Miss Nonna from, Tasty Tales blog has persuaded Miss Jenny with our centus today!

We can use up to 108 words of any genre and extra photos! 
Nonna's prompt is

"We know where all the bodies are buried." ...and Yes, it may be scary!  Or not! Let the centus begin....

Here is my centus

While snapping pictures we noticed a bald man following us.

Who was he shooting?   Always steps behind us, he was annoying.  His phone rang and we overheard, "That many bodies? I'll soon know where."

Confused, we concentrated on his target, keeping a safe distance behind.

....would he ever stop? 

What was that blue thing he dropped?

Finally, he turned at this wall.  Hanging back, we shot pictures like tourists, until .......

He used a key and slipped inside.  When we turned around Mr. C.I.A.-man had vanished.  Now it was obvious what he was looking for and....
 "we know where all the bodies are buried...."

To be continued....

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Sepia Saturday 110 - Saturday 28 January 2012


Have you ever driven by a lost and forlorn abandoned house, and wondered why everyone moved away?  Was there absolutely not a soul any where who would live there?

I wonder if Marion Post Wolcott the photographer of this humble old farmhouse knew the owners, or their story?
So often we build things that often are used in other ways, or later changed for other more suited purposes.  There are reasons for everything, or so they say.

              Alan, from Sepia Saturday blog, begins this week with an act from

The Majestic Theatre and he's calling for "Tickets please," so follow everyone to The Majestic, where it was only ever used as a cinema.

                   Or instead, follow along with me to places where someone, somewhere should have shown a bit more interest.....

    To places that were used for other things, or worse, left to rot away.

Once you were a star, for all the world to see.....what once was important one day can be worthless the next....the life of a any building.

It's so hard to believe, in 1940 the wrecking crew took this all away.......

The photo was taken in September 1939, and this empty abandoned Minneapolis Mail Order House, once housed a lively staff, to later be left all alone it stands tall enough to be a castle along the Mississippi River waiting.....  Courtesy of Library of Congress Washington D.C.

So many questions we ask, never to understand the reason why.... like the photo below.....

                                 Courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington D.C. Photographs.

Can you imagine this once enchanting plantation as a house buzzing with excitement and laughter from all who entered?  There she sat nestled in a lovely location in Monticello, Georgia, until they all picked up and left her empty and abandoned.  Did any one shed a tear as they carried out their belongings, and loaded them in a truck to drive away?  I can imagine this house in it's glory days, with those amazing fireplaces!  Just what were they thinking?

Then even those lost sailors that were guided by a special light....

What causes a lighthouse to close?
Light house and keeper's house and the ever wonderful light tower, abandoned at Matinicus Rock Light Station, Matinicus Island, on Matinicus Rock, Matinicus, Knox County, Maine.  There is so much more of a story here to be told.  Courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Matinicus Light House, where the Coast Guard Keepers were removed from a place they often called "Alcatraz" in 1983 when the south light became automated.

Then out of the blue, randomly unexpected things can occur, like the story below.

    On a quiet street in a secluded spot in the far back of what had been an empty lot, except of course for an enormous amount of trees and thick brush, something very unusual came to be.

        Sometimes, the most unlikely things occur, like the strangest situation on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, in 1946.  During a severe housing shortage, one man stood up and allowed a family do the unthinkable, on his very own property.  It also involved a unique rebirth for all airplane enthusiasts and an idle B-29 Bomber airplane, that had been sent to the scrap-yard.

          To be continued next week.  I hope you'll return to see what unusual change in venue happened along Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis during 1946.

                     It's possible some of you may have heard about this unlikely tale which involved a B-29 Bomber Airplane...... in the center of Minneapolis.

So, stayed tuned for our next Sepia Saturday adventures.



Six Word Saturday 28 January 2012


            Cate, from Show My Face, blog asks for six words to express your day or life or what ever you want...  my six words today have been surfacing all week....

                     Have you ever tried chasing butterflies?


allow yourself to
journey into
mysterious adventures
that are
always waiting
just around the corner.

Sometimes just trying to stand on your head takes away a blue day...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alphabe-Thursdays a Je ne sais quoi Journey


                         Celebrating the letter " J " 

In a word,   Jenesaisquoi

  or Je ne sais quoi.....

 Just feeling jet lag, after missing last week.  Can you guess what they're selling?

                              Je ne sais quoi
            "I know not what"

                     Just Journey along with me........I'm not joking.

Just follow the jolly jargon (on the pointy sign above)

Just jog over and you'll jive once you jingle and jangle your way here but(no jay walking please)

I'm jazzed that you jaunted over to such a jaunty place as this! 
Just so we can jazz ourselves up before we jet over to the jumping-Jack java house up the street.

please no jog trotting
just dance on over

Come on
you just know
you want to
open the door

Just take a peek.  So many hats (stuff that hubby might call junk!) Oh no!  ....and so little time.  I promise it's all jazzy kinds of far out bling and other things.....just waiting.

So jump to it
the java is
no joke
how jovial you feel
just sipping it!

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Je Ne Sais Quoi  live from Iceland

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thematic Photographic # 180 Movement


           "Movement"     has literally blown in from Carmi's blog, Written Inc.  and his unbelievable capture of a flight (powered with grand-old-fashioned landing gear) is one you don't want to miss!
Check it out here

Let the Movement begin

A la bonne heure..... In Good Time

Today, the movement in traffic was a much better drive, compared to yesterday morning...

Then right in the middle of a normal day....movement can take us in directions we never thought we'd journey.......

Sometimes, like a wedding shower our movement takes on a new twist.

Like this

As in the bride-to-be and maid-of-honor both blindfolded and given a chest filled with "household items" to dress the bride with!

it's a new age movement....!

back to the basics with necessary things.

and yes, of course that's a potholder on her head!


at this point the begging began, "Please don't post this to Facebook!"
Like I said, new age movement!

Movement of the howling wind and blowing snow outside
tends to move a person inside...
yet craving for the outside
you move toward

Some of the coolest movement in water known to man

and beyond their beauty...

at the very sound of another voice,

they will change their movement, immediately.

Is it food they seek?

Or companionship?

Then on another rare movement
you are lucky enough to catch

Minnesota (and for a short while the Big Apple NYC)
very own Garrison Keillor moving along
eating a Corn Dog with mustard 
before his show at
the Minnesota State Fair
where else?

If you're wondering yes, he's moving in Red Shoes like always.

In fall we had a real surprise movement come to town...

When a stranger with horses moved in.

can free us from just another evening at home
eating the usual....served in the usual manner
Do you feel like having someone else do the cooking tonight?

Me too!  I just caught the tail end of this....trying to eat and snap at the same time...not so good ....he did amazing things with his knives, but it's what he did with the eggs that will bring us back again.....well that and the FOOD!!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Centus - Cliffhanger Epilogue


       Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" blog is being especially sweet today.... and I didn't even need all 150 words she allowed, (it's our make-up gift!) ha ha ....truly, I have forgotten all about the only 50 word cut! ha ha ...

       Jenny says our Centus today shall use another writing device to create an epilogue for our 2-part cliffhanger!  Hooray!  Wonderful idea! ;)

Notice, he's holding a pretty flower? All is forgiven!

If you need refreshing, my two part cliffhanger began with a couple climbing about Mt. Desert, Maine (with sleds) and ends with her being rescued while he's in handcuffs.

My Epilogue

        As sensational stories go, fiction or not, Saturday Centus included, there’s always a superstar-reporter, Noelle Itallwright and she's ready to interview our cliffhanger actors.

The Scoundrel begins speaking to our Saved-Damsel.

“If I, the accused may clarify what really happened, you’d know I was framed!”
“You’re just worried they’ll lock you up and throw away the key.”
“That’s where you begin? Well, truthfully there are far worse things.”
“As only you, should know.”
“Really, you’re going to conclude my brief (Centus) existence without considering my version? Especially when, you never even plummeted to the bottom?”
“Remember, I was rescued.”
“Because, you stupidly slid off the edge; as I photographed the brilliant sunrise.  Now everyone assumes I’m a nasty piece of work.”

She leans in and whispers in his ear,

“Well, which sells more copy; truth or deplorable fiction?”

The End? Maybe.  Only Jenny knows for sure!

I'm leaving you with the key to unlocking more Saturday Centus, because you know you just have to read more!

Jenny Matlock

Sepia Saturday - 109 - 21 January 2012

Can you guess what this little cutie is thinking?  Hm, hope none of my friends see me in this picture!  Who could ever be mad, at either one of these two? - Courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

This is a Sepia Saturday Post

...and so this week brings a bit of dolling about.....

Or as always, what ever adventure your sepia trails may take through, Sepia Saturday.

           My doll-theme approach takes a sharp turn in this telling..... and my own still well-cared-for dolls will remain mysteriously hidden, at this time.

Sorry, my baby dolls..... you'll just have to remain anonymous a bit longer!

I'm compelled to write about a man who - surely was young at heart. His writing delighted the young as well, as adults, and he often concerned himself with things like gifts made by a duchess and given to a princess!
     He was an English trader, writer and journalist, and wrote about politics, crime, religion, marriage, psychology, and the supernatural.

             We begin at Route 273 and Blue Ball Road (State Rt 545)
Blueball, Ceil County, Maryland.

Really it's not that odd that I begin at the Blue Ball Tavern established about 1710 in a stately structure once owned by Elizabeth Maxwell, because she is the niece of Daniel Defoe, (born as Daniel Foe)
Photo courtesy of Library of Congress, with no known restrictions on images by the U.S. Government.

After all, it's Saturday and a cold brew will just hit the spot, right?

outside this building is

A 1936 Historic Road Marker stating:  Blue Ball Tavern Established about 1710 on Lot No. 35 of 'The Nottingham Lots' by Andrew Job who secured it from William Penn. Job's son, Thomas Married Elizabeth Maxwell, niece of Daniel Defoe who wrote 'Robinson Crusoe'.

"Expect nothing and you'll be surprised!" - Daniel Defoe
Who was Daniel Defoe..... and
What was he famous for?

He wrote "Robinson Crusoe, and the above print, very well could have been a famous "wax doll" used for this painting.
it's described as a young boy enjoying Robinson Crusoe.

He also added the De to his name to sound aristocratic- and he had at least 198 pen names in his life time!
Apparently, Daniel Defoe once hid inside Elizabeth Foe's (his sister) attic after writing some controversial items.  During which time he taught, Elizabeth Maxwell (his niece who later married Andrew Job) to read.  Much later, after her mother's death she inherited quite a bit of property, hence the Blue Ball Tavern.

A funny/sad family fact years later, down the long birth road of each son being named Daniel Defoe, his last great-great grandson never could figure out why anyone would want to read Robinson Crusoe.......!
Imagine that!
Elizabeth Maxwell Job, niece of the unforgettable Robinson Crusoe author, died in West Nottingham, Cecil Co, Maryland on 7 September 1782 .

She was known for being generally a mysterious woman, possibly because she minded her own business.

Surely she played many long hours with her own dolls.

Dolls came to us in so many simple and adorable ways.  All hand-made, of wood and rag from civilizations of the distant past.  Some, simply called "piano babies" (babies) was a frequent name for dolls, and often babies were created as special gifts.

Like the great author Daniel Defoe wrote about from Paris one day in 1722.

His exact words,  "Some days ago the Dutchess of Orleans made a Present to the Infant Queen, of a Wax Baby three Feet High, with Diamond Ear-rings, a Necklace of Pearls and a Diamond Cross, with a furniture of Plate for a toilet, and two India Chests, full of Linen and several suits of cloaths for the Baby. The whole for that Princess to play with."
- Taken from Daniel Defoe - His Life and Recently Discovered Writing, - The Second Volume.

One of his famous writings include
Moll Flanders- by Daniel Defoe
one of the earliest novels depicting the life and misadventures of a young girl who becomes a prostitute.
His story reveals just how capable, intelligent and resourceful she was.
Moll was purely fiction, but I'm guessing she was a character from his own life...perhaps several.

Writers, write what they know.

"I saw the Cloud, though I did not foresee the Storm," - Daniel Defoe for, Moll Flanders

I'm hoping there are no storms in your world.....may your weekend be merry and maybe something so outstanding, someone will write about it!

ha ha!

Six Word Saturday 21 January 2012


Where Cate, From Show My Face blog, asks us to explain our life or what ever in just 6 words!   Are you ready for this?

What you see at first, isn't always the way it is.....

My six words for this Saturday are


So look on the brighter side of things, why not?

Sometimes there are more than two sides to everything....

you just have to look closer.

It isn't always the way we look at things either...sometimes you have to trust your

and just keep looking on the brighter side of things, okay?!

So if you care to share your own six cents or rather words check out Cate's blog for Six Word Saturday
by going here okay?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thematic Photographic - 179 - Glow

January can offer a blander view of things......

So I invite you to visit Carmi's blog at

for a glowing experience.  Our theme this week is  " Glow"

"The glow of one warm thought, is to me worth more than money..." I believe this, and Thomas Jefferson gained fame by quoting this.
The glow of warm thoughts - could fill this empty room with cheerfulness- and not everyone will notice......but yet, it leaves you with an inner glow......... long after you've gone..... it's,
"Your very own secret...." treasure it.

            I really enjoy a quiet walk on a dark and cold evening......especially if I stumble upon ....

A glow of colored lights......JUST WAITING FOR ANYONE!   Stop and enjoy them.......  somebody left the lights on just for you...... 

Even after some places close for the day (like the enchanting deli above)...yet an afterglow radiates still....long after the doors were locked ......

As does the memory of a sad movie.....which also lingers on......bitterly......leaving a simple thought of why?  For me anyway.   What were they thinking to leave the strongest feeling of deep sadness, when there were so many other feelings to expound upon ...... that's my interpretation of the film.... The Descendants, you'll have your own. 

                    So, throw back your scarf and run across the snow-less street and bask in the biting cold across your face and keep running all the way to a wide awake cafe screaming with delight......after all it was just another movie............

Imagine this, left all alone is one empty table anxiously waiting for it's next glowing conversations.....of idle chatter and extreme laughter, and it's a window seat on a Saturday night!

but it's not going to be empty for very long...... ha ha!

The White Screen

I don't like complaining, but sometimes we must, for others to understand "What's really going on."


Excuse me, but Who's running Blogger anyway?


Is anyone else in our lovely Blogosphere experiencing the big, blank so very WHITE screen?

Does Blogger have competition? If so, is the competition sending little gnomes to terrorize us?!

Because it's working!

Who has time for big white screens.... ?

and waiting and waiting...and still -  a big white screen!

I knew the other day I shouldn't have agreed that Blogger was working well!

My mother always said it would jinx things!

Gotta add, so far as yet!

So far today, in my blog roll list two of my favorite blogger friends, Galen, from 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place, blog and Darlin, from My Life So Far, blog ...may think I'm snubbing them, (I hope they don't) but I only get a quick flash of their post and then the big, WHITE screen!..and still, Judie, at Rogue Artists, blog.....

My sigh, has turned into a Grrrrrrrrrrr!

At first, I thought it was fixed.  Things went smoothly.... (compared to the last couple of days) except one comment I tried leaving, just gave me a big white nothing....

still I blogged on.... free sailing.....

and then everything went south again.............. Red Light

So just know, if I haven't been around, yes life is busy, but it's really the big, white screen effect from Blogger that's keeping me away!

So Please........... if you have a moment, or a suggestion, (hopefully the big white screen hasn't kept you away) please tell me something in the comments, if you have any idea about the big, white screen effect!

I know, as before, we just have to sigh a bit and eventually Blogger fixes things.....

Thanks for stopping by, if you could!  It's so wonderful to spend time with you all.....really!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sepia Saturday 108 : 14 January 2012

Welcome to Sepia Saturday

Classmates, or future soul-mates, playing beside the Balance Rock, at Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert Island, Maine.

It seems that Alan from

 is taking off our "hats"
so to speak
for hats!
and of course also featured in
 this still photo
is a lovely lass.

If you click on the photo featuring mostly a gigantic rock
you will notice the children are in
the most lovely of head gear.
They do look like little sailors don't they?

So venturing through other very important reasons for "hats" other than wearing on a bad hair day or desire to look pretty or keep your head toasty warm...... follow along........
Did you know that the famous hat making company Stetson actually manufactured Army hats?

Amazing, hard pressed at work and hardly a hat worn inside the Stetson factory.  Do you think they received a good discount on their own hat purchases?  - Courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 1909-1920.

Which sombrero is your most favorite?
Hard to choose just one?!
1902, at least a thousand sombreros (hats) from a market in Mexico City.  - Courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Is the hat we wear, or the suit, that makes the man a gentleman?

Or is it the way he speaks?

Just what was this photographer (seated on roof of car) really after in his shot of this man?

"Excuse me sir, may I take your picture?"

Did anyone mention safety?

The importance of being safe...... Safety Hat production line, June 1943 New Orleans, Louisiana at the Higgans Shipyards.
courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
and if you look closely, they weren't all alike....
It's so thrilling to search through the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. inside their Prints and Photographs department.  (Actually, what isn't interesting there?) It's a place everyone should tour. 
You can stumble across so many incredible people and places and accomplishments in such a short time. 

Meet Mrs. Lawrence Townsend (although, I wish women would have used their own name more)

I just think Mrs. Lawrence Townsend has the most interesting smile as she gazes at these ladies with their hats.

It's probably something one of these high class society women said.....
What's going

a bit more of a clue as to who Mrs. Townsend was...her first name is Annie and she married a very important man.....

In The Photo:   Mrs. Lawrence Townsend is at the Fourth Annual Rummage Sale of the Child Welfare Society as she trims discarded hats for the price of one year's milk supply for a Washington baby.
courtesy of Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Pretty impressive what all "hats" can do, isn't it?
This post began with hats and a gigantic rock, so it's on the top of my list
to close
nearly the same way.

Meet another gigantic rock.

What is it called?  Well, Hat Rock of course.  At Rock Hat State Park in Oregon.
Perhaps, Alan and his dog, Amy will venture through these parts....on their trek to New York....