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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thematic Photographic # 219 Somewhat worse

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Thematic Photographic
Carmi, from Written Inc. blog has posted our theme for this week as
Somewhat worse for wear

"The world is a tough, often dangerous place. It'll knock you and your precious things this way and that, turning you and them from pristine to worn in a never-ending process of erosion, destruction and decay. No sense lamenting it, mind you, as this is the way the world is supposed to work." - Carmi Levy

- and so with that thought in mind, (and in the time of a lunch hour) I drove not far from me
and while I
reflected on
 the raging storm which attacked places along the eastern coast, and the falling of the HMS Bounty, my attention was drawn to

Our economy
was once a bubble
"Then it burst"

and here we are.


The business world's a scene of changes-

Some good?
More- not so good.

A bleak shadow has fallen upon what once were lively scenes-
before so many business owners finally surrendered

 This long time old friend.....
What once was a place for eating and meeting- no longer is.
 Permanently? Seriously?

In the burbs- our quaint little neck of the woods- about 25 miles from Minneapolis- this restaurant was always a thriving success-
Although it changed hands through the years- it was still always running and serving.

Here sits our long time weathered neighborhood hardware store, which jumped across the street (during the bubble) and rebuilt- bigger and better - but normally an empty place of business would never sit idle without someone snapping it up.
 Ford Motor Company - had the right idea- they cut back, regrouped and combined their forces, but to the loss of some once thriving buildings.

Only Ford had the better idea, in our failed economy.

Suddenly there was a large number of folks without jobs
so they opened their own little Ma and Pa places of business.
For awhile it was like wild fires- people and ideas, taking up in fallen places - striving for something in the market.
But those failed as well.

"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything." - Edward John Phelps 1-24-1899

What once held brand new and shiny vehicles- now a sea of weeds.

"Follow your own bent no matter what people say." Karl Marx
and every other successful business.

Funny thing is - just across the corner from this abandoned business location

sits one long time family-neighborhood (started in a corn field) Chevy dealership
that now also is Dodge, Ram and Kia dealerships as well.
Besides the endless supply of other used cars.
Want a Mini-Cooper?

and they are thriving- and rebuilding, by adding on more to their already gigantic dealership! 

"We Win!"

I seem to remember some where along my days on earth-
it isn't always about the winning........ right?

Recognize this big box fast food stop - CLOSED- Out of Business!
"There are two worlds; the world that we can measure with line and rule,
and the world that we feel with our hearts." Leigh Hunt
It's not, just the strong that survive.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Saturday Centus - Five Little Pumpkins


to a bewitching tale about.....

Yes, Jenny from "Off on my tangent" blog, has delighted our screens with five adorable little pumpkins! We must respond with : Any style writing- exactly 100 words and - any other photos!

Cranky Frankie Strudel

On a frigid night
where folks were counting seeds in pumpkins;
but, no one could count the pumpkins in a seed-
of course either process took all night
a group of three Trick or Treaters-
set out for the perfect pumpkin!
But that's not my story.
My story
is about Cranky Frankie Strudel
a pumpkin whose mother
 thought he was an apple.
An apple?
So while hanging from his vine
someone cut him free
 declaring him a pumpkin!
Cranky Frankie Strudel went to town
A-riding on a wagon
and farmer Lee
carved out eyes, a nose and mouth
and called him
Trust me- (Ha! Ha!) this is a true story!
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sepia Saturday # 149 - 27 Oct 2012





My post this week begins on the Potomac River ( forty-two years ago) with three young ladies, in a canoe in April during a spring river clean-up. Their Girl Scout Troop was brought in to pick up the massive amounts of trash- and it's the best I could find to match
minus the men
 Kat's theme-photo
and yes! Kat's
 still on board carrying out our Sepia Saturday sailings until 
Alan returns.

 But- we leave this lovely group situated at the Twins Wells- on the River Aille- so I may close my short tribute to photographer, Arnold Genthe. 

From all the many photos of him always on the arm of a different woman, he must have been quite the ladies man.

Known as Dean of idealistic impressionism on the west coast.

 Arnold Genthe and another unknown woman friend, inside his studio in San Francisco.  
He had many women friends, but he never married.


Photo bomb

Genthe's Two Children
in Holiday Dress
and included in his Old Chinatown book.

Kat while graciously holding down the fort at
Sepia Saturday
brought the ingenious word photo bomb to life just last week
and I'm thinking the blurry man that is looking (rather scornful)
wasn't what Arnold had intended on in his photo of these
two adorable children. 
These children appear often in his photo-book.

I believe this is my most favorite Arnold Genthe photo.
I'm guessing, this man had no idea his picture was being taken.

The imagery is remarkable from the shadows falling perfectly to the expression on this one lonely man stopped along a busy street in Chinatown. I've been to Chinatown in San Francisco and it's always been busy.


Also taken inside his San Francisco studio- this photo also appears in his book
Old Chinatown
a book of pictures by Arnold
text by Will Irwin
New York: M. Kennedy 1913

 Baskets For Sale

The fish dealer's daughter
San Francisco, California

Was it his fondness for the water, or the people he met?

 Arnold captured many beach scenes.

These photos were simply marked

Travels to Europe.

 Do you see the photographer set up in the water that Arnold caught? 
I can bet one or both of the ladies to the left of this picture may have ended up in front of his camera as well.
They seem to be focused on him.

Genthe took pictures of a lot of famous people and many from Hollywood.  He was one of the few photographers that Greta Garbo allowed to take her picture and he took quite a few (all are right protected and I can't post) but-

 if Hollywood wanted to make a movie about their once go-to-photographer - 
I know the actor that could quite possibly pass as (or is) a distant relative.

 Arnold Genthe

 Aidan Quinn

What do you think?  He'll need very little time in make-up!

"I was determined to show people a new kind of photography: there would be no stilted poses; as a matter of fact, no poses at all. I would try to take my sitters unawares, at a moment when they would not realize that the camera was ready. I would show them prints in which a uniform sharpness would be avoided and emphasis laid on portraying a person's character instead of making a commonplace record of clothes and a photographic mask." 
--Arnold Genthe 

He succeed on all counts.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday - When - 25 Oct 2012


Welcome to another segment of Jenny's, Alphabe-Thursday, where we explore the alphabet world.  Today we honor the letter "W"


When walking through the Warehouse District of New Orleans, Louisiana one can't help but be touched by the creations one can gather in a single walk.

We always get, what reaches within our soul........


The Why, When, Where, and Way that they not only grab my attention but keep it, causing me to return and return again, and to share it with others.

Is it the setting? The character or the music wrapped amongst the where of it all?

You have to check this video out to get it too!

We know that those folks in marketing want to know how to grab us, but

haven't YOU ever asked YOURSELF.... WHY do I prefer this over that?

....and usually it's not the product they're actually selling - that we even care about....right?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thematic Photographic - # 218 Travel Travel



Could this be in some exotic-far-away place like Italy or Spain?  Nope, I'm just enjoying an autumn day in Wayzata, Minnesota.

Carmi, has brought an old familiar show to our thematic photographic world this week.
Maybe some of you remember it?


Odd little name isn't it?  Again, Carmi is as accommodating as ever and we can share photos from any destination we desire.

It's funny but I've been reliving (feeling all melancholy) about a vacation I took almost a year ago- my daughter and her daughter and I flew to sunny exotic California on October 30th so we could spend Halloween in Disneyland.

Why can't we get this thing off the ground?

It's not always about the destination and your journey, but also the time you share together getting there!
Good company on the road is the shortest cut. - Saying Italian

Wherever you go, the sky is the same color.- Saying Persian

Awesomely cool bridge in one of my most favorite places that I hope to visit again real soon.
But, this could be almost anywhere, to many folks, unless you recognize anything famous here.

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive!-Robert Louis Stevenson

That's the thing about exotic or far away places, they can look just like your backyard!

Although this was taken very close to Stonehenge.

The longest journey is the journey inwards. - Dag Hammarskjold

Funny thing about shooting photos of cities- they could look like a number of different places...
Can you guess where this was taken?

Were you in a pickle trying to figure out where, until you see the city from this view?

This could be just miles from our house.  But it's not!
It's about 4,494.9 exotic miles away.

All aboard.....

...for a train ride to some exotic destination?  Nope, not unless you find downtown Minneapolis an exotic destination!  Greetings from our Light-Rail transportation.

A couple of yeas ago I did travel to one of my favorite exotic locations-

My sister-in-law's backyard in Florida!

Here's another awesomely cool spot - (but don't visit here on Mondays because you'll only tour outside)

It was on my visit here that I learned about the most interesting history about "The Barefoot Mailman"
and what a life they led!
So where are the places you enjoy going to? Please do share, and if you want to post a photo at Thematic Photographic
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Remember, wherever you go, there you are! - Earl MacRauch

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Mag - 140 - The All-Seeing Eye

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Tess Kincaid, from "The Mag" posts a photo prompt each Sunday for us to reflect and respond.  Also, today I've learned that Tess is celebrating her birthday.  So, Happy Birthday Tess, in honor of your special day.


"Walk towards the sun-
but know that I see
(A mother's promise)

Our mother’s eyes
Like non-other
Never compromise

Always knowing
Lambent and watchful
Brilliantly clear
Her watchful-eye.

We are
 Seized by the pure vacuum
Of her eyes
Or, her shrewd perception.

It was unfathomable
To think
I could ever hide
Anything from her.

She used her eyes
Like weapons.
I never knew how
Until I observed
with mother’s eyes.

By that all knowing
Lambent and watchful
Brilliance as clear
and deep
As an artesian well.

Ours is not the evil eye
Just mindful.

*          *           *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *         *         *          *

Image by Tess Kincaid
at Magpie Tales

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Centus Hey! Whose Panties Are



Welcome to another Saturday Centus post where Jenny from
 "Off on my tangent" blog offered this photo prompt for our subject today.

Do you think this eye is upside down?
I do.

Rules are  - no more than 100 words, any style writing, unlimited photos and no spitting!

Hey! Whose Panties Are These?

I refused to be swallowed-up by any grimy-handed crowd of greedy vermin-like women!

Where were the security guards to keep order in this twisted knot of strangers competing against each other?

We all had our own bizarre mission, but why was this one red snake-eyed gypsy woman staring at me?   Almost like an x-ray eye, unsmiling and appearing worse than a one-eyed monster; it locked eyes with me like a saber.

"Are you looking at me?" I roared.

“Gimme that you fiend!” 

I held on tighter!

I swear this is the last Victoria Secret sale for me!

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Six Word Saturday 20 October 2012-Looking

Welcome..... I hope you're all enjoying autumn or spring......!

Yes, today inspiration will be forced from my brain waves, and my camera and set to life!
Like most people from the ever changing worlds of summer unfolding into
autumn, I'm just like you out there searching, snapping and enjoying the comforts of autumn upon on us.

Unless, of course you live where spring is blooming! (Oh lucky you)
But! I will also be out there picking up clues and material!
(Searching for pumpkins too.)
Why? Well, even though autumn is popping out everywhere WE go around here,
there are succulent morsels for my newest writing project-
just waiting to be discovered.

Do you want to express yourself or your day in six words?
Cate, from Show my face blog will love to see you too!

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Sepia Saturday - 20 Oct 2012 "Moof A lot a"



Arnold Genthe 1869 - 1942 Photographer and an unknown woman.

Back to the days of New Orleans.......


What does-

"Moof A lot of" - or Muffaletta mean,

Early morning discussion on Decatur Street.

"Moof A lot of"-

Is said to have been invented at Central Grocery on Decatur Street in the French Quarter- A muffaletta is an extremely large sandwich served on an Italian bread loaf, and it's made of ham, salami and provolone cheese and garnished with, an olive relish.  Why not grab a sandwich while you follow along today.

New Orleans mansions, plantations and the people Genthe met along the way captured his full attention, and we can all be so thankful for that.

Such lovely shadow work here.

The Organ Grinder and all who stopped to enjoy him.
Here is a taste of an Organ Grinder and his lovely musical presentation-set in Denmark.
Sure as you can see, most of his photos I'm sharing here were taken from 1920 - 1926, many of his photos during that time period (in New Orleans) were not as clear as other photos, but he had a gift with what he saw through his lens. Wouldn't you agree?

Here, Arnold is photographing George Sterling, Mary Austin, Jack London and Jimmie Hooper on the beach at Carmel.  The date is sometime after 1896.

He joined the arts colony "Carmel-by-the-sea" and during that time he always enjoyed the people he met along the way and being able to capture varying sunsets and intriguing shadows.

I'm guessing, but is that his shadow in the right corner of the photo?  I think it looks like it.

I'm thinking by the number of his beach photos, that he loved spending time along the sand and water.
I think this is just a marvelous photo. Taken sometime during the 1920's or so the photo reads, but the woman adjusting her top, appears much like someone you'd spot today!

 He was born in 1869 at Berlin, Prussia.  As a photographer he is best known for his photos of San Francisco's China Town and the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, and his photos of noted people.
1906 Royal Chariot with Rex, Mardi Gras Day
Rex, the King of carnival- Rex is king in Latin
The Krewe of Rex
Krewe- Legend has it that the word "Krewe came from the old English spelling for the word "crew." A Krewe is an organization or club that parades at Mardi Gras.
 Odds are clear, most everyone has heard about Mardi Gras (French for "Fat Tuesday")  in New Orleans but it's so much more than just the bare beasts of Bourbon Street, is actually the final day of Carnival, a Christian Holiday season that begins on the Twelfth Night of Christmas (January 6) and comes crashing to a final halt on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.
A true grouping of New Orleans photos must include a Mardi Gras photo, as this one above.
But, I haven't forgotten to mention some of  the ghostly haunts that Arnold brought to life for us!
(I'm just so fascinated with the riches that waiting in and around New Orleans. Hence the reason for more than one post.)
You are looking at the balcony and heavily treed patio of
The Hermann-Grima house
What awaits, for us all- shivering in some dark, lonely corner.....
One of the largest and best preserved example of American architecture in the French Quarter.
A Georgian-style house which features the only restored private stable and the only working 1830's Creole kitchen.
 (and there is real food to taste!)
American architect William Brand built the house in 1831.
Visit on Thursdays for cooking demonstrations on the open hearth from October through May.
But, be duly warned, you may catch a strange hysterical laugh, or just be looking over your shoulder all day long once you leave!
They say the ghosts here are very considerate, and almost nearing on the friendly side.
 Aren't we lucky!
If you are really lucky enough, you shall catch a scent of rose and lavender as both are known to scatter fragrant scents your way.  Especially so in the parlor area to freshen up any lingering musty scents.
If you visit on a cold morning, watch for fireplaces to suddenly light just to keep things cozy.
Another closer view of Arnold at the Hermann-Grima House.
So very slowly the door creaks opens....
Entrance to the Hermann-Grima House
 This concludes our journey thus far-
until next week
for the final tour
of a visit to a very old cemetery
and a last peek at
some ghostly haunts!
Hope you can all come back.....