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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sepia Saturday - 31 August 2013

 Introducing "Mr. Jazz" himself, William Gottlieb

Gottlieb grew tired of hanging out in nightclubs every night, as he explained in an interview:

 "Most important of all, I was really something of a square; I had a wife and children, and the joys of staying out until 4 a.m. with musicians, even those who were my idols, had evaporated, especially since I was often the only sober one there."

This is, William P. Gottlieb, famous Jazz Photographer.


Our theme prompt today, is a delightfully, clear view from within the magical year of 1947; featuring the jazz musician Stan Kenton by the noted photographer William P. Gottlieb, this photograph forms part of the Flicker Commons collection of the Library of Congress (one of my favorite sources for photos and discoveries)

Jazz Explosions - The sky's the limit!

Did you know this beautiful lady, and most heavenly songstress was a favorite capture of his?

Billie Holiday and her dog, Mister.  Downbeat, New York 1946 by William P. Gottlieb.

A loved dog is a wonderful thing, and Billie's dog was truly loved.  What a beautiful life it is indeed.
Another Jazz threesome favorite below.

Machito, Jose Mongual. and Carlos Vidal at the Glen Island Casino, New York, NY in 1947 by William P. Gottlieb.
Three times and you're out!
Portrait of June Christy
1947 or 1948
William P. Gottlieb
Shep Fields and Tex Benke May 16, 1947 at the Glen Island Casino by William P. Gottlieb.
Shep was the bandleader for the "Shep Fields"
a band that's new to me, so let's Google to hear them play.
Very interesting story in video, not to be missed.
A man, a woman and an innovation from way back when to brighten your day.
Go here
Shep Fields (another favorite of Gottlieb to shoot) and his new music.
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Six Word Saturday - 31 August 2013

It's a brand new day, today.

For many it's a joyfully long weekend.
      Even though September is stepping closer to our autumn-ness, it's like awakening spring, with fresh, new beginnings in so many ways.....


Where Cate, from Show my face, asks us to share our world or day or wonders in just six words.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Six Word Saturday - I Am So Sorry

I truly am sorry, that summer, and life and loss, and the lake, has gotten in the way of so much blogging.  I know, this is true for many of us.  Especially, after what most of us experienced this last winter that, kept many of us tied up like hogs in our houses, (okay that's stretching it quite a bit I know) but I was hating and uttering, if not screaming really mean words toward Mother Nature herself!

But then, spring slightly arrived, and then, very quickly summer came bursting in!


"Me, worried? Never, I'm purr-fectly content waiting for their return. Trust me, nobody forgets their cat!"

Meow, meow, meow, MEow, MEOW!

But, I promise, to do better especially for dear Cate, at "Show my Face" blog and her delightfully engaging "Six Word Saturday" (but truthfully) the main reason I've not posted every Saturday is that she has such a following, and I really enjoy visiting each blogger that posts, and it gets so hard to do, sometimes.

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Quote it Saturday

Welcome to my first ever post for "Quote it Saturday"

It's hosted by Freda's Voice, and if I understand this correctly, you can add to this all month.

My Two quotes

"Never does one feel oneself so utterly helpless as in trying to speak comfort for great bereavement."
Lady Murasaki, from the Tale of Genji

Lady Marasaki also quoted within that very Tale of Genji

"Remember, the unmoored boat floats about."

My dear dog, Lady, for me, your love and the memories we shared, are and will forever be, unmoored and floating throughout my heart and soul.

A tribute to my dearest beloved dog, Lady.

Miss You Lady So Much.
So, if you want to post your own read below.
A note by Freda-
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Add as many quotes as you wish, from whomever you wish. It can even be lyrics to a song.
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Sepia Saturday - 24 August 2013

In honor of another splendid Sepia Saturday theme this week with a photo, Rob, from Amersfoort offered us, I'll open with this family photo.   Three charming characters don't you think?

My daughter to the left of me and my youngest son to the right of me.   Pictured for the theme as siblings, bonnets, and three of us.

Yet, my post ends there for this week's theme and opens with a post I promised earlier.


"I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts." Stephen King

I guess you can say I've been a fan of ghost stories since my childhood.  Just what makes ghost stories so fascinating?  Could it be the mystery that lurks within each and every ghost tale we read about?  How can we ever be sure if it's real or just another imaginary story?

As I promised this week my Sepia Saturday involves, tracking down ghosts and their haunts.


Have you ever wondered if it's merely another story, handed down with each generation retelling it, or could it be factual?

Pictured is "Town Square" in Northern Minnesota about 1973, where unknown spirits still make appearances but we never truly learn their names.  Yet, has anything surrounding this place been confirmed? Not to my knowledge.

However, this next location has supposedly had several true accountings, and even ghostly photos taken by ghost hunters and their equipment. 

There are endless accounts relating to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, in Midlothian, Illinois.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is a small, abandoned cemetery in section 8 of Bremen Township, Cook County, Illinois.  It sits just northwest of Midlothian and Oak Forest, very close to Rubio Woods Forest Preserve along the Midlothian Turnpike. 

It's very well known for being haunted and to offer many supposed ghost sightings.  It's strictly off limits to enter after dusk.  Situated in the southwest Chicago suburbs it's been known to have of a bit of vandalizing occurring within the cemetery.


A short video of footage within supposedly one of America's spookiest graveyards.  Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, set in Chicago's Rubio Woods between Midlothian Turnpike and the Oak Forest.

Aren't most of us all just a wee bit curious to know if any of these stories are actual, or if folks are just "Telling Stories" for pure spooky entertainment?

THE MOVIES - have made endless dollars on such stories.  True or not.

Not only ghost stories linger about these old haunts, but there has been much talk of mummies and other monster types lurking about the history books in Minnesota.  Do they resemble the likes of this photo below?

This is quite entertaining theatrics but below
is actual proof of a mummy originating from Minnesota.

Meet the Long Lost "Minnesota Iceman" that Museum of the Weird owner, Steve Busti has in his possession in Austin, Texas. 

The Museum of the Weird is a homage to dime museums made popular by the likes of P.T. Barnum, featuring everything from real mummies, shrunken heads and oddities, to wax figures of classic movie monsters, to live giant lizards. They even boast a live sideshow on stage every day, where one can see magicians, sword-swallowers, human blockheads, and even an “electricity-proof” man.
In addition to the Minnesota Iceman taking up permanent residence at the Museum of the Weird however, Busti also plans to loan the Iceman for display at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine for a special limited future engagement.

Further details can be found at

In reality, isn't it always the case for hunting ghosts or other such type tales that one must travel across a questionable bridge or two?

Although, not every true ghost town or ghost story can be completely uncovered in one trip.  An example is this photo below.

What historical societies share with us, throughout their guided tours are often merely the crust to a much more delicious pie, to be devoured, once you dig deeper.

This photo was taken in a ghost town of Dakota County and is the only remaining structure of the town which existed from 1855 - 1871.

Everyone loves a good mystery right?  We're all familiar with how crime, mystery and ghosts can intertwine as well but, where do we begin to uncover the hidden bones to these tales?

What about secrets?  So many best kept secrets reside amongst these ghostly tales, and for some reason or another, somebody desires to keep the goings on, secret.


My favorite location to begin any ghost hunt, is the local pub.   Okay, sometimes the local diner or coffee shop is also a great beginning as well.  

Truth is, you're always guaranteed the latest and most honest truth about anything and everything amiss or reasonably important information, from the past, especially relating to ghosts.

Equally refreshing when I stop here are the beverages on tap or bottled, and most importantly their Shepherd's Pie!
If you're lucky, and you don't intrude or aggravate the clientele you will be fortunate enough to gather valuable information from random sources.  Just remember, as the story goes, truthfully they say there isn't a shred of any actual ghost story connected to the Archer House.  Well, that's what the townsfolk want you to believe.  True ghost hunters know better.

Sadly on this day ghostly stories regarding the Archer House, were non-existent.  But, I got a name of an old timer, that should prove to be quite reliable.  Hopefully, sometime this month.

THE Grand Opening was in 1877
The Archer House
212 Division Street
Northfield, Minnesota
photo from about 1890
Stepping inside the Archer House
and approaching the desk this is what you'd see.
Throughout my years of gathering information about this still very accommodating hotel, it has varied as much as the individuals telling the stories.  Naturally, during the famous celebrations in town about Jessie James and his gang and their famous bank robbery, that is reenacted every year, the tales become highly entertaining and believable.
One bit of history connected to Jessie and his gang, is that they actually rode their horses from Northfield to camp out around the railroad tracks that once ran behind my very own property.
I certainly have learned Northfield, Minnesota has lots of ghosts to uncover.  Of course Northfield is home to two colleges so that may explain something as well, right? 
 What I've determined through my recent experience in Northfield and chasing ghosts, we begin at St. Olaf College.
However, stayed tuned for my next installment to discover more about the surprisingly haunting stories in Northfield and other places.
Too be continued.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday - The Letter N

Welcome again to Alphabe-Thursday brought to you by Jenny from
"Off on my tangent" blog, where we are honoring the letter N today.


Please come and take a walk along a neighborhood or two that I often frequent, when I Need to replenish my spirit, NATURALLY amongst a NATURE most Necessary to Nourish one's soul.

I can be distracted by random objects placed ever so eloquently about.  Sometimes, they've purposely been put there for our enjoyment, and sometimes not.

Nourish your eyes.

Nurtured by Art's Nutrients.

Notable Niche in a Nearby Neighborhood.

Not every day is nourishing.
Ain't No sunshine when she's gone.....
and this house ain't no home
now that my dog Lady has gone to heaven.
Only darkness when she's gone.
Only sadness now that she's away.

Not your normal reading niche....

Nestled naturally within a native nature hideaway. 

No, Not our Next season trying to Nelly into being.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thematic Photography 2 - I didn't Shoot This!

The first round in Carmi's theme this week has me eager for a second post!


THE CALL IS OUT - Why not bring your own I didn't shoot this just go here

Okay, slipping the photography over to hubby let it roll!

Over the winter (the winter we'd all enjoy forgetting) my hubby (the photographer here) had this beautiful Blue Cobra roll into his shop and it received an all over make-over!
It was red and white before.

It's an amazing ride!  Owned by a local race car driver friend!
I just had to throw in one more Duluth photo (a closer look at some blossoms) still urging me to plan a trip here!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thematic Photographic- I Didn't Shoot This

Another photographer did!


Carmi, from Written Inc. blog through his busy hectic week has decided to grab his daughter's photo to post and in doing so created "I Didn't Shoot This!"  I don't know about the rest of you but I'm excited about this theme!

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How ironic this week's theme is, when just today a very good friend of mine sent me these two photos taken in Duluth, Minnesota.  It's just another gentle reminder urging me on, that we really need to take another tour of the town!

The Mag - 182

One love, one heart, one destiny." -  Bob Marley


Photo posted by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales
Do you have any idea what she's doing?

Either she's dancing on water,
blissfully floating through the cries of a love-sick burden,
or, she's had her fill of days above this watery grave.

But, what if,


After swimming beyond her boundaries

and becoming a committee of one
she freed the red ribbons that bound her,
for her hero.
A hero is the one somebody
waiting on the other side
 out of the water.
All the while not knowing
 but willing to wait for her
to venture that first step
into the unknown, to join him.

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday Centus - Sunday Edition

During these blissful summertime ventures, Saturday has a way of slipping into Sunday.

Jenny, from "Off on my tangent" blog is really shaking up the blogger's field today (okay yesterday, but it works all week long) with this super-duper (was Mary Poppins involved) kick-butt prompt idea!


  The prompt this week is the word 'Forbidden'

Number of words:  Exactly one hundred.  Using the word 'forbidden' in your writing is forbidden. 
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any

( ...and Yes! I have begun already. That makes it up to this period 29 words as I've typed, so far.
Ha! Ha! I was just kidding, my Saturday Centus begins below.
Don't think we can't describe our Saturday Centus in our own Saturday Centus either.
I mean, seriously,

is there a Saturday Centus patrol person lurking about near here?

I mean, other than Jenny herself.
Nothing here is never, not allowed.
Miss Jenny wouldn't ever be caught doing this with our offerings!
Jenny is by far the easiest woman in control of a blog
that we could ever hope to meet
and know
and cherish.
She's given out over-the-top give-aways too.
So, Yes! Anything goes.
Nothing is banned here
Except, it goes without saying shower scenes


that could result in murder!

This works!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sepia Saturday - 17- August 2013

"I really can't explain why, but the food we eat outside at picnics, especially with a campfire burning beside us, is the most delicious meal by far."


In honor of summer and the many memorable past picnics and all the future picnics, I'll share my "Sepia Saturday Ghost Post" next week.

Picnics come in incredible packages and are usually shared between family members, friends, co-workers, students or church groups and that's just to name a few.

Now in today's world, it's quite common (I know from experience) that one doesn't always have valuable time to prepare a precious hand-made meal from my own kitchen picnic and so we improvise.
Back in the old days, before the fast food joints you had to prepare your own meal, like below.

Is it me, or does this family appear as though they've been interrupted?


Girlfriends sharing a picnic snack.

Many folks brought along their phonographs as well.
Of course, I should include those private picnics, with celebrities like Rita Hayworth snacking on a sandwich.
I am very curious to what device is to the left and what kind of doll, or monkey that could be next to her.

"Ah yes, picnics! Where you eat the most delicious food ever!  Yeah, the sandwiches are pretty good too."
It's not carved in stone saying you have to enjoy every picnic outside.
I'm sure everyone here at sometime or another gathered their family together at least once a year for a family reunion picnic, like the family below.
Company picnics were often like being in another world.
Ah yes, you could have lots of exciting if not silly things to do at picnics once you finished eating.
Just another reason why summertime is such a perfect season.
Believe it or not, many picnics, especially those most important family reunions, if they didn't have a photographer in the group they often hired one, and without question he or she always were treated to a delicious plate of food too.

Often times after everyone had their fill of eating, their picnic led to other activities......

I still believe even today, most of us are diligent in seeing that there are several picnics to enjoy before old man winter returns.  The more exciting activities to enjoy along with them the better.

I'll close with an oldie but favorite photo of mine, after a picnic at Valley Fair Amusement Park a little dress-up and old photograph time was in order.

This is me with my daughter sitting on my lap, and about one week before her younger brother was born.  We shared a great day together (before her new little brother) would arrive, just a mother and daughter day out!

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