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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sepia Saturday # 94 Saturday 1 Oct 2011

Welcome to Issue 94 Sepia Saturday Illustrated from your local newsstand, or mailbox…..or (in reality) tucked away inside my bookcase.....

            Speaking of themes, the catchy word “Illustrations” comes to mind. Forever displaying visualizations, from drawings, paintings, or photographs… of all things illustrated in newspaper articles or magazines, such as a story or poem to simple adventures displayed with the goal to teach or entertain us.

September 1936 CHILD LIFE, illustration by Janet Laura Scott

Located inside this issue ......Things- To - Do

Puzzle - By Hans Kreis - Find Nelly, Old Joe, Old Dog Tray, the Old Folks at Home, and Susanna (who is crying) in this picture of Stephen Foster, the American song composer. He is shown here sitting in the garden of the Old Kentucky Home.

Just a little hint, see where Stephen's elbow is resting on his leg?  Just under that arm is one of the "things-to-find."

OCTOBER - 1933 Issue of Child Life - illustration by, Electra

Located inside this issue -  Especially for this next offering, be sure to click for a larger, clear view so you can enjoy this delightful read!

The letter to Miss Barrows, from 10 year old Pat Fletcher, Lexington, Va. is astonishing to read....perhaps he had a great proof reader....quite a writer this child-writer should have become!
Last but by no means least....I mean who doesn't enjoy a healthy eat?  This is not what you'd expect to see these days illustrated in very many magazines, especially not a child's.

Just click for a much more healthier view! Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse into an American magazine, illustrated chiefly for children, both young and old!  If you care to share your own Sepia Saturday post or just want to see more go here

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - The letter X


The Infamous XYZ Affair of 1797 involved coded words......

My Letter X for Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursdays is... The XYZ Affair, its code name is
    XYZ Nomenclator (nomenclators were used by royal houses throughout Europe to conceal diplomatic and personal dispatches and messages)   I'll define its meaning with a student's quest.......

      There once was a girl named, Xabiere Xalbadora who was born in Xenia, Illinois long ago. Xabiere was very concerned that her name was not very popular (beginning in X) and that her classmates felt she was inferior to them. She was determined to prove that there were plenty of exciting and important things that began with the letter X.  Her searching ended with discovery of the legendary  XYZ Affair of 1797.

     The  XYZ Affair  involved secret demands from French officials for monetary commitments from the United States. U.S. delegates in France, sent details of such discussions to Timothy Pickering, the Secretary of State. They were encoded with a number-letter nomenclator that included the following coded words and fragments:

This is the first of the coded words and fragments....
The U.S. commissioners were outraged by these proposals of what they determined was "bribery" and sent the following encoded answer:

This decoded message spelled out one of America's most famous replies in all of American history......
decoded it stated:  no no not a sixpence  (they refused to be bribed)

Oh such sweet joys from making and breaking secret codes and messages....
I hope you enjoyed my offering of the xcellent- letter X and if you care to see more or post your own
go here

Whimsical Wednesday 28 September 2011

It's time again..... for another
          W h i m s i c a l    W e d n e s d a y   Post

               in three stages.......

Before venturing further.....

Proof comes from finding deep inside your self what you knew all along to be true....

Always know, that you never need to doubt the love and magick of those who watch over us.....

If you feel you can't resist and have a post of your own, oh just wish to see more go here

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 164 It's in the Details


             Carmi is giving us a wide open topic for this week's TP theme......
                                                  "It's in the details...."

...and for this post I offer, various precious gems and metals in detail......even edible ones...

                                The fog was quite thick this last Saturday morning......

Broad daylight and not a soul in sight - Glass and metal media

Graced by an artist's touch..... it's always in the details that the artist reveals the story.....

"Don't fence me in" - chain link fence.....

"Bent of Wood" - by artist, Tony Cragg - Strange stainless steel sculpture.

All wild and wonderful...pumpkins and gourds.......Edible Media

So have I tempted you to play along too?
then go here

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Centus 24 September Are you seriously ordering

Jenny Matlock

THIS IS A SATURDAY CENTUS POST  -  Straight from Jenny's blog "off on my tangent" and we can use up to 150 words plus the six word prompt of 
             "Are you seriously ordering another martini?" But, in dialogue could we write fiction?  We can write anything, just only in dialogue and NO pictures!

The other cool thing about this week's centus is the whole he said, she said, they said...with simple dialogue you could completely have no idea is it, he or she speaking?  Unless, you were eavesdropping!

Here's my offering

“At the rate you’re slugging those martini’s down, you’ll need a million dollars and multiple lawyers if you don’t stop now.”

“Really smarty pants, you know this because?”
“I’m already defending you on another charge!”
“Well, it’s not everyday your ex marries your best friend and you’re invited to watch.”
“It might happen on The Good Wife.”
“Oh never mind. Just draw in your horns and let’s leave this point of no return now.”
“Not on your life.  Pyrrhic victory or not, I'm staying!”
“Really, are you seriously ordering another martini?”
“How else will I have the courage to……..”

So come on now I just know you are all crazy about putting your own he said, she said, they said together, or at least reading some other ones, so go here

Six Word Saturday 24 September 2011


          If you're new to Six Word Saturday it's all about expressing how you are feeling right this moment, or where your life is going in Six Words!   You have all week to do it too!

Dangling, on the, edge of reasoning

….with several issues….

but ....

   Remembering, to dance, in the rain......

or take pictures in the lovely gentle fog....whispering over the valley.....

"Reason is itself a matter of faith.  It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all."  - G. K. Chesterton

...and "It is by virtue of his reasoning faculty that man does not live in the present only, like the brute, but looks about him and considers the past and the future,"
 - Arthur Schopenhauer

So if you want to play along too, or just view other posts just go here

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sepia Saturday 93: Saturday 24 September 2011


While some people take a mid afternoon nap, women and children are off to the Zoo or other more exciting wakeful activities. The lady walking out of the picture is my Uncle Horst's wife, Barchen.
Any idea what the statue outside the entrance could be?  Any guesses?

                 Alan's theme photo for this week features a famous photo from William Henry Fox Talbot taken in 1840 of Nicolaas Henneman while he sleeps.  The names of Talbot's basic everyday pictures are quite common, yet fascinating.  The Ladder, The Open Door, (featuring a stunning broom) Lace,  A handkerchief with a shadow, called "Talbot's Shadow" of course, and more.

This next photo From the "Metropolitan Series" of stereographs could be a close relative or even possibly Nicolaas Henneman himself.  Check out Alan's photo and I'm sure you'll agree!

Numbered 834 - Deceptions in Photography - reading while sleeping?!

Now for a collection of two of my favorite men.....taking naps

My grandfather (my mother's father) taking a well deserved nap while on a train.
and then do you remember my Uncle Horst?

My dear Uncle Horst, shortly after his visit to America!

...and last is a cute little post card....

I wonder if she dreams of me.....oops, we caught a lady sleeping oh no!
                     Sadly, the backside has no writing on it.

If you've enjoyed this Sepia Saturday Post and care to share some of your own or just want to see more go here

Thanks for everyone's help, this is what I just discovered

Special note: My mother’s album says this is the Bahnhof Zoo and Aquarium in Berlin and this lovely statue still exists. At first I thought it might be a Komodo dragon since they have a real live one there, but no it’s a Iguanodon, (genus of ornithopod dinosaur) and here’s a link to see him much larger and more recently!,r:5,s:62&tx=52&ty=111

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 163 Daughter's bounty

Photo and growth by my daughter......

                     Is it cheating to share my daughter's bounty from her very first time ever garden all on her own?  Seriously, her hubby is in Iraq and sad as that is in my opinion, even though we MUST SUPPORT our troops, and I do.......(it's our mission that keeps me, oh never mind another time)....

But luckily he's away because as first time gardeners can occasionally makes (oops) mistakes, and last year their actual first planting of the garden was quickly eliminated as hubby decided that "Oh, yeah why not spray weed killer for the weeds?" Don't you love first time gardeners?!  Good idea, except it killed everything!  They were very sad farmers.

Anyway, my daughter and I discuss my TP's sometimes, but it's funny this week we didn't and she sends me an email with this lovely last pickings from her garden!  I love it and have to share it with YOU!  Even if she did take the photo...although it reminds me very much of how Carmi, ever so neatly puts his veggies in such perfect form!

Don't forget you too can post your very own veggies or what ever here

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Alphabe-Thursdays Letter W- Withershins


Example of Withershins, aka Widdershins

This is my first ever post for Alphabe-Thursday as well!

It comes to you from Jenny at "off on my tangent" blog where I have been enjoying her Saturday Centus and thought I'd give this a try!  If you want to join in, or check on other posts go here

My W for today is all about "Withershins, or Widdershins"

           ....which originally came to me from the album, Withershins.... and wondering how does a musical group decide to name their album something like Withershins? I searched Withershins!'s an interesting word that means: advancing in an unfortunate direction, and traditionally was believed to be unlucky.  Or a direction contrary to the apparent course of the sun, anti-clockwise.  Contrary to REASON!...backwards......!

Old English - "backwards, (sdrawkcab) withershins" Icelandic "against" Danish and Swedish veder, More at wither, sense.  Hmmm, and they thought this was a good title?!

But, originally this all began with the album Withershins, (and the hunt for a W word) and it is performed by an all sister band, (beautiful voices of) Asya, Chloe, and their younger sister, Maia joined their band in early 2007.  Incidentally they do not give out their last name in interviews, and they named their band "Smoosh" (a long story about that)  and are an American indie pop band from Seattle, Washington.  The album Withershins was released on June 29th 2010.

and why not listen to a very lovely tune by......

Withershins Smoosh with their song"the World's Not Bad"

The Album "Withershins" by the all sister band "Smoosh"
I hope you enjoyed this Alphabe-Thursday Letter "W" Post.......and do check out the other entries as well!

Jenny Matlock

Whimsical Wednesday - 21 September

Welcome to another whimsy wonder with A WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY Post

Sunday, was my mother's birthday.... sending birthday wishes and love to heaven just for her.... we miss you so much!

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. 
For love is the beauty of the soul.
                                                     - St. Augustine

If you want to play along with a bit of your own whimsy go here

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 163 Eat your veggies

This is a THEMATIC PHOTOGRAPHIC post in eating right......!

Mikey please! "Eat your veggies!...ah Mikey will eat anything!"

How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes,
packaged cake mixes,
frozen dinners and instant cameras
 teach patience to its young?Paul Sweeney


teaching them to plant potatoes, green beans, onions, yes tomatoes and definitely teach them to play Thematic Photographic at Written Inc.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 163 Eat your Veggies

This is A Thematic Photographic Post! 

Hooray for ........... being healthy, in our theme this week as Carmi has announced "Eat your Veggies!".....

If you want to post your own yummy veggies go here

This is an exciting theme with all the confusion about is it a 'fruit' or a 'vegetable' depending on the usage!  It seems the truth is the seeds, or the ovaries in the base of the flower!

But even then, there are discrepancies, such as tomatoes or bean pods, may fall under the veggie list because they are used in savoury rather than sweet cooking.  

So I begin with something that has become a veggie but began as a fruit.

Any guesses?

What once was a fruit (cucumber), soon became pickled and now mixed with onions, and peppers it has become a vegetable as well!

Oh for the love of sweet delicious home-made pickles...
...Did you know that Cleopatra attributed some of her fascinating beauty to eating pickles?

"Hunger is the best pickles,"  Benjamin Franklin

No confusion here......"veggies!" it is today still growing in the field by the pole barn.....

This batch of rhubarb just grows fancy free and never gets picked...

and while there are some people still gathering what vegetables they can from their gardens..... just today I picked these....


and I had a helper...... My special photo of the day........after the picking comes the licking.... or so Monster seems to think!

Monster is worried he may not get any, but does he really want some?

Don't forget to check out Carmi's Thematic Photographic at Written Inc.  !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday 14 September 2011

This is a WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY Post!  Welcome .....This week I'm putting away the crayons and markers and paintbrushes for................. CLAY!


Playing with clay .......takes the blues away........

If you want to play along with your own wonderful whimsy, or just take a peek at other whimsical things go here
new whimsy is the best thing ever
in any style art form you desire

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 162 Playing with Light


Please step inside a world of "Playing with Light" as Carmi, from Written Inc. flashes playing with light, as our next theme for Thematic Photographic.  Anyone can join, if you feel the spirit of light move you go here

Light is remarkable and too often taken for granted, and playing with light is an education itself.....

This is a great theme because while playing with light, two of my most favorite things happen in every picture taken, reflections and shadows.....

These photos are pretty normal compared to Carmi's theme photo...... but believe me, I had the best of time creating them just for this theme.....

Outside on this bright and sunny afternoon near trees....
Notice the shadow of one lady bell on another....

Outside on the deck, with the bright afternoon sunlight falling in from the trellis and hitting especially boldly on the glass table top even more than the mirror!  Playing with light is amazing isn't it?!

Outside on the deck, the glass table top catches some sun rays ......

Moving my position slightly, still a bright, sunny day, mid afternoon on the deck, with a trellis overhead.

Time to leave the safety of the deck, hoping Monster (grounds-keeper cat) stays sleeping, (he loves to jump on top of what ever project I'm working on)....silly cat...who had a brief encounter with a certain Mr. Skunk last night......

Bright sunlight, blue sky, white picnic table, on mirror under the shade of a tree.

Outside on a picnic table, it's a sunny afternoon, partially under a shade tree.

Okay bring it all into the house....Monster is waking up.....................! Hurry........!
Shot inside with no electric lighting, just late afternoon sunlight....

Now, I am powerless without my wheels ............

What color is this?  Supposedly it's a three-stage paint, so is that why everyone sees a different color?
Outside in the morning sunlight on what some predict will be Minnesota's last real day of summer.  Hopefully they're wrong!

Is is tan, or champagne.............. Clue:  it's not white or any shade of green metallic.

Parked inside out of the bright sunlight...... and a smidge of electric light.

Is it gold or hold a lot of silver......?

Sunny side of my car in the late afternoon.....

Outside less sunny side of car late afternoon....
and I don't care what color - just that it takes me from A to Z
and feels dreamy.......!

I hope you all get to check out Carmi's theme photo here

and all the other amazing photos as well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Centus Mother, May I


Jenny Matlock
             Jenny, from Off on my tangent, has been quite kind this week again, with a cheery prompt of Mother may I.... exactly like that!

   Jenny says, you may use any style of writing, and add a picture or you may not, you may use up to 103 words...but there is an undertow brewing I fear, for Jenny let it slip she may not be so easy next week..... So enjoy reading all you can and posting your own by going here

Here is my Centus

Our game began with 12 players and right off Joey announced he’d be our mother. Really? Ha – ha! Instantly, Joey’s commands shot out like cannon balls.

“Katie, hop like a frog, Tommy, crabwalk for 21 seconds and then take one jump back, but after he told Sara to take 14 giant steps forward and 14 giant steps back while she sang "A Tisket, A Tasket,” he never told her “Yes, you may or no, you may not!”

There Sara was frozen in her last command of squatting like a frog. So again Sara screamed, “I said, Mother may I?!”

See picture

                                     I'm thinking Sara is the winner!

Note: The character of Sara is played by - Lyra, my grand-daughter!
as for Joey's character, he's just an unknown (darling) of an artist performing!

If you feel like having a tisket - a tasket of  a chuckle go here

Six Word Saturday - 6WS - 11 September 2011


          Tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of 9 11 ..... and the news is buzzing with talk of possible new attempts happening.  My brain tells me to listen to the news, while my intuition tells me to run away from it.  

So can you guess what's on my mind?

SIX WORD SATURDAY IS................And

Thanks to Cate, from Show My Face, blog she invites us to explain our life and thoughts at the moment in Six Words every Saturday until we meet again for a new round......

Since my brain has forced me to listen to the news, this has been heavy on my heart.....

           FOR US ALL

If only, right?

Really, we're all not so different that we can't all get along. 

Sure we can have disagreements-  without being disagreeable right?" 

Maybe if we used what we were taught as children and what we continue to teach...

Be kind, saying.... Please, Thank - You, Excuse Me, Bless You, You're Welcome, more often, and try getting along with everyone.

Maybe we just need a little music - listen to this link

If you want to play along too (all you need is six words!)  just go here

Thematic Photographic # 161 White

This is a Thematic Photographic post

In a White Room with ....

The Eyes Of The White Tower

So if you care to share your own version of White before time runs out go here