Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thematic Photographic - # 185 - Greyish


Any guesses as to what our theme for Thematic Photographic is this week........... ?

              Carmi, from "Written Inc." blog has offered "greyish" as our theme this week, and in the scheme of all things greyish we shall wander...and just so you know, things may be a bit......greyish or dreary! 


The sky, water and land where ever we roamed were all greyish tones in November of 2011 just north of San Diego.

Unless something was painted.

Every where I seemed to go

Grey skies were looking at me
nothing but grey skies did I see.

and nothing by greyish seascapes to see,
and they were following me.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Seagulls were seizing the day though,
all lined up in a row.

and yet.....

I cried, never had I seen so many greyish days all in a row.

Have you ever tried bursting out of a grey day
by daring to do what everyone dares you not to do?

Oh grey skies nothing but grey skies do I see
Never see the sun shining around me

Nothing but empty trees do I see all around me.
Greyish skies looking at me

Maybe if I'm lucky I can catch a ride on the back of a hare
 as he's running free
 underneath these greyish skies all around me.

When you venture into the city, you can happen upon a game of hockey or catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers looming under such greyish skies of a lazy Sunday afternoon......


Suddenly, as if the magical*color*wizard ascended from the greyish skies around me
a hint of blue*skies splashed between the clouds above me....

Soon these greyish clouds will be behind me.

If you want to follow a few more greyish posts or say
why not bring your own greyish photos for us to see too!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Centus - It Takes A Mighty Big Chair To


              ....and we are live from the chilly side of the lake, where diving is nearly impossible, without a severe headache! 
     If only!  Really this is being staged for Miss (had a horrible-tooth issue Jenny) at Saturday Centus, "Off on my tangent" blog (So sorry hope you're all better SOON) and in her distress, she offers a photo of a chair, "to use or not to use" but her prompt is a must, "The chair dominated the small room" and up to 100 words with it...and more photos if we desire.

Are you game?

From the Capital in St Paul, Minnesota......"The chair dominated the small room....."

At the end of the meeting there were sullen faces and no more coffee.

But who really cares what a silly chairperson has to say?

They can try to pass silly laws......

It's not size or who a person is that really matters.

It's about who we are, inside.

.....and how we make the most of what we've got that truly matters!


So how about playing along with us?  If you want to share your own Centus or just read more
please go here

Jenny Matlock

Six Word Saturday 25 February 2012

Welcome again to

                   SIX WORD SATURDAY
       Brought to us by Cate, from Show my face, blog

      It's a delightful little post where we tell it like it is in just

                                                     SIX WORDS


Can you imagine just how quickly I applied the brakes so I could pull over and shoot this incredible sign?

Really quickly....

I won't even disclose this location, because it's an up-scale, half-uppity-half-artsy kind of exclusive neighborhood and I fear someone may report the sign  to be repaired.

Wouldn't that be a shame?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Sepia Saturday # 114 Saturday 25 Feb 2012 - Shoes



Shoes and even boots are often a peculiar thing.  Really, without other objects within the photo it's hard to date the actual year it was taken.  This photograph may have been taken (by the wood flooring) long ago, or it may have been just a few days ago.

You tell me!

Again, Alan (from Sepia Saturday) has slipped the shoe (so to speak) ha ha to Teresa Wilson Rogers from Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places, to step into her own theme for this week.

Can you guess?

Shoes is the right fit!....and yes, ladies will also be a perfect fit!

...and while ladies are very fitting
like this photo from within a shoe factory in Lynn, Mass. (Courtesy of Mass. Historical Society), these hard working women-shoe makers quite busy styling the right fit for a great many customers.

Of course there were men and boys....

Involved in shoe making as well.

Who were all very proud not just to own a decent pair of shoes, but to hold a job at a shoe factory.  Like this group of hard working young boys in the Robert Johnson Rand Shoe Factory in Washington, Missouri.
(Courtesy of St. Louis, Mo. Historical Society.)and Hine, Lewis Wickes (is one of Alan's favorite photographers I think) Photo taken in October 1910. 

...and could that be Charlie Chaplin sitting on the right side of this proud group!

Yes, there were many jobs associated with shoes.

Many of those young boys worked well into the evening.... as this photo was taken after 10:00 P.M.
Apparently this was a common thing to stumble upon, many years of footsteps behind us.
Courtesy of Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Society

Today you might see this at the airport, or a highly expensive resort.....but stepping back to those days pictured here, this was a worthy job to have.  Also, more people wore shoes that required a shine, then shoes of today. 

So step on forward and please put your best foot forward and throw us a shoe or boot or two in your post.  Or just try on a few of our own shoe posts.  Need to know where to put that foot forward, just go here

For those who enjoy musicals you may discover a bit of a "Red Shoe" story here

It's called, The Red Shoes - a British Film from 1948.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday - The Nightly Nature of

Never will a day pass, in which this doesn't arrive every single day of the week.

The Nightly nature of .....Nature, appearing within the darkness of the Night sky.
22 February 2012, nearing 6:00 P.M. 

         Celebrating the letter "N" from Jenny's "Off on my tangent" blog....

if you wish to play along it's very simple, just go here

It's the early gentle beginnings of the Night sky I favor most.

The Nightly nature of the Night sky this evening was veiled with a slight haze of gold.  While the snow capped anything outside fortunate enough to hold even an ounce of snow fought diligently for its place, all kin to nature.  All eerily familiar, underneath this brilliant cobalt sky with fluffy clouds tumbling overhead.  Night is falling once again.

IT ALWAYS DOES, and ALWAYS WILL, where I live.

Neatly staged in places which our eyes will never notice,
are thousands upon thousands
of tiny silvered stars sprinkled
endlessly against the Night sky.

All just out of reach,
yet sparkling in the night's
gathering of unexplorable space
for the entire world to see.

Cry not a single teardrop for this lonesome bench,
beached beneath the Night sky,
for besides welcoming all underneath these immortal stars,
hope has dusted each plank of wood.

Once again waiting,
for warm bodies to linger,
sharing secrets,
contagious laughter
and anecdotes of a day well spent
before the Night sky enters.

Starry night, every night a starry night.
Though never every star I'll see tonight.
Each star, fading here and there
A canopy of light
Soaking up the rhythm of night
All across the universe every night
It's the nature of the Night sky. - KMS

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thematic Photographic #184 Curved


It's only natural that certain curves attract us more than others, like here. 

Can you guess by this photo what Carmi's theme is this week?

Did I hear, curved?

            Carmi, from "Written Inc. Blog" has taken a "curve' around the corner away from pairs and offered "curved" as our TP theme this week!  Mighty fine curve he posted too, check it out! 

           Being thrown a curve isn't always pleasant, unless the curve is as cool as our winter this year.  The photo below, shot in January 2012.

Along our way, we often meet a curve or two, but aren't those the unexpected interruptions which make our journey most memorable? 
I think so.

Isn't it almost silly that normally I'd be fighting snowflakes and these walks would be so snow packed that I'd be standing on a snowbank for this recent photo?

Another photo in late January 2012.....
Just what is it with winter this year anyway?

With weather like this how can anyone have a gloomy day, right?

...and yet, even through all this melting process....the sun seems to always be hiding somewhere.
...and all you winter lovers don't worry with every bend or curve you take you can land on ice, if you walk far enough.

Just leave your vehicle on the road!  Please!

After an old friend from high school viewed some photos I posted on FB from last Sunday his response was,  "Where's all your snow?"

Well, they say it's coming tonight actually......

...and it fell, making the morning commute not as speedy and carefree as normal.  But already by this afternoon it's slipping away!  Again, this recent snow shall pass winter is toying with us and sending us from one curve to the next...spring today, winter tomorrow....
Truthfully, I'm enjoying every mysterious moment of what will today be?
It'll never throw me a curve that I can't handle!

I just wish it would throw in a few more sunny days!

Sometimes, I forget what my shadow looks like, haven't you?!


It's a long slide down the curve of this steep hill.....but it can be done......just on the other side......!

If you want to curve through other curved posts or care to bring your own
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the more the better!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Centus Special alert- Autobriefagraphical


  Don't be fooled by the six words that follow.... as many of you know I describe myself in SIX Words usually every Saturday, for a different blog. 

This is actually SATURDAY CENTUS!

Today Jenny from "Off on my tangent" has drastically changed our usual approach to an autobriefagraphical!  We must describe ourselves/life in six words, and may add a photograph.

   You know explain your life like .... "I fix toilets and paid "c- - -" !
Well you get the idea right?!

             Truthfully I'm NOT a plumber! 

Another example might be........

Lack of enthusiasm - breaks my bank!

The following six words are my autobriefagraphical so far.


Feel like playing along with us ?  Then please go here

Jenny Matlock

See you next week for our usual Saturday Centus!

Six Word Saturday 18 Feb 2012


     Where our friend Cate, from "Show My Face" blog suggests that......we express ourselves in six words.... 


          We were celebrating at a castle.....

Murder-Mystery at Spicer Castle on Green Lake.

 "If you want to loin da secret o' "Hal" Coppone's whereabouts,
       be in the "backroom" at S. P. Keasy's Place, tonight."


The Murder Mystery, "A Chicago Caper"

.....Our Murder Mystery September 1928 some where in Chicago.....

Waiting for the suspects to arrive.......
Check-in for tonight's Murder Mystery

Totally exciting because this Murder Mystery
involved family and friends.
No strangers!
Then everyone heads to their room
or cabin to change into character!

Two hours until our Murder-Mystery-Dinner party.....

this is gonna be some night!

While preparing for our Chicago-Caper Murder-Mystery,
the castle itself is sprucing up,
the staff makes a perfect experience.

Let the characters roll in...there's Silky M. Adam and Billy, while Torchy and Charlie "Golf Bag" Marconi are coming up behind.....

Ernie (Bet a Million) G. Ambler has a deep dark secret to share....about gorgeous flappers and wads of loot!

                                   So isn't it easy to say this Saturday will long be remembered.  I'm hoping your Saturday or some other Saturday will be as memorable for you too!  Want to see what's going on in other 6WS blogs.... go here

Sepia Saturday 113 Saturday 18 Feb 2012 Who Are They...


The Who, When and Where of this are three very important questions.
Clearly, the photographer wished to date this picture by including the orchestra area too.

 We have Sharon from "Save The Photos" blog to thank for this week's theme.

Below is the photo Alan selected and it sets off a flexible-theme ..... headlines aided by the resilient chap (Claude Rains)seated on a remarkably designed chair, that "Bob" another fellow Sepia Blogger located one as well!  So many venues to follow.....

Any guesses as to what he may be pointing out?

              Fade - In   - My Sepia Saturday involves................

An unknown act ........

by unknown characters.
If you look closely, everyone on stage was focused on this one man (third from the left) He is the only person looking into the audience.  But why?   Go ahead look at the photo above....all eyes are on him......

Read aloud, though alone, and read articulately and distinctly, as if you were reading in public and on the most important occasion.  Never speak quickly, till you have first learned to speak well. – Lord Chesterfield (1694-1773).  On developing one’s oratorical skills, letter to his son, 9 July 1750.

Another question I have is in this photo below.

Is this a large letter "A"?  Or just an angle of sorts decorating the top of the fireplace?  Perhaps it's some sort of meaning for the play that was performed here?
The true meaning of it all?  I purchased this 8 X 10 photograph from one of my favorite postcard dealers, just because it was so interesting.  All that was listed on the back was 10BWD $3.00. 

Does anyone have any ideas?  Please share if you do......

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Life- is made up of at least 52 Saturdays every year..... even during leap year! How many do you fondly.....remember?

   Although, the years where January 1 is a Friday there will be 53 weekends.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thematic Photographic # 183 Pairs


           FOR "PAIRS"

                          Some pairs are planned

Like sharing a private toast between old friends.

While other pairs are unexpected.....

This pair of hands accidentally got in the middle of my picture taking.....funny why I even saved this photo.  Guess it came in handy by chance.

Another surprise was capturing this pair of strangers....
sitting directly behind me.

While I was sitting in this audience I wanted a view of the crowd that assembled.  So without turning around and merely holding my camera to the side I snapped this photo.....I think the woman on the left saw my camera pointed her way.... was she lost in thought or ?

So how about pairing something up too?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Thematic Photographic #183 Pairs


                               Carmi, from Written Inc. Blog has requested "pairs" as our theme for TP this week.... Really, really?

Could it be with sweetheart's day tomorrow.....or is Carmi just thinking about pairing things up for a change...whatever the reason pairs it is....and no double talk from me....!

Even in darkness, hearts have a way of brightening our way........

No, these are not bunny rabbit's ears.....

Can't you see it's the peace sign?
Peace is not something - you wish for,
it's something you make,
something you do,
something you are,
and something you give away.

Robert Fulghum

Filler up?

and while on the subject of filling things up......

In your house, which has more holes, the salt or the pepper? 

So if you wish to be paired a bit more.....or care to share

go here please..............

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Centus 11 Feb 2012 The Wedding Was


                     Somebody special (in Jenny's real life) is getting married...and we're here to report it.  Or rather the summary of events yet to come. 

In any style writing, up to 106 words and oh yes, there can be a photographer as well.  Remember there are more details of this gala affair at Jenny's blog, "Off on my tangent" kept inside Saturday Centus!

Our prompt for today is, "The wedding was at the firehouse."

and so my story begins......

Word that "the wedding was at the Firehouse" spread like wildfire, forcing Mayor Goodman to have a gate installed.  

                              Darn this afternoon sky with unbroken grey clouds and a hint of dust rising sluggishly over the town.  Why not grey weather for a fireman's wedding?  Did they expect a fiery horizon and a starry night?  Meanwhile, over at the firehouse.....

.....not a creature was stirring, not even an escape ladder pressed against the window sill.  No ribbons or banners keeping this all hush-hush.

Not a fire truck in sight or even a townsfolk.  It's half past time to gather together where could they all be?

To be or not to be continued, that is for you to find out next week! - The Town Reporter.  But before next week be sure to check out the rest of the reports for The wedding was at the firehouse.

Jenny Matlock