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Monday, February 25, 2013

Simply, Oscar

Dear Mr. Academy Award of Merit,

I certainly mean no disrespect by this post, merely results and a show worthy of all it's expenses.

Maybe next year.  

The Academy Awards has always been something you like or dislike.

Meryl Streep with Daniel Day-Lewis as he wins Best Actor for playing Lincoln.

These performers aren't just merely actors, receiving big bucks.  They are the heartbeat of the movies we long to see, and cheer them on as they pour out their heart and soul to make it happen.

Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook.

I'm so happy I saw this movie in the theater.  My first thought was, ah wait for the DVD.

Just like the extremely moving movie, Safe Haven.  Treat yourself before the DVD!

I don't wish to sound bitter, but was that really the Academy Awards show for 2013?


I'm guessing these excited fans saw LOTS of STARS in all their glory.

Styling with her puppy purse!

Quvenzhane Wallis, known for her leading roll as Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild.
A couple of her famous quotes are- "If I have to be fierce, I'll be fierce" and "Who the man?"

Okay, yes I admit it.  I may not be in the running for Oscar, but every year I get giddy about the show.  But every year once it's over I ask myself why do I bother?  This year more than ever.  This doesn't mean I didn't approve of all the winnings.  

We were delighted by the finest of singing, so much so, you almost forgot this was a ceremony for movies.

But then the sinister theme music from


surprised us all every time the orchestra got a bit aggressive while forcing the winners off the stage in mid sentence.

But honestly Dear Academy Award Trustees, how does an award show that celebrates the human side of those performing a labor of love, even begin to feel a sense of place, and become lost in the many magical imaginations running wild and free with the theme from Jaws penetrating the room?

Our thanks to those who captured real live Oscar moments to share with us later.

I  really want to know your thoughts about the 2013 Academy Awards, that was officially re-branded as of February 20, 2013 as simply, The Oscars.

If you're wondering yes, I left the comment below on today's Academy Award Blogathon.  It's still going on.

Once again I'm wishing everyone who had a say in the making of this year's Academy Awards would step back and let US the PEOPLE who go out and buy movie tickets, be in charge for at least one year.  Instead of hosting a Rag-Blogathon that merely throws sticks-and-stones (more waste of time) why not put a vote out here for a trial Academy Awards that sticks to stars and their movies, period?  

Here's that link.

I understand there are so many people involved in the Academy Awards, like- The 2012-2013 Academy has 9 Board of Trustees, 5 of them are officers. 

I don't know how you all feel, I'm hoping you'll share your feelings here, in my comments.   Am I the only one that feels I threw away valuable minutes watching last night's show?  I never had that pumped up feeling.  
I wanted to see less of the host, and more of our favorite stars, especially those in the audience.  

       I'm hoping the Trustees will not only step out of the thinking box, but throw the darn box away.   Everyone knows that today sets the 2014 Oscars in motion, so let's do this thing right.

The Mag - 157

"The tragedy is not that things are broken. The tragedy is that they are not mended again."

"Where do I begin?" - Salvador Dali


Venus de Milo with Drawers, 1936, Salvador Dali
Image posted by Tess Kincaid
for Magpie Tales

A ravage fire spread through Salvador Dali, from the moment he first saw her.  He fell rapidly under the bewitching charms of
Venus de Milo.

...and so he began to work.


 Salvador Dali,
hungered by her alien nature
crazed by torture
and the swelling fullness
of her naked bosom.
Dali, duly crushed by the very
and emptiness
of no arms to caress him.

Obsessed was he
forlorn Dali
to shape
 this strange malady
we shall forever see.
How dare he
by summing his misfortune
shelving her complexities
in cube-like drawers
for all to see,
that we'd agree?

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Thematic Photographic #235 Letters &

Post # 2 for Carmi's, Thematic Photographic with


Another Hipstamatic Photograph
 (I've shot this poster before, it hangs in my living room!)

All those marvelous letters (and often numbers & other characters) go in a very important direction of-

“Reading is really like trying to hit one tossed stone with another; the consonants are the stones, the vowels their velocity.”
― Milorad Pavic (Dictionary of the Khazars)

Moving on to-

Sometimes, reading a note really sticks in one's thoughts, right?

This Hipstamatic shot: Kodot's X Grizzled - a flavor of rough around the edges, "just out of the dryer" vintage look.

Note posted to my bathroom mirror!
Just saying.........
"Yeah, it's for a local travel agent!"
& a special character with letters!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Alphabet-Thursday - 21 February 2013

Life's busy NECESSARY schedules have kept me away, but I took advantage of some spare minutes for this important mantra! Just for Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday, and the letter N. Note, not necessarily (springtime) nice, naturalistically negative (about) N-inter  N-eather now.


This is cool right?
Not necessarily what it looks like!



Never a good sign to see SNOW covering the outdoor patio if your wedding reception is scheduled here!


Now, tell me is that (not what you think it is) nearing our location?


Now you know!  Anytime I feel the urge to visit a lighthouse I only need to drive a few short miles to see this captain waving from above!
He's the keeper of nearly-everything out here!
Seriously- now would I ever be so narrow-minded not to mention him?


If only the sun had come out in full form to shine a little warmth upon me.  I wouldn't have needed to quickly run back to my car to warm my photo-taking-fingers!

 NICE, NOBLE, NONCHALANT, Nearly sea ready sailor at your service.

Never say never- because he doesn't always speak!
Never to strangers!

"N-Ahoy N-Matey, Land ho!"

Thanks for stopping by!  
Gotta run my ship is ready to sail!

NOTE- For those of you that are unfamiliar with The Chart House- it really and truly does have this ship attached to the restaurant.

Legend has it that it tries with all it's might to reach the water, but so far, not even close.

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If you have it in your heart, please follow my THINK SPRING mantra!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Mag #156

The past is never where you think you left it.
 - Katherine Anne Porter

Wind of History by Jacek Yerka

The Winter Road

Embracing panic as if I were one with wheels
rather than feet.
Every tire track warps my soul-
 covering the roar of ages.

With one light burning
and gate wide open
I head down Old Winter Road
carrying a dairy of thoughts
underneath my coat.

The last traces of snow
are shivering puddles
upon which, no winter’s fate
would ever descend,
beneath spring’s balmy breath.

Every now and then
those memories of mine
catch up to me.
I’ve grown to expect
their succession of ruins
walking silently, alongside of me
Daunting every step I take.

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Thematic Photographic #235

Letters, numbers & other characters!

Are you up to it?

I shot this using my Hipstamatic! A very awesome experience in photography!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday Centus # 147 - Wheeling

It's Time for Jenny's Saturday Centus.

The prompt this week is:   'I'VE OFFICIALLY REACHED CRITICAL MASS'
 Number of words:  105.   (including the five words of the prompt)
Style of writing: Any
Additional Pictures: Any

I've Officially Reached Critical Mass

There I go again doing the same thing
 over and over hoping for
 a new result.
From trendy stuff to Facebook chats.
Feeling like a road warrior
always fighting for my own space
within the masses
always the same result.

Hear me roar
into the masses

"I've officially reached critical mass"
No more spending
time fearing wrong things.
and remembering -
Nothing could be finer than to ride
with sunlight in my face
and the wind on my back
Taming the open road
one bike at a time
Reach out and touch someone.
and rebuild the world
I know just how!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday - 16 Feb 2013

Happy Six Word Saturday





Sepia Saturday -164 - 16 Feb 2013

May this house stand until an ant drinks the ocean and a tortoise circles the world. - Jonathan Carroll


Speaking of turtles, (as you'll soon discover is Alan's theme photo this week) it wouldn't be a complete turtle post, dedicated to turtles unless we begin with-

Our fascination with turtles!
Also, did you notice, I'm wishing you all Happy Valentine's Day as well!

Now, let the turtle stories begin!

The Turtle Lady Legacy
committed to continuing Ila Loetscher's work
 to save the Kemp's Ridley sea turtles from extinction.
They are a non-profit organization.

Well, nothing could be sweeter than to see a grown man playing with a tortoise.

My Sepia originates with the photo above provided by Alan, from Sepia Saturday blog, and his photo of Captain D. Michelson, of the Australian 2/2 Battalion with the regimental mascot, Tim the turtle, in March 1940.

It seems there's something about turtles and service men that go well together.  Below is Turtle Pond, at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

A boy and his turtle.

Later becomes a man with his turtle!

There were those that spent life times tracking turtles like Archie Carr below,

this photo of Archie was taken in the mid 1960's while conducting a turtle tracking experiment.

Turtles or Tortoises which ever name you prefer, learning about them was all the same, "so much fun" like pictured here at Green Island in Tenafly, New Jersey in 1966,

Donald Zeiller President of the Tenafly Nature Center with Tom Reisner, checking out a friendly turtle, whose name I don't recall.

Curiously this subject of turtles, in and outside of their hard shelled houses, and their heads hiding or enjoying the journey has mysteriously led me to something else, possibly more interesting than turtles too!  Imagine that right?

Yes, to this place.  Well not actually this particular location, but the city of Fennimore.

More precisely where to go, or arrive from Fennimore, Wisconsin and how many miles it would take in September of 1939.

It all began searching turtles, (in our real world being 2013) where there are still a few brave established places of business open to the public.  Of course the main "turtles" there would be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, at the Fennimore Doll and Toy Museum.

They also feature a lovely doll wearing a Wedding Gown made with over 2700 beads made from 1959.  As well as other fond memories from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, including Chatty Cathy (pretty cool right Kathy?)

Do you remember this darling little smile?

You didn't forget about the unforgettable and high in demand Shirley Temple dolls that are also inside this museum did you?

I'm going to stop right here because my post isn't about dolly dolls made of rubber, or other materials but rather real live female dolls..

Meet a few of the Fennimore, Wisconsin (dolls) or ladies posing for the camera at the Fennimore Wisconsin Tent Days Parade.
My search of a mystery lady may very well begin with one of these ladies.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Also, meet the dolls of Fennimore High School taking a photo moment in their sewing class (yes with needles and thread) and their instructor Mathilda Monteith.

Are you thinking the same thing, that my mystery lady may be one of these students?

What is all this mystery woman business? Could she be related to the mystery gentleman from last week's Sepia blog?

You see, this all begins when I stumbled across this picture, of a headless woman, perhaps of turtle heritage ? Why is her head hiding?


Who was that woman pictured? One of the real live dolls of Fennimore? 

Oh I do feel a road trip coming on, and a wee bit more finger dancing through google.


When I discover more about the headless woman I'll let you know.  Hopefully there's a real mystery there too.

Stayed tune for next week's addition of "Who was that Headless (turtle like woman?) 

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Mag - 155

Surprised at the sound of a small cry of pleasure from the table next to me.....

My Mag is about the couple next to me.....

Dining alone can have it's advantages, depending on where you sit.  This was not my first choice, but the hostess (thankfully) insisted.

Image by Joseph Lorusso and posted by Tess Kincaid 
for Magpie Tales

(But my waitress ignored me.)

Note to self- Exchange your book for, True Romance beside you.


Tearfully, she clung to him with hands trembling and legs tightening. My own mouth gaping from the explosion of their silent lovemaking. Lavishly she caressed his back, warmed by perspiration.  So haunted by their urges, it was all so unbearable and far too insistent for me to ignore.

I spilled my wine glass,  

-as his lips pressed harder.  A soft little murmur of surrender set free, not theirs, but my own restless nature eager and hungry, there I was glued to the two intertwined until-

"Cut! Let's take a short break."

A ridiculous sense of stupidity fell over me, as 

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock got up from the table.

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Saturday Centus - The Unmentionable

Ah yes, the unmentionable, only slightly mentioned.  Only because I desire a passing grade from Miss Jenny!  I can't allow my formal Saturday Centus course (in flash fiction) be tanked, or flushed away, in 105 words and a prompt of "leave no kidney stone unturned."


Here goes-

A Passing Thought

I'm blushing at, leave no kidney stone unturned, or spoken about either, I promise!

Throw or keep?

Stones will lead us into unknown directions we may have otherwise missed.

If we didn't follow it's stoned path.

Don't let pretty fronts fool you either, trust me on this.  If you thought this was a restaurant, think again.  This is where one goes after too many restaurants!

Speaking of food, stones and toothless chickens....

they thrive by eating/swallowing stones to crush their seeds and grains and make their egg shells.  

Oops, so busy feeding chickens I forgot-

 I have stone-soup cooking inside!


See you all next week
but before you follow the stone path away from here check out the other 
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