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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday - 31 August 2011

WELCOME WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY's so good to unleash the scribble-squiggles within me today!

Say, riddle, riddle,
and hey scribble-squiggle
the owl plays the fiddle
while the kitty cuddled
the little dog laughed
and the crayons and the markers
helped draw this doodle!
 If you feel like joining in on all this artistic whimsy then why not check out their blog so maybe you could join us too!...the more the merrier ....right!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thematic Photographic - # 160 - Shopping

THEMATIC PHOTOGRAPHIC this week is perhaps a bittersweet topic.  Something some of us would rather avoid, while bringing joy to others....then there are those of us who just do it when necessary.... and it's called .........  SHOPPING!

    So, yes to market we shall go all week long!  If you feel like sharing your own shopping adventures please do here

Shopping begins at an early age for some.....

Trust that little voice in your head that says, "Wouldn't it be interesting if...." and then do it! - Duane Michals - More Joy of Photography
              Just shop until you drop.....but leave before they lock the doors.......

You just never know what art is waiting just around the corner. - "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free," - Michelangelo

 Really shopping is what we do out of necessity, but it can be an adventure too, if you let it.....

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea - The one and only
Portobello Road!...I know all that shopping right there, and yet the clouds were begging to be seen.......
  and just out of utter curiosity I wonder how much the paint cost on that extremely RED building? Did they shop around for the best bid?

Sometimes the best deals and keepsakes are obtained far away from home.....

Shopping can lead to the strangest encounters ever! - "The quickest way to get to know a chicken, is to watch them shop!"

Today's shopping tip: You can get shoes for less than a dollar at the bowling alley!  and if you want to see more shopping adventures...don't forget to check out Carmi's blog, at Written Inc. and see what great shopping you can accomplish!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Centus - Surprise! I'm pregnant!

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to another Saturday Centus

       Where Jenny from "Off on my tangent" has given us quite a momentous prompt today!  "Surprise! I'm pregnant?"  Really, you are?  Oh no I'm being silly... we all are today! ...well sort of, since it's this week's prompt.....!
         Rules for this week are, no more than 100 + 3 (for the prompt)=103 words, and we may doll it up with photos, and any style of writing.   Thank you Jenny for not making it 6 words only....!

Here is my prompt

      “Surprise! I’m pregnant!” Or, “Is it a pregnant spaceship?” are commonly heard after seeing the Jacob Harder house. Being an architectural nut I had to see for myself; even after hearing a fire destroyed it.

      Seriously, only an architectural genius could have designed this magnum opus residence; for the entire world to study its faded-pea-green, fish-scale-like shingles, and bulging framework that no other circular dwelling could ever match. Everyone at the local café buzzed about its blueprint being of celestial design.
      My anticipation surmounted as the GPS commands stopped at 207 N. 8th Street. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw........

                               The Jacob Harder House was standing before me.....
Bruce Goff, (fantasy?) architect- B. 1904 - D. 1982.

Yes!  It still stands today!  Swelling in places just like they said it did and...

                        Maybe it being a "Spaceship" isn't such a silly idea....
and I think I see where....the idea of a house appearing pregnant might not be too far off either...

So thank goodness a fire did not destroy the Jacob Harder House, and just to mention it is a private residence, even if it is the strangest house not just on the block but quite possibly in all of southern Minnesota!

If you feel like playing along or just want to see some other posts go here

Jenny and the rest of us will be glad you did!

Six Word Saturday - 27 August 2011


It was only a sunny smile,
And little it cost in the giving.
But like morning light, it scattered the night,
And made the day worth living.  
 - Anon, although some places quote F. Scott Fitzgerald as saying it.

Who ever said it.....we should all do it!

Did you know, a smile heard in your voice is bigger than the one on your lips?

So go out there and you've never ever smiled and see the whole world smile back....   and if you feel like sharing your own thoughts or feelings for Six Word Saturday, I know Cate and the rest of us will smile brightly if you do!

Just check it out here

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thanks Bethe! For my Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

My Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Oh my goodness I'm blushing....can't you tell?  I've been given the sweetest ever award fro, Bethe at "Daily Journey Blog" that you will be happy and blessed to have checked out.....our blogs came together from another sweet dear Lady Miss Jenny....with her wondrous blog fun free for all... Saturday Centus!  ...another blog worth checking out!

With this wonderful gift comes rules.....of course, where I must tell you seven things about Me!  ...Then I may offer this award to seven other lucky blogs.....which this will be tough....and I have been nearly pulling out my hairs...and thinking choosing straws would be best....but never the end will be seven other Irresistibly Sweet as ever blogs....awarded!

1.  I am a gigantic fan of romantic movies but I'm hooked on flicks like
 Unstoppable.....already watched two times and still can't sit still    through it!

2.  I secretly dream of being a paid "Travel Writer"

3.  Someday I hope to live by the seaside.......

4.  Long to go .... ride horses....on a cool summer evening...

5. Wishing for a house with a wide wrap-around porch by the sea.....

6.  Wondering why Minnesota can't have more days in the summer?

7.  Pledging to myself to enjoy 10 new and exciting things to do for the next winter approaching far too soon....

The awards go to:

!. Carol at

2. Bob S.

3. Cloudia

4. Laura

5. AbizzyMiss

6. Judie

7. Christine

Oh my I hope you all enjoy your award as much as I do...thanks again this award came to her all the way from Ireland, as she shared it with me and now I share it with you..... Enjoy!

Whimsical Wednesday - 24 - August 2011

Welcome whimsy wonders on this wondrously Whimsical Wednesday...wishing you all the whimsy you can whirl in one wonderful way....

It's Wednesday so if you feel the call to draw or create .......go here
Oh my goodness, the fair begins tomorrow!
                   Tomorrow brings the State Fair

                   A time for fun and despair

                   Means summer is soon to an end

                   Reflections of long days and fun

                   Seems not long ago had for us begun

                   Will soon fade away you see

                   So I’ll see

                   You at the fair

                   But if only it wasn’t so

                   That soon summer will go

                      Oh no……

                          Summer I’ll miss you so

                             Please Don’t Go!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thematic Photographic - # 159 Vibrant

Welcome to Thematic Photographic....and this week's theme is all about VIBRANT....
       If you're new to this game from Carmi's blog ....Written Inc. it's called Thematic Photographic, where Carmi offers a new theme every week......and we respond with a photo or photos related to that pretty much any manner that we choose!  If you want to play along too, or just view more VIBRANT photos...go here

Best breakfast of a recent vacation - intensely vibrant surroundings - while enjoying an early breakfast....near the fins and the mirror...of my soul.

Beauty comes in so many styles and vibrant shades....
The real difference between men and women are the cars that she drives....and he keeps for show......

Reflections of my mind....go sailing swiftly by....on the wings of a duck?

"Behold the turtle.  He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out" - James Bryant Conant               Can you spot the swimming turtle?

To catch one of my favorite flowers at their finest hour it must be early, the longer the morning fades does it's vibrancy......and by the afternoon they're all napping.

I'll meet you on the sunny side...of life.....

Soccer anyone?

It's gonna be a great year for walnuts, just ask any squirrel!

"In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result."- James Lane Allen

Thanks for stopping by I hope to see you next week...same place ... new theme....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Centus - If I die young

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to another Saturday Centus brought to by, well myself, and of course Miss Jenny from "off on my tangent" and if you want to play along with us (you'll really love it I know) even if we can't use photos today, and just the word "die" is like an ugly word and not on my favorite word list like the exquisite word, young (yet, how young is young?)

So our prompt for today is
If I Die Young, just like that, with a total of 150 words thrown in too, really? 150? Wow....can't do that many today!

Here goes my reply

       If I die young, really? Well, that isn’t going to happen. I’m already past young, as far as birthdays go. Yet, on the other side of reason, where logic gets you from A to B and back again, I’ll borrow some wisdom from my best friend, Imagination, who sometimes really needs to be shaken up a bit, but always answers.

    Together we are irresistible, with our arms slung about each other; we’ll blanket the streets like drunken buddies staggering from one amusing thing to another. All in the name of crazy gladness that we can act like we’re young, even if we’re a tad bit older than young!

So have I twisted your arm, come on tell me I have!  Saturday Centus is where we can just let everything go and be young again ...if you know what I mean!  Check more out here

Jenny Matlock

Sepia Saturday 88 - 20 August 2011

Post card reads, "Chicken Dinner."  California Alligator Farm, Los Angeles, Cal. Really?  Chicken?  Why do they always describe unknown meat flavors as tasting like chicken?

Welcome to SEPIA SATURDAY   ....and a brief mention of Trees on this firmly rooted Sepia Saturday  since Alan has offered a photo from a collection at one of my most favorite Museums, The Field Museum, in Chicago displaying a mysterious and powerful tree. 

Instead,  for me, I have chosen ....

Tourist spots in California, mostly San Francisco....
So in honor of any and all tourists looking for places to spend money and build up tourism join this quick journey through "An Unknown Poet's California."
 I begin with a famous tree...... there are many out west....

Postcard reads, General Grant Sequoia...gleaming white azaleas bloom in early summer at the base of might General Grant Big Tree in Kings Canyon National Park, California. The Grant has the greatest base circumference of any known tree, 107.6 feet. (according to this post card!)

A brief mention of a wee little tree.....below
Sarah Langenfeld (and unknown friend on steps) saying farewell to their frozen tundra home and leaving behind their snow-shoes.  Did you notice the pint size twig of a little tree to the right?   They will journey by train to California and enjoy life as tourists in a place where the sun rays are golden and the afternoon breezes are gentle....and they call it California.
Back reads, A bridge with a tunnel in its center.  It is the largest bore tunnel in the world and unique in that it is a double deck tunnel.  It is 78 feet wide, 58 feet high and 540 feet long.  - Air view of bridge and tunnel.

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, this 1950's post card reads, "Shellfish stands line Fisherman's Wharf with their steaming cauldrons where live crabs are boiled after the buyer has selected his choice from the stacks on display."

Fisherman's Wharf, (my favorite location best pier ever too, is great for the entire family, lots of fishy stuff, amazing street entertainers, best views of the Golden Gate, the secret to the most delicious chocolate (tour for yourself) and did I mention fish?!  Alcatraz is another must see (with a too short boat ride) on your visit to Fisherman's Wharf......
Famous ROUND HOUSE Restaurant at Toll Plaza - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Calif. Designed in 1938 the restaurant finally closed in the 70's and is now a visitor center and gift shop. Photo 1950's?

Busy Cable Car, post card from the 50's reads, "Climb the steep, terraced Powell Street at twilight time. San Francisco, California."

I'll close with a good assortment of lovely trees always found in any Japanese Garden...even in California.

Post card published by J. C. Bardell, San Francisco, Japanese Tea Gardens, Golden Gate Park, California.
I hope you enjoyed this California journey with me and if you feel like seeing more Sepia posts or want to post your own PLEASE DO!  It's great for tourism too! Go here quickly

Six Word Saturday - 6WS - 20 August 2011

Six Word Saturday  has arrived today...... via Cate from "Show My Face" blog where she offers us an exciting way to say what's on our mind.... or in our thoughts...all of course in six words.

On my mind today is.....




Why? Ever since Cate's trip to San Francisco, my heart can't stop thinking about going there again, (and including a stop over) it's only an hour's drive south of San Francisco to San Jose and the famous Winchester Mystery House!

A most interesting mansion with the world's strangest 160 rooms, that all began with an unfinished eight-room farmhouse and over the next 38 years Mrs. Sarah Winchester (heiress to the Winchester rife fortune) created a mystery that you can still visit today!

Also known as, "The Mansion Designed by Spirits" and will forever be both Beautiful and Bizarre, not to forget the unbelievable Gardens and Grounds about the sprawling mansion.

The Amusing and the Mysterious and all the curiosity in between will forever follow the memory of the late Sarah Winchester ....and FYI - the mansion is open for tours, facility rentals, special events, or even birthday party packages every day of the year except for Christmas Day.

Here's a link to filled with everything about the Winchester Mystery House.

Remember this famous San Jose tune....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thematic Photographic 158 - Made of Glass

It's a brand new theme  "Made of Glass" that Carmi shines upon us this week for "Thematic Photographic" and if it's made of glass....he wants to see it.  If you want to add yours or look at other people's glass go here

Hanging so lovely.......simply "Made of Glass" and inviting you to notice.......
Art arrives in pleasing fashion as well as tolerable ugliness but no worries it all gets replaced with new art sooner than later!

Can you spot what's glass?

Glass and friendship have something in common....they are both fragile.

We take pictures of things...and later see so much more......

is like
a glass ornament....

I was shooting for the hot air balloons and the bell, but the glass kept pushing it's way into my vision....

and just how are they the same......
it is
broken it can
be put
back together exactly
same way.

I have the perfect place to hang this glass-lamp....really.

If you have the wine...grab a glass......and pour.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thematic Photographic - #157 - Rough - 2

To close out the "Rough" series for Carmi's Thematic Photographic I took a day trip to Historic Mantorville and Wasioja (an old frontier village complete with a Civil War Recruiting Station-still standing)


You can imagine how many items of food could cook here at the same time!
From inside of The Old Log Cabin House (museum) built in 1850...a whole lot of rough going on inside!

The greatest amount of "rough" both literally and figuratively was discovered inside the Restoration House built in 1856, and mostly in the basement where the first jail cell was located once the county of Dodge leased a portion of the house for the commissioners in 1858 to serve as their first court house as well.

Lime stone was plenty in Mantorville and all of Dodge County.  Inside floor of basement Jail! ...the entire floor was made of this.

Ceiling in basement of Restoration House and this view very near the one and only cell.
This house was acquired by the MRA and they restored it as a late 1880's residence, but of course you will see later additions for electricity and heat......because we just don't live so roughly anymore!

Inside the Jail....Restoration House basement....heat source and possibly where the prisoner's food cooked?

Working table inside the basement......

Well if it's a jail they needed a would you like to rest for a while in here?  Although during the hot summer one might be prone to get themselves locked up just for the coolness down here!

Ceiling again, because isn't it just cool how they just cut down a tree and used them for beams!
Just a quick stop a few miles north of Mantorville is the town Wasioja that was named after Indian Chief (Wazi-o-ju) who is believed to be buried near Devils' Staircase ...Wasioja means "River of Pines."  Much of this little hamlet of about 80 residents today still exists as it did at the turn of 19th century, except the Seminary as what is left is in ruins.

The Civil War Recruiting Station built of limestone by Colonel James George an original resident in 1855 for use of a bank and law office first, and 1862 the Union Army requested it's use.

Seminary Ruins it was established in 1858 with an enrollment of over 300 prior to the Civil War. Built with Wasioja limestone from nearby quarries. It was a fire in 1905 that destroyed the building and this is all that remains.  A Monument to the soldiers of the Civil War is here as well.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into two very charming towns...with a whole lot more of history than one can imagine.  If you stop here, don't forget to dine at the "Hubble House" built in 1854 as a single story log hotel and was replaced by a three story limestone structure and achieved world wide recognition as a fine restaurant (still operating) and you would be amazed by the who's who that all stayed or ate here!

If you want to add your own rough before the next theme go here