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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Six Word Saturday- 30 November 2013

Welcome to Cate's, Show my face blog and her Six Word Saturday.

 Mark Twain thought we were.

"Everyone is the moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody." - Mark Twain

Maybe so, we are just human after all.  But, I've noticed when that annoying, over-bearing little creature known as, our dark side comes a calling, it's my moments surrounded by family, friends and not to forget my animal friends as well, that have just what I need to keep my dark side at bay. 

 How about you?  What keeps your dark side quiet?

Oh yeah, did I mention, a good wine can add a welcomed calmness to life as well?
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thematic Photographic

Into the picture, with a close-up leading the way. 

Carmi has selected " in the foreground" for our theme this week.

His theme, and explanation of it, got me thinking.  About how we, the picture taker, have all the power within every single photo, to present things as they are, or perhaps in ways other than what it may actually be.  We arrive with camera in hand, at a place, or time, to gather up all that's around us, and report back by our capture of it.  It's in that simple act, that we gift any onlooker with their own thoughts.  Something is what it is, except for those not able, to see the entire picture.

I've heard it said, that you see so much more, in a close-up shot, of something or someone.  It unlocks a mystery behind the photographer's view, and all that it's connected to, and encourages our own perception.  Would you ever guess that the rest of this church might be in complete ruin? 

By looking at this photo would you ever imagine hearing giggles, from so many eager faces, all gathered around this happy scarecrow?

What ever could be happening?

Yes, I'll take your hand.  But which one is real and which one is a mannequin's?

Nature scene 1.  Is this a forest or my own woodland backyard?

A most perfect place to plant a picture frame, wouldn't you agree?


Nature scene 2.  Ah yes, is this a forest, or my own woodland backyard?

The simplicity and narrow scope of this landscape promotes lines, color and texture, yet the emphasis on the unity and scale of this landscaper's entire creation is left to our own imaginations.
So are you aching to share your own creations of in the foreground? Then by all means hurry on over to Carmi's "Thematic Photographic."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Mag - 195 - His Sister?

Why yes, it is, John Singer Sargent's sister, Violet.

He painted her over and over, throughout his life of painting.

"A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth." - John Singer Sargent


Autumn on the River 1889 John Singer Sargent

He, obsessed by Violet, she became the subject in many of his paintings. Reason being, he longed for all the tales she'd spin, upon every stroke of his brush.


His trees painted pale around her slumped figure.
Serenity echoed in a pearly cloud of summer's end.

These shorter days smudged too soon
with darkness draped all around her,
she shivered alone.

She longed for the soft swish of his brush.
Their dwindling, twilight hours behind, proved
 her wisest hours 
were intensely promised
 and yet to come.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 24 November 2013

I spy something again for


This week for Ashley's, scavenger hunt on her Ramblings and Photos blog we're searching for - horizon, sharp, leather, blue and Diagonal Lines.

Rules are the same - anyone can play, you're encouraged to take five new photos or not, link up here on Sunday or (Tuesday at the latest) leave comments for at least five entries and most of all, have fun.

Let the hunt begin.


A sharp-

Sharp Shooter, practicing for his first year of deer hunting!

Ah, such a unique orange leather jacket-

But, what she's really smiling about is her delicious cup 

I kid you not!

Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies will I see-

Purr-fect kitty, MeOw!

Diagonal Lines.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sepia Saturday - 23 November 2013

"Even the most piddling life is of momentous consequence to its owner."  - James Wolcott


In recognition of  John F. Kennedy's assassination fifty years ago, we've been given the theme of posting about momentous moments in life.

Again this week, I'm linking moments from my own family history, with a few of those better known momentous moments around the world.

From my life.

For me, dressing up for Halloween, and experiencing all of the visual displays greeting me while going door to door, was always the best adventure a little girl could ever experience.  Of course candy was an added bonus.

The somewhat gloomy look on my face, wasn't for Halloween but as I remember spending so much time adjusting and readjusting for my mother to snap that perfect photo.   

All of my youngest memories seem to be attached to certain events in my life.  I will always remember that fateful day when President Kennedy was shot.  I was about this age on that horrid afternoon.


It was a chilly, dark and rainy afternoon in Mason, Michigan and I had just arrived home from school, very excited to play with my dog, Mickey as he always faithfully waited at the door to greet me.  Shortly after we arrived my mother turned on the television to the mayhem on every channel.

My mother was not a fan of President Kennedy, but I still remember she silently wept.

It was indeed a very sad day, and all across the world many wept at the news of such a horrific event which unfolded in Dallas, Texas.  Walter Cronkite's voice from CBS was a daily staple in our lives, but during this time it seemed he was a constant voice.  Hashing and rehashing that day.  This describes what Cronkite announced after the shooting in Dallas.

A glimpse of a happier moment a short while before the tragic event occurred.


Here is a picture of my sister, Oriana, sitting next to our Christmas tree, while my Daddy and I are proudly showing off our latest building creations, (complete with windmill and aircraft) and please notice my beloved dog, Mickey faithfully next to my feet.


An officer wakes up to what he expects (hopes) to be a normal day on the job until he receives the call about something in the air that eventually an aircraft lands on this house in September 5th of 1937 in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

In our little lives,
very often just a day spent at the beach is highly momentous for our family.

My cousins, Gesine and her brother Jorg, romping about a most inviting Denmark beach.

For a Danish momentous moment

Also, from Denmark, Danish Women granted the right to vote on June 5, 1915.

After nearly thirty years of campaigning, Danish women finally get the right to vote!

Yes, I believe there was dancing in the streets!


"THIS LONG LANKY COWBOY, with soul full of laughter, rode out to the world a singin' his tune."

My Cowboy Grandpa, while branding!  For his story that I wrote in a post about him for Sepia Saturday in March of 2011 here.

The End to the Civil War in America

Conclusion to the end of the American Civil War here.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Answer Funny Thing Happened Alphabe-Thursday

My Alphabe-Thursday brings the letter "A" with an Answer to Funny Thing Happened as well as 

Air Force, Assassination, American-Minnesota Song Writer, Paul Metsa, American Psychedelic Rock Band, Autopsy, Abraham Zupruder.

Aiming to add a few A- things for Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday 
while clearing up the law enforcement detail I found myself driving in the middle of.

(I shot this Hipstamatic-photo today- but it's this gloomy outside.)

So much to report really.   So little time, so I will be brief.  

That funny thing, I stumbled upon -

Air Force- As always, the military is hush, hush mostly, yet Google hits prove worthy to view regarding my Tuesday post here if you missed it. Apparently, Mr. Racing-Stripped-Charger-Patrol was not, a party too, or connected with the stream of suburbans.

Alas, celebrity protection at your finest always in the Twin Cities.

Alleged - answer is the Arrival of American-Minnesota Song Writer, Paul Metsa, famous for his "Jack Ruby" song had a live interview on Minnesota's MPR - News - Radio.  His interview heard here.

Paul Metsa

Another Alleged American Band - MGMT had a concert in Saint Paul that day.

MGMT - Electric Feel heard here.

Anyone know where this was?

AP - Photo of Nightclub owner, Jack Ruby who shot alleged JFK gunman Lee Harvey Oswald.

ASSASSINATION -  Of John F. Kennedy happened 50 years ago this November 22.

A bit of big news for Minnesota with Judge Tunheim.

Minnesota- U.S. District Judge John Tunheim was chairman from 1994 - 1998 of the Assassination Records review board, an independent federal panel that Congress created to declassify intelligence and law enforcement records that government agencies still considered too sensitive to release publicly.  

All across the board his story hit the news press on this day.  Even on Sunday the day before.

U.S. District John Tunheim

WooHoo anyone that really wants to bury themselves in a lot of facts, truth and an endless paper trail over the JFK Assassination go to the National Archives.

Archives - The panel that Tunheim was a part of released about 5 million pages of documents that are now available to Any and All, with PUBLIC viewing inside the National Archives.  It includes records about the events in Dallas, Oswald and the reactions of government agencies to the assassination.

National Archives Washington, DC

located at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC

Also, a tidbit that their panel of five uncovered and Tunheim disclosed in his interview.  The board's staff found the files of the prosecutors of Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, the gunman who killed Oswald before he could stand trial, hidden in a closet (really, wow) in the Dallas district attorney's office.  But, Tunheim admitted he was disappointed that they couldn't locate the files of Ruby's defense lawyers.

Autopsy - In Addition to releasing records, the review board also had the fading photos of Kennedy's autopsy, digitalized to make them clearer, and it acquired the most complete film of the shooting, shot by citizen Abraham Zapruder, and it remains the property of the American people forever.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Funny Thing Happened

Funny thing happened yesterday.

Never assume anything!

"To assume is to presume." - Jude Morgan

Especially, while driving.

Is it wrong to become totally wrapped up in some suspenseful, (secret agent type) moment?  So engrossed that you might possibly find yourself smack in the center of some (never to be released) secret mission?  I'm speaking of something really major taking place, or about to happen?

"Not a visible enthusiasm but a hidden one, an excitement burning with a cold flame." -Patrick Suskind

Thankfully, I had my cruise control on, and I was driving the posted speed.

Sometimes, you just never know who may be driving behind you.

Sure we know that a Ford Mustang might be the Highway Patrol or other law enforcement department.  Even this vehicle below can't be mistaken.

BUT!  Some patrol cars can be tricky like this one below.

I was reminded of that yesterday while driving into Saint Paul, Minnesota.
 While reviewing my mirrors as I do, a lot,  I noticed this shiny, dark colored Charger, complete with white racing stripes on the hood and it was pushing the 45 mile per hour posted speed, and caused several vehicles to move out of his way. 

He didn't use any sirens, or have on any warning lights from the front view.

Once he passed my car, I caught a glimpse of his passenger door. 

Yep, Minnesota State Patrol
and with the rear view
 his taillights were flashing with red and blue lights.

I soon noticed, following a couple cars behind him there were three unmarked black Suburbans bringing up the rear.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  Or possibly they were on an assignment?

To Be Continued.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Mag - 194

"....her conviction that love that did not find its expression in a letter was not perfect."  Ian McEwan


Playfully reluctant
she entered the church.
An amiable conclusion
a style so unlike her.
Solicitous at best
 a pattern more like her.
She being a party
to this pleasant gathering.
Kissed by the searing brilliance
of ignored heresy drawing them together.
Now a wisp of memories
bathed in fugitive laughter.
Drawn to
an odor of delusion.
by the profusion
all the while
at the hollowness
beneath the veil
of conclusion.
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday - 16 November 2013

This best describes my days-
for Cate's Six Word Saturday.

"It's kind of bittersweet.
The human spirit is not measured by the size
of the act,
but by the size of the heart."
Yakov Smirnoff
No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the


to an

 (uncharted land)
or opened a new

for the human spirit.
quote is by
Helen Keller

Enjoy your weekend friends!
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sepia Saturday - #203 - 16 November 2013

Life in the big city, or from an idyllic rural setting in an unspoiled country side,  possibly a quaint burg tucked away, or even by a seaside resort, you'll find doorways.

Home Sweet Home.

1903 Mackinac Island, Michigan.
A place where time doesn't exist.
Also, a unique local ordinance, prohibits the use of any motor vehicle on the island.


Still in pursuit of posting from my treasure of family memories,  sprinkled with a dash of a few unknowns.  I'm linking with Sepia Saturday which this week presents, the ever lasting, long running existence of the doorways in our lives.

"A very little key will open a very heavy door." - Charles Dickens

Each doorway, every person, has it's own story.

The photos below are presented from one of my grandmother's albums.

Breezing in.

Blurry, but nonetheless, my dear Daddy.
Also, from that same day, unknown lady in my father's life-

The one that got away!  Can you guess her thoughts?  "I just hope you miss me once I'm gone."
Ah, the one that caught my Daddy!

My mother standing in the doorway of my grandmother's new house being built in Jackson, Michigan.
From the pages, of why bother to write anything down, we'll never forget this lad.

Not exactly sure which male relative this is. Possibly, my father, or one of his cousins.

Yes she was, meet my Grandmother, Ada.


A later picture of my stylish Grandma Ada.


Or, perhaps better described as, my grandmother's friend visiting from the city.  Her name is unknown to me.


A Wedding Anniversary Celebration, brother of my great-grandfather, from my grandma Ada's side of the family.  Her uncle and aunt, pictured by the steps leading to their house, but also trying to include their lovely, hanging flowers and picture window too.

But also a few unknowns.  This is my great-grandfather pictured on the left.  The couple, not listed and I have not a clue, but the boy could be my father, (most surely the same boy from the high chair) so quite possible he's one of my father's cousins.  It would explain the mother and father in the picture. 
Just another reason why we need to label pictures.
"No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit." -  Helen Keller
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Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Wanda who?
Wanda door opens, I'll stop da knocking!