Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thematic Photographic # 147 Got The Blues

Are you ready for Thematic Photographic's new theme from Carmi's Written Inc. Blog?  Don't be too blue......but it's all about the blues...Got the blues or just simply blue...  any blue that comes to your mind.  So come on over and give us some BLUE!

For blue ...go here

We could begin this blue thing at the pool......but have you ever really gotten the blues at the pool?

Anyone care for a dip?
Okay no blues here so lets take a walk...........................

      So walking through a city park I  Got the blues  when .................

Oh no!  The secret is out.....
 I caught Spiderman unmasked and eating an ice cream cone! OH NO! Spiderman has been exposed to the real world, oh my!

   Sometimes when I've got the blues.....or just plain crave the blues....Chicago has a really hot spot ..........for the blues........
The House of Blues, Chicago, Illinois

"Blues is a natural fact, and is something that a fellow lives.  If  you don't live it, you don't have it. Young people have forgotten to cry the blues. Now they talk and get lawyers and things." - Big Bill Broonzy

I Got The Blues, when lost my canoe ...oh what shall I do?!

We're so blue, who knew, we came to view, what's new and lost our heads, oh what to do!

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies over...and over the water....
"Never a ship sails out of the bay, but carries my heart as a stowaway," - Roselle Mercier Montgomery- from ....The Stowaway

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Centus wk # 55 The reflection in the mirror

Jenny Matlock

Ah yes our dear...dear Jenny has given the power of our weekly prompt to....ta da...Dazee Dreamer.....who also has an awesome blog to follow along with....and she has concluded that our prompt is
"The reflection in the mirror" and if you too want to add a reply using that prompt in 100 words or less......(not including the prompt!!) well give it a try here
Here is my offering................................!

Edward was amazingly handsome and born with a presence that lit any room. He was a social lion with an easy going nature. His chameleon like abilities allowed him to control every situation, and made his demure popularity the envy of every man he knew. Why he could even charm birds right down from their nest. Besides seeming oblivious to his constant admirers, any stranger he met immediately followed his every word. Especially the salesman helping him today was no exception.

“This suit is totally you sir!”  But, when Edward bent forward for a closer look, the reflection in the mirror wasn’t there….  quickly Edward stepped away grinning.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six Word Saturday - 6WS - 21 May

Yes!  It's that time again to spell out the letters in six little thought provoking.... and lovely words of what in the world is going on right now in my life!

If you too, want to set yourself free...and hop aboard our "tell us what's going on with you excitement" then just go here and join us

Mine is short and sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet .....


...and no, I won't be taking any FEAR of FLYING classes like Meg Ryan in the movie, French Kiss!
Oh, yeah I'm excited.....a girlfriend and I have been planning this get-away since the cold tundra of January...and February.....and since my birthday is coming around again....really???? ...we are jetting off for some fun in the sun...and adventures into the unknown of places yet to be ......or something like that....but hey...after five more days of work...I'll have 6 free fun days!

Sepia Saturday : 75 21 May 2011

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine

My father and my sister, Oriana.....surely that's my mother's shadow pictured here taking the picture.  It's sometime in the early 50's.  Who knows where they were headed (I'm not born yet) and nothing written on back of photo, again........obviously they're on a rather large boat!  I'm sure it was an exciting trip to where ever!

Once again we find pleasure in Sepia Saturday with Alan's mysterious group of doctors, expert pool sharps perhaps, or ? .....and each of them just sitting around a leisure game of pool. 

However, in honor of my short (6 day) vacation that I'll be leaving for on Thursday .........I've put together an old fashioned assortment of vacationers and some miscellaneous brochures, to get in the mood of places yet to see  .....So hop aboard the Pennsylvania Railroad and let this vacation begin!

But in case you want to follow Alan's Sepia theme, or just toss in your own theme of the week just go here

Imagine taking your family on the rails with a round trip family ticket from say Elwood, Indiana to Chicago, Ill....(coach) and it costing  only  $18.13  after tax.  Yes! the family for under nineteen dollars....wish I knew the year.   We could all really travel at these prices today!

   Whether you travel by boat, plane, train, hot air balloon, or automobile....who cares...just do it!

Next we have the Brewer family that saved enough money over the winter to travel to Yakima, Washington and below is the brochure for their stay at the Hotel Commercial known for their exceptional moderate rates of $1.50 and up with special suite rates.  They also had special weekly and monthly rates too.
Don't forget to click on the photo to read all the fine details!

Hotel Commercial - Yakima, Washington, their Koffee Shop boasts a statewide reputation being Famous for Good Food..Their Cuisine on a par with famous Yakima Valley apples, peaches and pears.
Mount Rainer A Two-Hour Drive from the Commercial ....also bring your own, rod and clubs so you can fish, hunt or just play golf.

Hotel Commercial

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *    *
Then for a quick camping trip somewhere in the bluffs near the St. Croix River is Chandler and Theodore who took an entire week off from their duties just to go camping.

Chandler is on the left and Theodore is next to him.  Actually on the other side of this postcard it's stamped from Edinburgh on July 14, 1909....and was mailed to Miss A. Reattce living in Elmira, Illinois.  Welcome:
TWO MEN and a Tent!!!

Anyone else think these young men need to liven up just a bit?!!!
But, have you ever seen more handsome campers?
Five Men in an Auto...............and.....never forget the famous words of Jack Kerouac, "Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go.  But no matter the road is life."

Hurry up Stanley and drive this thing before our vacation time is up!
...they are a happy bunch on their way to Spokane, Washington......and perhaps they will stop by....Pike's Peak.

and the photo looks like this from a brochure

the other side on photo to read all about it!

.....and last but not least, Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, and is that their driver waiting by the family car, by which they will travel all loaded and ready to begin their vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Henderson ready to visit Mr. and Mrs. Smith for their shared boat ride to...where ever their hearts take them......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday 18 May

Tweet, tweet on this sunny Whimsical Wednesday....we have lots to do please come join us too
....and if you have a whimsy feeling about today ...why not follow us over here

"What about the birds?"
Oh my,
When at the park today, a fellow came to say
You must leave the park today,
for I have to send all the dandelions away, today!
There will be no more climbing, sliding or gliding today
Oh my!
For this fellow has come to spray away
even though we play
and make us stay as far away
until all that grows yellow has gone away.
Sounds pretty silly to me to send children away
just so he can spray
I say no way!
and what about the birds that play?
What if they don't fly away?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thematic Photographic 146 Aerial

Ah the mystery off a plane's wing.....and are these mountain tops?   SNOW? Oh where or where could this be?

        Okay Carmi from Written Inc. blog has given us quite the high theme this week ...."Aerial" and if I know his participants they all are highly creative, and they will reach high and through many photos and will display all sorts of  A E R I A L  I know!!!   Aerial...has quite a wide scope .....

If only Carmi had held off on this one .....I will be flying high up into the sky....around 5:00 P.M. this May 26th.......and I could have supplied NEW photos...but oh well's not to be......and if anyone else wants to know where they can post your own aerial photos then just go here

I enjoy a genuine that I can reason to figure out the what, why or where of it......and sometimes my own thought of a place or thing is perhaps more exciting than knowing the real story behind it.....Has that ever happened to you too?

So these photos I offer will be YOUR mystery to solve.   In this photo:  Another mystery location ...are we lurking close behind...from the same flight?

Oh my, a window view again.....or?  I've seen much of this right out in my own backyard!  Well yes, sort of...... wouldn't you agree?  (Hint, this is not any where near Minnesota)

and what oh what could this truly be?  I truly swear if the plane wasn't pictured you would definitely say yes that's my front yard!  Well I know I could anyway!

Is this magic or .......
This too is an Aerial view but from where exactly is it? 
 and... this is a quote to ponder "When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with showers of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you are grown old, even at twenty, but as long as your aerials are up, to catch the waves of optimism, there is hope you may die young at eighty."  - Samuel Ullman

Now the photo about is also an Aerial view...but is it from a boat, or plane or high above a busy street...location of?

Okay this was madness!  But isn't the guessing of something so much more fun than had I said for sure what country or where ever else all these photos came from?

one last aerial quote.............
Aerial flight is one of that class of problems with which men will never have to cope... - Simon Newcomb

or will we yet again?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sepia Saturday : 74 14 May 2011

Welcome friends, please do step aboard...I hope refreshments aren't real necessary for this flight....

Postcard from Florida!  Welcomes sun, fun and water-play around the MARTIN PBM MARINER
From the request of Alan at Sepia Saturday we find ourselves clutching our Passport and boarding pass in search of Gate 14……oh where or where is it?  Can you assist, or would you too just like to take pleasure in posting your own Sepia Saturday as you step back into the days of yesterdays so long ago!
Just go here

Our photo theme this week is of a brilliant-over-achiever, Glenn L. Martin who first turned his mother’s kitchen into a kite-factory and later turned an old Methodist church in Los Angeles, California into an airplane factory.   I'm totally serious!   Martin used the sails of kites as inspiration on everything from ice skates to wagons and even pushed his bicycle to move faster with very little effort. Effort and success were his middle names and a driving force to many accomplishments in his life.

You have heard of Lockheed Martin, Martin Marietta Corporation, or Wright-Martin Aircraft just to name a few….. haven't you?

Thank-goodness for of my favorite pastimes is searching through old postcards, if only more of them were actually mailed and written on...

The MARTIN FLOATPLANES...Martin built his first pusher bi-plane in 1909 at the age of 23 and not to forget.....he took up exhibition flying at fairs and local airfields. 

 Glenn Martin's name and dreams made it big in advertising too.....with this fantastic ad
Luxury aloft in the MARTIN MARS Flying Hotel...better than a sleeping car on a slow train to well anywhere....why travel like a snail when you can soar with the eagles?!


On May 10, 1912 Martin flew his own plane, built in Santa Ana from the waters of the Pacific Ocean at Balboa to Catalina Island.  This was the first water-to-water flight and the longest and fastest (of course) over water flight ever, to that date.  On his return to the mainland Martin carried the day’s mail from Catalina another first…..Location marking this is at the South end of
Main Street
at Ocean Front (Balboa) Newport Beach.

Another awesome fact about Glenn Martin was his visit to Hollywood and his once in a life time role as a dashing hero in the movie "A Girl of Yesterday" (1915) starring Mary Pickford!  But he had to kiss Frances Marion (later she became a legendary Hollywood screenwriter) ...funny thing he's quoted as saying about his kissing scene...."My mother would not like it," which astounded Pickford as well as Marion!   Funny how Martin was right at home flying Pickford around in his airplane but he had such a hard time working up courage for a simple kiss!  He did complete his kissing scene with surely much pleasure!

And since I'm located within the land of friendly skies of Minnesota and what used to be the home of North Central Airlines, and Northwest Airlines, now just simply....Delta Airlines, and also where you can visit an old homestead of Charles Lindbergh right here in Minnesota, (OH NO, sorry) I won't post him (he was actually born in Detroit, Michigan) but I will introduce to you.....something more real to life!

I'll close with a more natural home grown Minnesota big time flyer...
the non-flyer pictured here is wearing a silly hat....

Courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society

Quite possibly this entry is located at Gate 14 at the Minnesota State Fair!

Thank you for sharing this may now debark the post....

Saturday Centus 14 May Hush little baby don't you cry....

Jenny Matlock

Thank goodness for Blogger's rebirth.....well coming back to life....because Jenny has offered a soft and easy prompt that brings warm fuzzy thoughts like.....who does enjoy the rocking of a baby more!?!   Her prompt this week is "Hush little baby, don't you cry,"  don't we all feel like crying like a baby sometimes?  Especially when we get missed, or left behind or lost.....okay just because it's raining outside again, and I must work again this afternoon....doesn't mean I can't be hopeful!

If you haven't already given this Saturday Centus (pour-out your inner-self) yet, then hurry who knows if Blogger will be up all day (kidding)...of course they will but go here just in case

You can use up to 100 words and that's not including the's mine,

             Many of us felt like we'd been consumed by Spanish moss. Sob, sob.  Personally, I dread feeling like a dead skeleton inside a decayed tree.  Why do some managers bite the hands of those who weed?  Following rules and sincerity means nothing?  Truly, working like a leafless tree and brown-nosing our bosses ranks reward; even while huddling a snug retreat in the backroom devising battles between employees. 
              Undeniably, all those grease-spattered stones thrown (behind the boss’s backs) can be rewarded by receiving "employee of the month".  Managers can be so blind.  I know, “hush little baby, don’t you cry,”  there's always next month!

Six Word Saturday 6WS 14 May

Yes! It's Six Word Saturday again!...and Blogger is up and running too!   SEE!!!!  Good things do come to those who wait, and wait...... eventually!  My six words today mesh well with blogging issues and well many other issues as well....

If you haven't tried playing along with Cate's 6WS at, then you're really missing out on some great fun! Go here now and make your day!


For those of you that remember my 6WS last week may I say this... Yes!  It works to arrive sword less at some dragon slayings!  (Celebrate your foes) My plan really didn't involve much, but as our method of dragon slaying went last week................happiness, and team-ness became the light of day.....okay, you're right.......I confess....... truth be told.....lots of sugar was involved here too...............but sugar is always sweeter than sour grapes everyday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thematic Photographic 145 Vehicular better late than never...

Okay yes it's true I am totally late on this ....but Blogger caused a major melt down for posting...since Carmi posted another one today..............I will post one, simply because I have posted every week for TP since my beginning at Written Inc......and would hate to miss one week.
If you too want to push one more in....cuz technically Carmi is holding off the new theme until this weekend, go here

So here is my late....okay very, very extremely late post !

Some days we all move at a very slow pace.......hence my trying to catch the perfect pose...
Life is as good as the food you eat!

and when you are feeling ready to hit the slopes......these chair lifts are very instrumental ..

(I really can't believe I posted a winter photo)'s funny though, once winter finally leaves and the mowers begin scenting the outside like this look rather refreshing don't you think!

Okay and we must include a favorite of mine...

All Lego characters and Lego vehicles need creations like this........just to get to the other side!

Whimsical Wednesday week 25 May 11 - 17

Welcome back all bloggers that it's Friday and Blogger is back I can post my whimsy post!
If you have an artsy whimsical something to share just go here

Have you ever met an Alien-Gnome before?
Or wondered what one would look like?

Alien-Gnome ation

What a silly green creation
Why or why
My Gnome green
can't you see?
Are you sleeping?
Are you hiding?
Come take a look
and you will see
My Gnome is all green!
How can that be?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Centus I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Jenny Matlock

Jenny from Saturday Centus has offered such an inspiring prompt to an old amazing song….at the end I have a link to a video of it on You Tube (check it out) it feels really good to hear again....

If you want to join in on this fun and silliness at Jenny’s Saturday Centus please go here

Our prompt this week is "I'd like to teach the world to sing...."  and including the prompt we must supply at least 100 more please...! Here is my Saturday Centus post....

      In honor of this song ……teaching the world to sing in perfect
h a r m o n y ....singing la la along building a world with love…I posed this question on Facebook …..

Me: “I’d like to teach the world to sing,” ….can you help?

Johnny Egghead:  Ah, sorry you’d enjoy a raging, banging merciless wind more!

Mr. Herring Bone:  Really? …foregoing foolish reluctance....I humbly… accept….

 Molly Go Lightly: From the valley of strange echoes…listen carefully …NO WAY!

Bea Warey Clown:      Hoarsely…..this tragic voice never sings (out of the shower!)

Aaron theRedBaron:     “laughing” I taught you to sing!  

The End......

Note:  The names and comments have been changed to protect my friends and family!  No animals or trees were hurt in this process....This is not a true story.   Just BLOG fun!

“I’d like to teach the world to sing,” here’s the link for an inspiring version of it on Youtube

Six Word Saturday 6WS 7 May 2011


Welcome again to Six Word Saturday!  I really enjoy having the chance to express anything in six little meaningful words ....about what may be going on in my life right now....just what is it that stands out sooooo very much today...

well, it has to do with PEOPLE!!!!   My life as surely as all of you has so many people in it....and so many I may meet for a short time and possibly never come in contact with them again....especially never to forget those fellow commuters on the freeway that  .... !#;^%$#...well anyway,   "HAPPY Mother's Day" too, to all those that are Mother's this day.....and all of you that surely do have MOTHERS !

If you feel the desire to express your life too in six lovely-blisful-meaningful words then just pop over here


This is so my plan for the next week ahead.....self-confidence is a blessing, and it HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONCEIT......


Have you ever stepped back for a moment and wondered why some people are the way they are with YOU!  I think they try to conquer bringing down who they believe they can....just because they perhaps feel inferior.....

Maybe next time you can just look them in the eye and say, "Hey I celebrate YOU! "  and walk away....can you imagine what will go on in their thoughts then?!

Sepia Saturday 73: 7 May 2011

So it's Sepia Saturday once again in Minnesota....and Alan has served a photo of a fascinating couple, Mr. and Mrs. Samuelsson, of Stigasa, Smaland, Sweden who are both tightly holding on to the other's a pledge of their love and as sturdy as their warm woolen clothes.....they are husband and wife......  So in honor of this lovely couple and Mother's Day (tomorrow) I'm going to follow the themers ....a bit this week and will introduce a few other engaging women......and of course.....their other half....

If you want to travel along the Sepia Saturday themes or post other sepia related photos then why not do it here

Before they were married...their life styles may have been sometimes peculiar, or off-color....

This silly posed lady says, "When a girl puts on a man's hat it's a sign she wants to kiss him."  This post card was mailed in 1909 (by someone with good humor)

here is the other side of it:
I actually got this postcard for free at a local shop.

...and while the ladies were out being stylish, or shopping...the men were often building new houses for their bride to be...before they popped the big Andrew Peterson pictured here in 1898.  Isn't his log home just a masterpiece?  He built this log cabin in the 1850's for his new family.
(Note, actually women back in those days did work very hard, and more often sewed their own clothes ...)

 Perhaps Andrew Peterson knew the Samuelssons....since he was born in Sweden in 1818 and came to the United States in about 1850.  Peterson kept diaries until he died in 1898.  Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg based a series of novels beginning with "The Emmigrants," from those diaries...and later the series were made into movies.  Back in those days you helped your fellow neighbor and together with each other's help, they made it through thick and thin....

"In the morning I did a bit of everything, also did an errand at Lundsten. In the afternoon I cut more hay."

Here is a part of an interesting newspaper article from 1880 in the Minneapolis Tribune of life as a Swede in Minnesota...."The drinking water here is very poor, and to all good luck the population here is mostly Norwegians, Swedes and Germans, and they will of course not drink water, but whisky and beer, so they do not notice the need of good water very much as sober people might do.  I am lodging here in a saloon that is owned by a Swede whose name is Solberg.  They drank and played very good but this did not give me any pleasure..."

When I read these tidbits about life in the early days of Minnesota I have to wonder what is a true Minnesotan?  I wasn't born here, but two of my children were, and they have great-grandparents that were born in Norway and Sweden....hmmm.
Moving right along into the wedding section....and slightly out of the ordinary the traditional wedding dresses....

There are many thoughts about why a woman back then would decide on a black wedding dress, although they make many beautiful black dresses yet today....Yet, I'm sure a bride would not pick black for these past reasons.  Some say it was wise to spend money on a dress that would be suitable to wear more often then the frilly white dress, left to hang.  Or, that the bride was marrying a widower, (although in this photo he appears quite young to be a widower.)  Other countries outside of the United States wore them as a traditional dress.....for what ever reason, this bride wore black with a white veil...and what about his interesting cross shaped decoration..... is it made of paper (perhaps their marriage certificate or a prayer) and are there flowers there too?  Whatever he's wearing it's often found in wedding photos....someone please explain more about this if you know...I find it a mystery.
and then we have Mr. and Mrs. Prestige......or so they seem....
Doesn't he seem to have the look of really holding in his breath?  I do hope their life together after this day was filled with more pleasure then this!  Don't you?  We must notice that no cost was spared on this fashionable statement of wedding dresses....maybe the flower (weathered) like attachments had special meaning other than looking so out of place....maybe they were scraps from other wedding dresses of loved ones for good luck....sometimes you just never know....people can do the strangest things at weddings.  Something old, something borrowed, and something know.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Mere Sense that Life and Paddlewheels ...paddle on....

As you'll see in the next few photos, Stillwater, Minnesota still has high water issues...but that won't stop the Majestic Star, a 100 foot Yacht, or her sailing sisters....the great paddle-wheels, the Empress, Avalon, Anastasia, and the Showboat from bringing the joy of boating again this year (season begins May 7th)  I rather enjoyed popping in yesterday during lunch (while not a soul could be seen on deck) just these lovely ladies...waiting.....(and promising myself more trips on the water this year) with an over abundance of pillows, okay they're really clouds....but it was a day to stand back and marvel in this beautiful river town.....

Historical markers on the north and south ends of Stillwater's Main street welcome visitors to, "The Birthplace of  Minnesota"  right here along the St. Croix River, although that's confusing since Stillwater dates back to 1843 (so young I know) but it was not the state's first white settlement.   The village, Marine, on St. Croix built Minnesota's first commercial saw mill in 1839.  Then the town of Mendota across from Fort Snelling on the west bank of the Mighty Mississippi had a settlement earlier yet.  Even back then it was all about being first.

My favorite Gazebo in Lowell Park still under water although the sand bags are gone, so it's prettier, but to reach it, one must get very wet.  While I stood there snapping a few photos two young boys rode up on bikes and stopped along the water...from their excitement they hadn't been here lately....isn't it just the coolest thing when boys of about 8 years or so stop and notice something so simple as a high river?!...and are enthused by it!

These are amazing times still in the year 2011 ....

It's hard trying to decide if the paddleboats or the clouds were prettier...I think after this long hard frozen tundra of a never ending winter....they both rank top billing!

Your eyes aren't fooling you.......

This is the St. Croix River still covering the walkway ...with the Stillwater Lift Bridge (water is lower as before it reached the bridge) and they just recently reopened the bridge for crossing into Wisconsin....but enjoy the views of this fine bridge, as it's in the courts hands and soon will be just a memory as they dig up the beautiful surroundings and build something far more necessary....or so some some people believe....

Balloon excursions and riverboat excursions were popular features way back when and just a natural part of life back in the day, even then.
No not an ocean, just another view of the St. Croix River and the roadway still under water....

For reasons too many and too personal, this is a Rivertown that will always be a privilege and a pleasure to experience....

I will always leave this quaint little river town a better person on every visit...

Just one of the quirky things hanging from the ceiling at Dock Side, where I had once again the most amazing lunch EVER!....

Here is one of those must have snaps of one of Stillwater's gems that overlooks the river....

"For everything you have missed, you have gained something else".- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday wk 24 4 May 2011

Guess what?  In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday ... My Whimsical Wednesday is devoted to things like flowers and hearts, and those yummy broken cookies to moon-light dancing under the stars........ after all....we all have a Mother...this is true......!

If you feel creative or just silly enough to share your own post too.....please go here

Happiness is ......all the moments shared together.
You want to make the most of every little scrap life gives you.  My mother taught me that.
       Quoted by Joyce Maynard

My mother always smiled when I gave to her a bunch of those bright yellow flowers that popped up magically all about our yard........

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Centus - April 30, "Happy Anniversary, Man"

Clocks: by Henry Van Dyke, "For those who love, time is eternity."

      Welcome to another charming installment of Saturday Centus!  This week Jenny has decided in honor of this being the first year celebration for Saturday Centus being "One year running this year......"  I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.......have you guessed already what her prompt for this week could be?  In case it hasn't come to you yet it's,

"Although the traditional gift for a first year anniversary is paper...."  and if you feel the urge to create one too just go here

     Their first kiss brought tears to their eyes; knowing it was losing her grandmother’s watch that brought them together. She was heartbroken until he, the ship’s Captain placed it in her hands. Once their eyes met, a sudden burst of emotion took them by surprise. Their next five years brought them many pleasures underneath the blissful skies of Algiers.
     A year ago today they took their eternal pledge plunging into life’s stickiness, and togetherness soothed away any turmoil.   Although the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper,  their gift was kissing underneath this unique clockwork wearing each other’s handmade paper watches.

Remember if you want to play along to just go here

Jenny Matlock