Wayzata, Minnesota

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Seems Enigma

Yes, it seems enigmas can be found everywhere we go these days. 

Hello, I'm a sitting mooing enigma.

Beyond the invisible.

"There has to be a certain enigma in it,
which does not immediately catch the eye."

"Life is an enigma.
We have to approach it not scientifically
but poetically."
Ronald Frame

This, not too far away folks. For Minnesota.

Some will say summer is waning. I say winter is a sure thing, sooner than we'd like. No enigma there.

"Life has it's enigmatic events,
that can make it a mystery,
or my misery."
It all depends on how I view it."
Anthony Liccione

Any enigma if thrown into the sea
cast off like a skipping stone
sinking deeply into the murkiness
unable to live as it once did
remains a puzzling mystery
never to be known.

Duluth harbor tours are so worth it. They have special Tuesday $5.00 boat tours all day on any boat too.  Keep that in mind if you plan to visit Duluth. 

"Ever feel like an enigma,
wrapped in a dilemma,
surrounded by a conundrum?
Yeah, so do I."
Nanette Mathews

Bewildering?  Yes, but wholly redefinable.

Before saying thanking you for stopping by, take good care of you, and saying how good it is to spend time with you, I have a bit of humor, through the wise words expressed by Winston Churchill, and a fun photo. Bravo scarecrow designer your work rocks.

"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."
Winston Church

Note the wording on the cap.
Hilariously clever!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 28, 2017

In 50 Words

You could say I'm one of those people that get caught up in "writing contests" sometimes.  Without hesitation seeing The Peterman Company had a
 Shortest Short Story Contest with $1,000 gift certificate as first prize and 5 four hundred dollar gift certificates I was intrigued.
Wait. Gift certificates? What are they selling?

A sightseeing package maybe?

We are to imagine ourselves in search of that perfect item
(whatever it might be)
and tell our story of it in 50 words or less.

Okay, my high hopes drifted to another path, beyond their products. 
We have so many choices in this lifetime journey right?

Here are my 50 words for us, I won't be sending it to The Peterman Company.

Dock your boat take a seat and listen.

Seeking Enthusiasm
(my search for that perfect item)
item being that individual or unit,
 especially one that is part of a list, collection or set.

From a whisper of adventure
unleash your heart's desire.
Be wholly absorbed within a thrilling course
bursting by flight of grateful content.

Anticipation awakens our curiosity by way
of simple exhilaration, as silent joys abound 
with every little laugh that consumes us
let life's cozy blanket lift our spirits

"To find a man's true character, play gold with him."
P. G. Wodehouse

Let life buoy up your soul.

"Flowers are happy things."
P.G. Wodehouse

what our country means to us.

"To survive in
 peace and harmony
united together 
divided we fall
together we're strong
we are one people,
one nation, one flag."

"If you want to live a happy life 
tie it to a goal
not to people or things."
Albert Einstein

Enjoy your week and take good care of you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wear Sunshine

"The music of hope is everywhere,
but to hear it, you need to ignore
the muddy jangle of life's hassles."
Christine M. Knight

With the weekend off and
two days vacation
it's a four day weekend!

Oh yeah.

Stuff your eyes with wonder.

Just a few snaps from the last few days.

Everyone deserves to take one day away, or maybe three! 
A time when everyday life simmers on the back burner
and you embrace this day! You might just have to go unwired
to totally soak in the sights with the utmost of delight!

Free as a gull!

Let your wings fly like never before.

Looking down from our ship tour while docking look what I saw!

I can't believe how many dogs were everywhere hanging out with their humans. Even inside shops and cafes you name it they were there.

Grab another log okay?

Why not another bonfire?

I'll tell you it was especially calming to avoid all news, and just be on vacation.

Every time I visit here,
I always get attached to whatever ship is waiting to unload and this one had a longer wait than usual. Some sort of pesticide on board that Minnesota didn't approve of.  But finally the Taagborg (a Dutch ship) finally made it through.

Hollyhocks I love everyone of you.

"What sunshine is to flowers,
smiles are to humanity.
These are but trifles,
to be sure;
but scattered along life's pathway
the good they do is inconceivable."
Joseph Addison

Besides flowers, it's the little trinkets of life that keep us smiling.

"Our destiny is not written for, 
but by us."
Barack Obama

Enjoy your day
and may happiness follow you everywhere you go.
Thanks for being here and bringing your happiness with you.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I don't know about you
but I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with our world lately
in a country where we're pretty darn good at being unbreakable
it seems things are a bit shaky.
So how do we change that?

"Sprinkle life with a little silliness."
Turn off the news.

Invite your friends over for a glass of wine and a good read
for National Relaxation Day
which was on Tuesday.

"I remember a friend of mine
 years ago who taped a sign to his refrigerator.

"There's a dream dreaming us."
If you try to think what that means
it makes your mind silly,
but that silliness is good."
Natalie Goldberg

If you're lucky you'll dream that dream in living full color!

Feeling blue or out of sorts?
Well then,

Celebrate you and go to a spa!
Or better yet, have a spa party. 


"It's okay to be absurd, ridiculous, and down right irrational
at times;
silliness is sweet syrup that helps us
swallow the bitter pills of life."
Richelle E. Goodrich

Take a walk!

"Play around.
Dive into absurdity and write.
Take chances.
You will succeed if you are fearless of failure."
Natalie Goldberg

Mini-golf is way better than 18 holes,
 on a gigantic course right?!
Oh yeah.

Dirt on your knees is always a sign of great fun
(In the dirt!)

Make your best funny smile,
show your cute little tongue or
just smile!

Outdoor movies are the best!
Always a Yogi the Bear cartoon first.
Hurry up take your seat the movie will begin in two minutes.

Of course not everyone wants to see the movie when they

can sip wine!

Look for the heart in everything. It's there.

Silly is as silly does
but in your heart of hearts

let your sunshine and silliness sing wildly!

Enjoy your evening and the weekend is almost here!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Everything Has Purpose. Really.

All you need is love.

Stop and look.
Look at things others don't bother to see.

Saint Paul, Minnesota
The renovations are finished.
Our Minnesota Capital Grand Opening has arrived.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

The raising of America begins today.

Hopefully our children of today,
 will someday soon improve our government for tomorrow.

"War is what happens when language fails."
Margaret Atwood

"War does not determine who is right.
only who is left."

Yep. Really. Why fight when you can plant new seeds?
Farmers can grow anything, so can we.

Focus on those things others take for granted.
There lies the powerful source for imagination
that leads to creativity. 

and growth of things.

"Do I dare Disturb the universe?"
T.S. Eliot

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong
and think of what could go right.
Or maybe even sideways.

One kind word can change someone's entire day.

Sometimes, you just need to push a little harder.

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."
Robert Bryne

I read the following quote by John Lennon the other day and it truly resonates with much of the goings on in the world today. What do you think?

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.
I think we're being run by maniacs, for maniacal ends.
And I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that."
That's what's insane about it."
John Lennon, BBC-TV London 1968.
Yep, 1968.

Yes, we can catch up and create a world where we all get along
and accept each other's differences, without anger and raging war.

"The future rewards those who press on.
I/we don't have time to feel sorry for myself.
I/we don't have time to complain.
I'm/we're going to press on.
Down the right path we'll keep walking."
President Obama

Enjoy your week, 
and keep those 
who are lost/need comfort/a friendly smile
 in your prayers,
 and take good care of you.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

You Never Know

"You never know ahead of time
what something's really going to be like."
Katherine Paterson

Our lives are open stories waiting to be lived.

"A story (like life) is open ended.
A story invites you into it
to make your own meaning."
(So does your life)
Katherine Paterson
and Me

A town is much like this.

So are poems.

"It is better to have a meaningful life
and make a difference
than to merely have a long life."
Bryant H. McGill

"To understand the journey
you have to do the walking."
Bryant McGill

"Every positive thought is a silent prayer
which will change your life."
Bryant McGill

"The worst bullies you will ever 
encounter in your life
are your own thoughts."
Bryant H. McGill

Lyra learned that lesson on Monday, her first day back to school.

You never know ahead of time just how
 things will be,
so never fret over what you think it will be.

Be positive, look forward and let it all fall into place.
My words Saturday evening as I put her on the airplane
(she flew by herself this time)
She conquered her flight 
and her worries over her first day back to school this year
was senseless.
This is going to be the best year ever!