Wayzata, Minnesota

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Arts Affair with Critters

Welcome to another


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."

Martin Buber

My sweet girl Misty says hello to everyone!

 I'm also posting to City Daily Photo

Every Gnome knows, 

A good breakfast to begin your day is

 like sugar in a delicious cup of tea!

You know there's nothing better than going for a walk! Please, please, and right now it's unbelievably summer like! Bark! Bark!

"The pleasure isn't in doing the thing, the pleasure is in planning it." 
John Green 

Today was an Outside Arts Extravaganza complete with bring your own objects to play along, and what an incredible day with a high of 78 degrees, on October 22nd in Minnesota! 

Meet father and son Scarecrows

Critters and anything involving art is where you can mingle with your own kind in a magical place where your imagination is allowed to fly freely in any direction you so desire.

"If you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all." John Green

Yes, I do enjoy chewing on leaves!

"My favorite things are often related to the animal kingdom, or Gnomes and of course Scarecrows. More often than not they have a story behind them and many are handmade or recovered from a flea market." 

"Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure."

Angela Carter

"Animals are like little angels sent to earth to teach us how to love. They don't get angry or play silly games. They are always there for us." Whitney

"We must all make do with the rags of love we find flapping on the scarecrow of humanity." Angela Carter 

"There's something about fall that makes me feel alive... that life somehow starts on that Indian summer, when leaves dance to kiss the ground, filling the earth with stars and the rustling of leaves beckons me to wander and get lost in its beauty." Mystqx

May you find yourself joyfully lost in the beauty of the day.

Take good care of you.


Thank you for spending time with me!

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Somewhere in Critterville

  Take a look around you, search for beautiful thing, especially beautiful to you, and not to the throngs of other folks. We're all out there enjoying this same journey of life's moments. Perhaps it's clouds, possibly a lovely line from a poem, (and that has made all the difference, by Robert Frost) or spend time with a fellow critter that always brightens your day. 

I hope you enjoy my own quest of "something beautiful to me" and be careful it may inspire you to go out and collect your own! I hope so.

Welcome to


I'm also posting to City Daily Photo.

Perspective of a pup,

 "Me and my shadow following along with my sweet girl."

And off we go, how to escape the day and feel fulfilled step by step. 

Life's happening at this very moment, and somebody has my ball. No worries, I shall retrieve it before you know it. Dogs say everywhere.

"We are seekers. So, what have you sought out today? You are the source of beginning never ever forget that. Without you, there'll be nothing. 

Bugs loves chasing any toy but most of all I think he loves being chased.

I got the chance this last Tuesday to hangout for a bit with my grand doggies. 

The secret of joy is to give and absorb love.

"Attention is our greatest asset. We all invariably attract what we give attention to." Azim Jamal and Brian Tracy from,

What You Seek Is Seeking You.

A radio station DJ once played this game with us, she'd give us a new word every morning and we were to concentrate on that word and she promised, "You'll see that word all around you.  Go ahead try it. To get you started I'll give you a word so go see what you uncover. 

The word is 


"A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers." Suzy Kassem

That was your first bird, they'll be anywhere today I know it. Go bird seeking.

Come on please share some space with me.

said one turtle to another always.

Everything comes by being. 

I have a flowery heart but most of all I have Courage!

Oh, my where oh where are my siblings?

Dare to be you.

See nothing, speak nothing and hear nothing and you'll always have nothing!

If you want the answer, ask the question!

Really Mama?

So, will you please throw my ball already?


Always a fun critter Day at the museum.


A blast from the not so far ago past, at the Science Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Be forever seeking. Be forever moving forward. Go.

Thanks for spending time with me.

Enjoy your weekend and take good care of you.