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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Centus week 65 Based on this .......

Lovely sunny-side of life UP egg....just for all of us to savor......Oh yes "yummified" for sure Jenny from "off on my tangent" blog, with her ever so humbly delicious.....Saturday Centus you can check out here

Jenny Matlock
You'll be happy you did....great entries every week....

Jenny you are going to make some tummy's very, very hungry.  How cool is that.....Jenny has given us this lovely fried egg on a ....hmmmm doesn't look like a street, perhaps a table made of concrete or STONE! 

It slightly reminds me of the heat around here lately it could fry anything..... Love the beauty of an empty cracked egg shell too...they have a certain glow to their outer skin.....Okay everyone who dares, it's whatever you want say in 100 words or less based on this photo! 

Here's my post in just under 100 words....

     Move over Gordon Ramsay while a scantly paid dummy has its say. Perhaps one day, if not already you’ll be a self-made millionaire; cooking your way through a life of cookery in your own delectable way. But could you ever match this success?

      A world class act by renowned puppetry/marionettes performing their own magic while suspended in mid air by strings, with one of their little wooden arms tied behind their stiff backs while being blindfolded and given one extremely cold, almost frozen egg to fry (without breaking the yoke) over a hot stoneware table top?
       I thought not.

Six Word Saturday - 6WS - 30 July

Good morning everyone on this blissful, SUNNY  no rain clouds in my world today.....

and welcome to another favorite post of mine for SIX WORD SATURDAY!  Where we spill the beans, so to speak ......about our life in SIX words, for Cate at Show MY ...just go here

I'm excited because this is the first SATURDAY in a few weeks that I have this morning and most of the day TO MYSELF!  No weddings, no showers, no work....just coffee and Blogger, or ice tea and lemonade on the veranda, (kidding I wish I had a veranda)  here are my six words today!

           WE NEED SEVERAL
            KINDS OF FRIENDS

First off in the order of importance is this....

"If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone," Maxwell Maltz

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go....." - Margaret Walker

"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same ..."- Elbert Hubbard
and won't forget you....

...and yes, friends are also those bloggers we meet here every now and then and share tidbits of this and that and just make life feel so complete in knowing that we all share a bit of space in this web of our life! Have a great fun-filled-exciting and peace filled weekend everyone!

Sepia Saturday 85 Saturday 30 July

Welcome to another Sepia Saturday as we drive through a new week's theme ... Alan has seated us with a delightful photo for his Sepia Saturday theme this week. 

The moment I first saw his prize photo (of a beautiful girl sitting on a bumper) the photo below instantly came to mind.  I hadn't seen it for a few years but it was one of many valuable photos I collected, regarding a true story about greed, love, power and death on a Minnesota Lake.....back in 1933.

The Pioneer Press ran this photo from Fort Snelling Golf Course & Polo Grounds.  This was a much happier time for the lady on the right, Mrs. Ralph (Adele) Mather and her friend, Mrs. Clarence (Florence) Stone.  Adele Mather was alive and well on this day May 29, 1933 but in a few short months she drowns unexpectedly when the canoe she shared with two other people capsized.

There is an interesting story that follows the life of this photo.  I took an assignment on writing about a well known business man of Minnesota and my journey began at his untimely and unexpected death along with the death of Mrs. Adele Mather and the guide that accompanied them on that fateful boat ride.

From the more positive side of automobiles, families all across the world were busy taking photos of their family car or truck......and Dan Seals sings about that special love they all carried... from his song, My Old Yellow Car

                      "She weren't much to look at, she weren't much to ride- She was missing a window on her passenger side-The floorboard was patched up with paper and tar-But I really was something in my old yellow car!"
Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society.   Minnesota History featured a story about The Johnson Family, all gathered here in front of their fine automobiles.

Alan speaks about the bumper in it's glory days sporting enough room for anyone to hoist on top of, but it brings to mind not just the bumper or fender or hood, but the entire romanticising of our automobiles.  Our cars held status even then and so did those that owned them or perhaps drove in the case of this dapper gent in his "Chauffeur's uniform".....
A dapper Mr. John Riggs chauffeur for the Rothwell  family.....they say John never married, and he never owned or drove an automobile that was yellow.
In those golden years as they're called now.... our fascination and adornment for the automobile went far beyond limiting ourselves by any means...they followed their dreams.

An American boy with his hands on the wheel -
Of a dream that was made of American steel-
Though the seats had the smell of a nickel cigar-
I really was something in my old yellow car.

We celebrated a great many things with our fine automobiles .......
Courtesy of Lyon County Historical Society on "Boxcar Day" in Tracy, Minnesota.
Pageants were only a part of showing off......
Friends would gather and take photos of themselves year after year......back then sometimes not every family had their own automobile, but surely somebody they knew did and often an automobile carried as many riders as those posing for this photo.  Back before the seat belt law came to be. -Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society

Somewhere in a pile of rubber and steel
Thee's a rusty old shell of an automobile
And if engines could run on desire alone
That old yellow car would be driving me home!

They knew they'd be powerless without their wheels so they took fine care of them!
They'd wash them, polish them and often times make money for some sort of reason....from Boy Scouts to building a new swimming pool at the local high school..... - Courtesy of Lyon County Historical Society.

Just what is that magical fascination we have with the automobile.....
Will you look at all that possible seating on those bumpers and hoods, and don't forget to notice all those proud drivers of such fine work trucks......another adventure in our precious automobile circle of life.....
-Courtesy of Lyon County Historical Society.
"There was no road too winding and nowhere too far
With two bucks of gas and my old yellow car
That old yellow car would be driving me home!"

Now for a little old fashion southern Minnesota farm life.... from the Seabury family (care of a shop on 50th and Xerxes) in Minneapolis.....they have a story that begins like this....
First comes marriage (and our own Ford).... than comes babies...and more babies, and many families had 12 or more babies .....big families in those days. The man bending his head down looks like James Dean (to me).
then meet......
Son # 1 Gordon at age 2 years and 4 months, of course the family automobile took top billing on the other side of this photo....
Gordon and his toys, and I wonder why Gordon's face doesn't appear too happy, for such a cute little face...maybe somebody wanted his toys!

Lastly after raising all those children....a woman just needed a break.....

 Momma gets to sit on the front of the family automobile...

A fine automobile at their disposal and no where important to drive to......

Take a look at me now throwing money around
I'm paying somebody to drive me downtown
Got a Mercedes Benz with a TV and bar
And God I wish I was driving my old yellow car.
I hope you enjoyed this journey through Sepia Saturday with me, and if you want to play along or just drive through a few other posts go here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thematic Photographic - # 155 BIG

Welcome once again to another turn of theme.......Carmi at Written Inc. has declared "BIG" as our theme for this week's Thematic Photographic.... and we may have as BIG adventures..........that take us any where our BIG imaginations can run, or as BIG and wild as we desire!
BIG   as in too large to fit in the toy box, or play pen, or your back seat for the drive home from winning this overly BIG Snoopy!

Little minds have little worries, BIG minds have no time for worries. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

BIG it is all week long...and with BIG arrives not just great size, but great power....

The Star Spangled Banner.....

Our flag.....Old Glory....the Red, White and Blue ....of this United States of America.....your great big power, still guides us, significantly through all battles.....

We should be too BIG to take offense and too noble to give it.
Abe Lincoln

Speaking from the BIG size of things, like the number or amount significantly BIG to you or me....
BIG could very well be looking down an old cannon, or possibly the power or volume of what could fire from within...

 A BIG boooooooooooom!

Or, BIG might just be
The number of steps and where the amount of those steps may bring you

in your search for BIG
I like to believe even those BIG trees that have fallen, new life and growth can rise up above it all, and even that fallen BIG tree shall live again....

I hope you have enjoyed this Thematic Photographic BIG theme with me and if you too desire to post your own BIG or just want to explore all the BIG moments of other bloggers just go here
What ever you do this week think BIG....dreams and hopes and all things GOOD....if you can
make some body's day
in a BIG way!

Whimsical Wednesday July 2011

Happy Whimsical Wednesday has come again.....this month of July is an open end for submissions....and if you too want to follow along you can by going to

"Rain, rain go away....come back another day" such a we'll find another tune

to ring in our ears when we go to an
"Open Sing"
Rain or shine, just bring an instrument and or your singing voice

and this will be my tune the Open Sing!

You never miss the rain

When it comes everyday!

It’s such a pain

With no fun in the sun

Day after day, everyday

For with all this rain

Grows a heap of greenery

But who wants scenery

When we’d rather play

Don’t you know?

So much water is such an agitator

You’ve got to know

That even an alligator

Wouldn’t come out to play

On this day

No we never miss the rain

When it comes everyday!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Centus wk 64 23 July - Before I die I want to,

Jenny Matlock

          Oh Miss Jenny from "Off on my tangent"...really and truly is off on her very own sweet tangent.....and dished us a somewhat bittersweet prompt I must say....Note to: Judie (another Saturday Centus blogger) be happy you are off on other adventures and will miss this week's Centus of using only 15 words or less....and as usual Jenny gives us the six words "before I die I want to," free... Hooray we have 21 words to use! 

As an added feature Miss Jenny has been kind enough to let us include with this week's prompt a photo if we desire to!  Thanks, Miss Jenny......

My Saturday Centus is:

Honestly, before I die I want to, crack my skeptical shell, increase my sense of possibility and achieve my wish list.

So instead of a small itsy bitsy building (like Miss Jenny gave us) I offer a Queen's idea of place.....and a lovely garden as well.....
If you feel about 15 or 21 words deep inside just urging to be in print, then just visit Saturday Centus, or just see what everyone else came up with!  Thanks for joining me again this week, have a great weekend and a better week ahead!

Jenny Matlock

Six Word Saturday 6WS 23 July


Welcome to another SIX WORD SATURDAY brought to us by Cate at Show My, where she invites us to express our life in six delightfully-meaningful-breath-taking marvelous words....or whatever six words you're feeling!

Here's mine:


"The game of life isn't so much in holding a good hand as playing a poor hand well."  - H. T. Leslie

"Life is like a game of cards.  The hand that is dealt you represents determination the way you play it is free will." -  Jawaharlal Nehru

"It's not always about what's in the cards--make your own hand, and live it well!"

So if you feel like playing along or just want to glimpse through all the other Six Word Saturday Posts then go here

Thanks for stopping by for another Six Word Saturday..........have a great weekend and a better week!  It's in your hands!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sepia Saturday #84 Saturday 23 2011

      As Alan from Sepia Saturday put it...... "10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Lift off"   or in other words.... welcome to another Sepia Saturday post.....I'm staying on course "pretty much" with Alan's theme photo which arrived from 1964 with an Apollo Moon project researcher testing out an early space suit.....

But, yes I'm adding a bit of my own feel from his the words testing and project researching bring a few other things to mind for me as well....

Beginning with these intelligent, capable and distinguished young college students studying for their big exam.   From a college somewhere in Minnesota, this photo was taken on January 15, 1924....

They both appear calm and ready to tackle any test.  Surely they have done all the research necessary, for their test....and I wonder what could be in that bottle sitting between them!  Who knows what kind of research and/or testing they may have done after graduating.

      As long as we're on the subject of first flights, and testing here's a good example of both.... 

This is my cousin Jorg, he's one proud young kite builder ready for his first attempt to see if it works or if he'll be back at the kite drawing board!  Looks pretty good to me...but is his paint dry?!

 As long as we're on the first flight and the testing of an early space suit here is an "early snow-suit" from back in about 1924 ....since Jerry was born in 1922.

Little Jerry (a family friend of my grandmother (and possibly my father's playmate) out with his cool ride and nifty snow suit (appearing to be really dressed for cold weather) this darling little lad became a U.S. Army Sargent and is buried today in the Fort Custer National Cemetery.

"Okay are you ready for a brief glimpse into some space adventures....follow along in space flight...."
On the left is EDWARD H. WHITE II (1930-1967) U.S. Project Gemini astronaut.  He died in the tragic Apollo fire 1/27/67.  Shown with him in this postcard are crew mates Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee.  This is a NASA Photo post card.

Speaking of N.A.S.A. one must include it's John F. Kennedy Space Center (a place I someday hope to visit first hand) with this aerial view post card...
This is a view of CRAWLER-TRANSPORTER # 1 and it was used to carry the APOLLO/SATURN V from the Vehicle Assembly Building to launch pad 38.  The first Crawler arrived on Merritt Island November 1, 1964.

Not to leave out the research and testing programs that N.A.S.A. was known for....this "Static Test Tower post card" from Marshall Space Flight Center will enter now...
The Saturn booster undergoes static firing at the NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama. The booster has been successfully static fired many times prior to the launching of the first Saturn from Cape Canaveral, Florida on October 27, 1961, and the same tower has been used for Redstone and Jupiter programs.  STATIC TESTING of a missile consists of locking the missile into place on the stand and firing it.  The missile does not "take off" but as it strains against the mighty grip of the great tower its roaring engine can be studied for performance characteristics as if it were actually in flight.
The next photo is an amazing monument I hope to take photos of myself someday... but today this post card is the best I can offer...

Erected in honor of the Seven Original Astronauts consists of the Symbol for the Planet Mercury. The number seven is mounted on the cross of valor.  A time capsule to be opened in 2464, with information about the Mercury Flights, was buried beneath the monument in November 1964.  Courtesy of John F. Kennedy Space Center N.A.S.A. post card.
If we may go back to that testing part of my post.....I'm closing with a humorous post card (mailed on May 21, 1914) which shows a bit of "testing" of his own hopes of "catching" or as he puts it, sticking to her...

They had such a sweet sort of humor for post cards back in the day, that you just can't find today...

Mrs. John W. Clark wrote this post card to her cousin Miss Leona Rath and once she runs out of room she continues on the front side of the card.  I'm not sure what she meant by the glass not breaking when they had their faces taken, perhaps she mailed a photo to them as well.  I still don't really understand why women back then couldn't use their own name, especially when writing to her own cousin.  I guess we'll just never know who Mrs. John W. Clark really was.

 One interesting note, I finally met 10BWD (person I buy many of my post cards from) today at a post card convention.....I was shocked when earlier today I arrived at my usual antique store to browse through post cards (I didn't have anything space related) and to my horror all the post cards were gone!  When I asked the person at the desk where they were she told me about the post card off I went to my very first Post Card Show!  I was amazed at the number of tables set up with cards after cards all in neat order for better browsing....and after meeting 10BWD he even gave me a deal on the cards I bought today!

So if you too want to hop on or get ready for lift off too just go here

For your Sepia Saturday adventure.....even if you don't want to post your own why not check out the other posts will be pleased if you do!

Thematic Photographic # 154 - Vacation

Welcome to Written Inc.'s "Thematic Photographic" series as Carmi invites us to unleash "vacation" leaving it as wide open as always.

                    Sometimes while snapping photos on vacation it isn't always the main subject that should be captured.........These are the kinds of clouds that bring me right back to my's time to see all the shapes we can find flying overhead.....

Outside Buckingham Palace, London England

       For me a well planned vacation  is ...first, having a destination and once you arrive everything mysteriously falls into place, usually.   While vacationing in the United States I'll pick up a copy of the vacation area detailed in a series from Images of America ....and searching for the less traveled roads....of yesterday's greatness...... or any other book title with Uncommon Guide or Off the Beaten Path from any Barnes and Noble or other local book store....or the local library.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida once a steamy mangrove swamp, now still hot and steamy  this U.S. Fort constructed in 1838 to guard against the Seminole Indians was named for its commander, Major William Lauderdale (of course) and remained open until 1857.  Then all became quiet and still steamy (of course)  in such a sleepy shore front hamlet until Henry Flagler's railroad reached this area in 1911.  The arrival of the steam engine, and travel to Fort Lauderdale opened up easy vacationing, and people capitalized on real estate opportunities...and have ever since!

   The most interesting story I found while walking these grounds was a little bronze sign telling of, "The Barefoot Mailman"
It begins in the early history of the southeastern coast of Florida with the legendary Barefoot Mailman!  It begins way before roads, rails or tourists and superhighways came to be, as it was quite the challenge to get mail between Jupiter and Miami.  The quickest and most safe and sure way was to walk the mail down the beach, of course.   It started in 1870 when the Barefoot mailman walked along the very large and deserted beach and often swam or rowed across the many inlets.  These mailmen really had boats waiting for them in different areas.  This was a highly dedicated way in which the U.S. Post Office maintained its delivery on as best a schedule as any Barefoot mailman could!

I hope you enjoyed my post of "vacation" for Thematic Photographic and if you too want to join in or just simple check out the other than please go here

Monday, July 18, 2011

This WILL Make Your Feet Feel Better!

It was about 2.5 hours before the wedding and the bride's feet already hurt, so Mason found the perfect answer!

Thanks for the well wishes, my son Dan and his wife, Heather's wedding went off without too many hitches, (it's not a wedding unless something unexpected happens right?!) although the weather was blistering hot and humid with the heat index at 119!  At least it didn't rain!

This -- this was what made life: a moment of quiet, the water falling in the fountain, the girl's voice... a moment of captured beauty.  He who is truly wise will never permit such moments to escape.
- Louis L. ' Amour
and on this day they were married........!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sepia Saturday 83 : 16 July 2011

 Sepia Saturday 16 July

Due to a raging storm right now, and a big wedding tomorrow I have taken harbor at our local library to post this addition of  Sepia Saturday, which begins right now.................!

It appears gentleman number 4 has a beer stein with a lid, (or beer mug) in his hand, but is that a graduate's cap on top of his head?

          Welcome on this 16, of July (also my youngest son's wedding day) if you are reading this on Saturday the 16th for another grand array of Sepia Saturday ....Per Alan's theme photo this week (another magnificent print) and it's as if the photo were saying......."the gangs all here, complete with beer bottle (and Alan said we must bring our own bottle of beer) the gents playing cards are quite handsome, the lad possibly of royalty by his looks, and the mysterious four of clubs card half hidden under one of the player's legs is still a mystery to me.

If you have the time you really should view the theme photo this's well worth seeing!

...and since Alan said, "Bring your own bottle of beer," ....I'm bringing a postcard of Lincoln's Silver $ Bar complete with as many brews as desired, but also they feature the largest collection of its kind with 9000 silver (yes 9000) $'s left by people from all over the world, and displayed in this unique bar in western Montana!  1,400 $ are embedded in the bar top, the remainder are mounted about the room. 

This old postcard is from Lincoln's Silver $ Bar, on Highway 10, Haugan, Montana date unknown.
If we're opening up the post with delicious beverages of sorts, may I introduce my cousins, Gesine and Jorg, although Gesine seems to be sipping something, Jorg being about 7 years younger is not partaking in any was the case so many times before.  Sorry Jorg, you'll just have to grow up a bit more.

Gesine and Jorg, at home around the holidays.....about 1956.
Since Gesine and Jorg are here, let me also introduce their father, my uncle Freddie, which by the way is not hiding any cards (that we know of) but his face appears to be saying, "Now just wait a moment.  A Royal Flush beats your full house!"
Uncle Freddie.....
Alan's theme photo immediately brought to my mind, "Characters" with an air of being especially very swanky and neatly groomed and easily mistaken for the title of "Dapper Dan" which first came to life as a hair gel for men, and today there is a fab Magazine, "The Dapper Dan" that is all about men's fashion and philosophy.  The phrase, "I'm a Dapper Dan Man was enjoyed by many a men back in the day....

Yes, I am proud to say I am a "Dapper Dan man."
While we're on the subject of striking and neat-looking, I must include this random find from my favorite photo dealer of a couple of young good looking lads that could be related to the darling young boy featured in Alan's theme photo.

This old photo is on a postcard and there is absolutely nothing written about who, where or what the boys were taking this photograph for.  But they sure are some neatly dressed and happy children!
I'm closing this Saturday's Sepia post with six men that could very well be card playing fellows, although they all appear to be rather card sharks.....wouldn't you agree...and I'm sure some of them may have a card up their sleeve as well.

This is also a photo on a postcard, left blank but you have to agree especially the third man from the bottom row looks like maybe a bookie? 
I hope you've enjoyed my card playing, sharp and aggressively active in pool hall or card game antics "characters" as much as I did hunting them all down.  I have to continue to give thanks to my family for taking the photographs that they did along the years but also for the person I know as 10BWD who has been gaining much revenue since I began playing this absolutely dynamic game of Sepia Saturday.... and if you want to play too go here

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thematic Photographic - #153 Parallel oh Parallel

It's time again for another post for Thematic Photographic and the theme Carmi has offered is

Speaking of parallels intersecting in my world........In two days two lives will be joined in marriage and their first dance as husband and wife will be on the other side of this glass......

"YOU, jot down ideas, memories, whatever, concerning your real life that somehow parallels the character you're playing, and you incorporate that in your scene work." - Chris Cooper

...Ah yes, let it be said "There never were, since the creation of the world, two cases exactly parallel.... " - Lord Chesterfield
Tweet, tweet, chirped two yellow birds sitting in the window....Did you ever see an unhappy bird?  Well, perhaps yes, if they were made of wood.....!
"Young children can so easily cross the barriers of  everyday real life and imaginary realms so very effectively and yet stay on course day after day....  Look into my world and what do you see?" KMS
Sister buildings..."Great and small suffer the same mishaps" - Blaise Pascal...But once a building always a building....oh lucky us that stand so tall.....high above the clouds ...
Look inside my window...... "You find yourself in the world, without any power, unmovable as a rock, stupid, so to speak, as a log of wood," - Nicolas Malebranche... Oh the parallels of life........What once was living within an endless row of trees now stands alone.....

Thank you so much for stopping by to explore Thematic Photographic again this week for a look into Parallels!
If you want to play along too go here

Whimsical Wednesday - 13 July

W E L C O M E    T O    A L L   T H I N G S    W H I M S I C A L  

F O R     W E D N E S D A Y ' S    W O R L D   O F   W H I M S Y


"As people grow up, they cease to play and they seem to give up the yield of pleasure which they gain from playing...."  - Sigmund Freud

Sometimes...... "You must do the thing you think you cannot do!" - Eleanor Roosevelt


If you have something of whimsy that you've been hiding or you have ready to be unleashed Whimsical Wednesday is still open....
just go here

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out a little whimsy with me!