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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday - Oh No!



Oh where has verbal conversation gone?

Notice how many people are engaged in conversation with one or more people, while others are content in their own little world, communicating with non-verbal skills.

While this group of people are conversing quite well, just by talking with a mix of body language as well.

OH my goodness.
Oh yes, I really wish you would.

For real, and not a text please.
Only, instead we're sending off a text when we should be asking-
Where has the Art of Verbal Conversation gone?
Do we spend more time texting and typing rather than
speaking to other people?

Or it could be that we don't have exciting topics to carry a great conversation?

Well finally somebody, somewhere had a brilliant idea.
You have to check out what they did by
Watching this video of
The Art of Conversation

Oh yes!
and have you ever stopped in your tracks
in the middle of a crowded room of people
and suddenly you realized
that nobody was really paying any attention to
what everyone was saying?
it was like a debate team

gone sour
instead of building a conversation and communicating and debating
everyone was just
being number one .

Try this any day of the week!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Thematic Photographic #210 Parallelism


PARALLELISM- Is this week's theme  for Thematic Photographic where Carmi from "Written Inc" blog is calling for our interpretation all week long, and you can join too!

Parallel lines, parallel lines
that's how we sit day after day
behind parallel walls and parallel windows
standing in circles, sitting in queues
What if we sat back in our chair
tilted our heads and looked out
our parallel window
and saw

Birds in flight
Parallel lines, parallel lines
Movin' together but we never touch
flying together my faithful companion
Sometimes I wonder how we ever survive
Caught in between these parallel lines
Parallel lines, parallel lines
That's how you and I live in parallel lines.
Will we ever escape?
Is there a song about Parallel Lines running through your head right about now?
Check this out

The Mag #132 Claustrophobic Shades


Claustrophobic Shades

Big Room, 1948, by Andrew Wyeth

Once upon a lake there was a recluse who never left his house.

       This one big room was a reminder of why our marriage failed.  What ever happened to your chair you'd never leave, for fear of discovering life beyond?  Perhaps it followed you?  A bleak and stuffy parlor, empty of laughter and vacant of any tender footsteps.  I see our two slender candle sticks never to hold fire still wait in hopeless abandon. 

        If only you'd agreed to install french doors leading to a balcony overlooking a terrace.  Never mind the color, or these porous walls and worn parquet floors.  Even the brick fireplace couldn't soften the uniquely masculine feel of this big room.  Two years later, and still only your family photographs adorn the mantelpiece.   Your few desires visible yet, reflecting your subtle, feelings comparable to the colors of the desert within your soul. 

      Just standing in the center of this big room, my memory of it feels like it belongs to someone else.   My living outside these walls, has  untwisted that bitter knot once living inside me, and made big room for the sweet wines of life.  My only wish is that somebody has the fighting sense to breathe new life between these walls; tending the light, with life living around their feet.
The story of his life was simple, and it went like this.

Thus he struggled, by every method to keep his light shining before men- (Henry David Thoreau) 

All the while she lived in darkness and fled for light of her own.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Centus ABC Obtuse


Our beloved and slightly wicked teacher from Saturday Centus, you remember her name, Jenny, from Off on my tangent" or Off of my rocket" ha, ha!  Well she has been taking away letters (E and T) and now she is forcing us to use all 26 letters in this one centus of 126 words.  Seriously? Absolutely she is. Clever.  But just know her fellow centus followers, are so incredibly clever too!

Here is my centus:

Welcome faithful centus followers, to the School of Jenny - Saturday Centus High, please quiet down and find yourself a seat (put down your clubs) time for more golfing later.

Pencils ready?  No cell phones please.  Keep your eyes on your own paper.

Our lesson for today (if you wish) is using of all the letters of the alphabet from A- Z no short-cuts either.

Just be sure that you begin with A, b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y, and z to finish.
I just know Jenny will be so proud of us, that she'll surprise us all by serving alphabet soup for us for dinner tonight!  It's BYO-Alphabets to the screen today!

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Six Word Saturday - Feeding My What?





My Hens and Chicks grow in anything, even shade- just don't over water them.


This is how the Hen and Chicks came to be named.
No eggs were involved or hurt in the creation of these Hen-and-Chicks.

The "hen" is the main plant, and the "chicks" are the offspring, which start as tiny buds on the main plant and soon sprout their own roots, taking up residence close to the mother plant.

“Things aren't ever what they seem to be when you first look at them. What's important is that you keep your mind wide open and try to understand what's going on from a lot of different angles.” -Christopher Paul Curtis

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Sepia Saturday - 25 August I do! I do!


I DO !  I DO !

Greetings from Sepia Saturday and the world of romance, courtly love, weddings and he loves me, he loves me not.

But wait, what's this man saying?  "Does anyone know where the bride is? Help, it's nearly time for.... I do! I do!"

The wedding march is about to begin.  Has anyone seen the bride?

My idea of the theme this week begins long before the vows take place.   You know all the fooling around and games they play with courtly love.   Yes indeed before marriage there's always a bit of planning, plotting, dreaming, scheming, wishing, daisy picking and etc.

As I was walking down the street one day
In Sepia Saturday land -
I heard a man ask.....
Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care?
Yes! It's time to think about
getting married.

Our first stop is with a couple throwing caution to the wind by eloping.  Often without telling their family or friends.

"I will catch you, I promise!  Just let me put this hammer down first!"
The courtship can be hard, especially when her parents believe there are better choices for a husband.

Sometimes, there are far too many single women.....

"No! You can't have him.  He's mine!"

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves...
Then there are those poor sad heart-broken lovers that......
The caption reads, Translating a love letter from a Boston Girl-"Now does that mean 'yes' or 'no'?"
 "She said NO!"
 It's so heartbreaking when love is not returned.  Better to discover sooner than later, don't you think?
"Oh my dear won't you be mine?"
Surely, her thoughts are on another.
Who could she be dreaming of?
Perhaps, Mr. Tin man has stolen her heart.
As a very last resort for finding Mr. or Mrs. Right
one could ask, Cupid.
"What did you say?  Are you totally sure?  Just walk outside and he'll be there?"
....and so she walked outside and to her surprise.... 
"I wouldn't wear these knickers for anyone else but you! Oh my dear sweet Irish Rosie will you be mine forever?"
But of course she said yes. She's been dreaming of her very own wedding day since before she could speak!
It's not just about the couple and vows and the happily ever after, oh no.  It's also about all the trimmings and festivities leading up to I do! I do!
true love
living happily ever after.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thematic Photographic # 209 Surprise Attack



Who doesn't like to catch a comical misadventure of a dear-hearted puppet named Mr. Punch?
I sure do!
So, as I promised for Carmi's "Thematic Photographic" - and the theme of
I went for a spontaneous fresh photo!
Imagine sitting where my camera was focused and without hesitation
lifting my camera up, and pointing it directly behind me and C L I C K !
What kind of face or faces might we see?
Amazingly I only shocked one - Mr. Puppet ruled the stage!
Everyone else-focused on the puppets.
Surprise!  You can pretty much guess what she's thinking, when in that split second she realized the complete stranger in front of her just took a picture, and she's in it!  She never said a word.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Thematic Photographic From Behind


Carmi, from "Written Inc." blog has challenged us to look behind us, 
with, FROM BEHIND, as our theme this week.

To join in go here

Isn't it ironic how we're always moving forward in life,
and yet there's often a whole lot of action
 happening right behind us too!

There is someone walking behind you

turn around look at me

There is someone watching your footsteps

turn around look at me

"Please, please turn around dear El Rey!"

There is someone who really needs you

The Rear View  (there is someone, standing inside this house which sits on a lake)

here's my heart - here's my hand

turn around, turn around, look at me...look at me

understand, understand

This is rush hour and there we are,
 one by one driving alone!
Who needs to pool?!

that there's someone to stand beside (or share a ride with) you

Plenty of room in the rear too!

So will you please,
 just turn around
and look at me,
 so I can snap your picture!

The Mag 131


Under Windsor Bridge - 1912 - Adolphe Valette

Femme Fatale
Under Windsor Bridge people say
but are they sure?

Cold rain or swirling fog never kept him away.
Amidst his late night walks -
her figure defined by his thoughts
that awakened a swimming sensation
of feeling deliciously alive-

just as long as it was the water, calling to him.
It's lapping feeding against a bridge
 be it sea or river it was all the same
to him.
A conspicuous whisper
electrified his soul
buoying his spirit in one mysterious wave.
She became bolder when thunder rolled over.
Throbbing thunderheads couldn't coax him away.
The destination didn't matter anyway.
Only the gentle cry of the foghorn.
 She was intoxicating
as an opaque fog billowed around him.
He'd soon disappear as if swallowed up
within the throes of Amphitrite
silently laughing it all up-
Under Windsor Bridge.

Image by Tess Kincaid
Magpie Tales

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday Centus - Disappearing Letters


As if taking all E's away last week wasn't challenge enough, Jenny from "Off on my tangent" blog is now also adding no words with the letter T (which is way harder right?!) and again no use of the letter E as well.

Still just one complete sentence which makes some kind of sense.

So no ET!

"Okay look mom I found him arriving from Aqualand in a flashy car half full of dogs and a happy-drunk gypsy woman all busy swooning and mooning from a car window as brown-squashy guy from Mars was holding a pizza for us all!"

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sepia Saturday # 139 Bones?


June 3, 1938

What's going on with these three couples plunging into something far more entangling than a casual kiss on the cheek or casual liaison?
(more on that in a moment)

First, a word about Sepia Saturday, where we explore things from long ago, regarding our own ancestors or the theme of the week.

Alan's theme this week is

BONES- and or the making and use of "them there bones" like

Here at the Smithsonian with the rebuilding of a gigantic animal.  Washington, D.C. March 24, 1938 With Dr. Charles Gilmor, Paleontologist. These bones were found in western Utah and are the bones of a Sauropod- a species of the dinosaurs that ruled the earth 80,000,000 to 150,000,000 years ago.  He's pictured here fitting the 32 - foot tail of the monster together.

I had all the intentions of being a themer this week, but just as I began picking away at bones, (and being summer and all) my thoughts went to
things living rather than not.



 inspired by

Cupid Inc.

September 11, 1937
Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. with his bride
the former Miss Ethel Dupont
arriving at the Washington Airport
on their way to
Jacksonville, Florida.

Absolute total and complete
true love.

Mr. and Mrs. Soul Mates

December 12, 1874

Some give their vows for more than themselves.

The Importance of Nuns, with orphaned children.

Nuns clamming at Long Island.

For them, it's a worthy life.

While others share their vows for the love of each other.

Smiling Faces

The Watson Wedding

June 10 1942

The simple joys of motherhood.

Little Fork, Minnesota a mother and her babe.

The Wedding Coach
March 24, 1922

Princess Mary's wedding coach and after her marriage
she became

Countess of Harewood

she was the only daughter of
King George V and Queen Mary


The Bridal Party

Mr. Allisson's wedding.

So be sure to pay attention to any Cupids you may meet along the way!

They Dew Drop
in at the most unusual moments!

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