Wayzata, Minnesota

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thematic Photographic- Soft Light

"There are two kinds of light- the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures." - James Thurber


We shall glide through the gentle bliss of softness a bit more.

Carmi has requested soft light for this week's photo theme.

It's the mystery behind something, that is revealed only by the light before us.

I'll begin with a mystery afoot.  Let's follow Mr. Snowman as he braves the darkness with the Pajama people.

Some of you may remember this photo, that I took while visiting the magical winter scenes inside Macy's Department store in downtown Minneapolis in 2011.

Something was afoot, and the raccoons aren't sharing the secret either.  Although, they pointed towards the main gate, where I found this note.

"The principal person in a picture is light!"
 - Edouard Mante

View of Argenteuil
Painting by Edouard Mante- and his attention to light.

Good luck solving your mystery.
Signed- The Pajama People.

Every hue throughout your work is altered by every touch you add in other places.- Ruskin

Our mystery continues outside.

Just what is the mystery behind daylight?  Why does it appear so magical to me just before dusk, when daylight slips into the night?

Is it the glow igniting a fire within?

The answer is waiting just before darkness unfolds-

Can you see the one star shaped light in the dark row of trees?  It's coming from a neighbor's window.

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."-
Friedrich Nietzche

Once night falls, our chances of discovery are not as good, but stopping by the local pub may be refreshing for a brief spell.

My attention always falls on soft lights warming up the inside of buildings, or houses.  I like standing for long periods watching the glow of lights shining out of the darkness.  Don't you?

It's easy to do living out in the country, from my own back yard.

On a cold winter's night, those lights inside have a mind of their own.  The light even tends to fall softly outside the window and rest below our feet.

Going back to our mystery at hand, I sense a part two in the works. 

Yes, my thoughts are confirmed as the coloring on this paper clearly highlights that this post is -

to be continued.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Saturday Centus- It's a Mystery

Welcome to Saturday Centus -
My Monday Edition.

Jenny has offered for her theme this week, an artsy photo with the words, The Dark Side of the Stars, for us to describe in 106 or less words, any style and any extra photos.

It's a Mystery
I feel a mystery
coming on.
Not a true-light in this sky
just an immense canopy
glows from this sky
of electric-ness
and lost dreams
and empty pockets-
once rich in silver and golden paychecks
far reaching this night's sky.
Somewhere else a starry-night highlights
a more distant sky.
Of filled pockets and unspent paychecks.
This sky must be, the dark side of stars
what once was bursting of highlights
now aglow with streams of birthing sunlight
breaking this spent evening sky.

Save your money and instead, visit the stars of yesterday.
Can you recognize any?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thematic Photographic - #231 Softness

"I hardly ever see your profile, but have I told you it's beautiful? - like the soft gentle lines of snow." - John Geddes

Even electric light, softens an empty room. Go my friend and be someone's light!

Can you guess what theme Carmi offered this week?

Thematic Photographic 
(Where we go to release our inner thoughts, and sift through others as well.)

Carmi has posted "softness" as our theme for the week.

I believe softness is more than something not being loud or hard to the touch.  Like pretty much everything, it's a feeling.

Thank goodness Carmi is flexible, and encourages us to not just step outside of the box, but to throw the darn box away!

Nothing could be finer, than to be tucked away in sweet, soft slumber while all the world around you, sleeps too.

"There's always a bit of magic to be found....somewhere between falling asleep and waking up!"

Once upon a dream, if you should be so lucky.......

...."Just let go, and allow the gentle, easy going softness of your dreams simply set your soul a sailing."

I brought one of my trusty friends along..... Yes, in my dreams.)

I can always find comfort in the soft folds of his skin.

Do you take time to feel the softness resting inside your heart, and trust that there's always a path to wander?

Of course my friend the elephant, shall have to sit out this part of my journey!  Even in my dreams, I know he just wouldn't sit still.

See the softness of the lighting and the colors settling around this  hard egg tip-egging (you know like tiptoeing) on a hard surface?

Okay, I know, an expert photographer would add, if she'd only shot this scene with......ha ha ha.

Can you feel the softness of two hearts?

My son-in-law and his little girl.

Can you hear the soft whisper of a golden afternoon breeze?

Any breeze that rustles here, rustles inside us as well, and we're the better for it.

Especially soft on my list, is how a tender touch warms us so.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Mag 152

The Mag

Image provided by Tess Kincaid
for Magpie Tales.
A golden afternoon
my wee participants and I
shared candy-coated chatter
quick steps and running laughter.
After the laughter
in still air
the silence of their footsteps
spoke to me.
A grave and persistent noise
spread about my thoughts
of life and death.
Tiny little laughter waning
behind me
 they shared the path hand in hand.
as I read,
calling name after name
into the wind.
A dead echo flurried 
as we journeyed 
hands clasped
hearts anchored.
If you treasure trees and roots, then a stroll through one these should suit you well. If by lucky chance, you can bring a little friend, they'll love the stories one can find, waiting to be read!
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Centus - 19 January 2013

I know, this is where I would normally welcome you......

but, I can't!

Winter has me down!


Weeping for Spring

 I simply cannot, I tell you!
I simply won't!
Not with that photo Jenny served today.
Oh no I can't!
I'll bet she posted from here today too!
Oh I could slice up a few choice thoughts today
about tender, juicy and most scrumptious looking way
too cool, bright RED tomatoes.  WAIT! I can, in 100 words today,
any style writing, any additional photos too!

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Okay not quite yet-
but it's coming around sunset.

Hear the winds blowing in too?
We've dropped four degrees too!

Miss Jenny why tease me with those succulent goodies today?
Oh I care not-
 I'll be brave!
Our winds are blowing in from the east they say!
Just look at my garden today!

By morning it'll be this, no hope for little tomatoes today.

I told you, my temperature is now 21!

I swear I'm hiding with my stash of tomatoes  (bought out 4 stores) of luscious oh sweet, delicious tomatoes, just for me, until this brutal storm is over!

Of course you all know this was just for fun, we all love Miss Jenny at Saturday Centus oh so much....!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thematic Photographic- Multiples

Are you ready to experience the world of Multiples?

Carmi, from Written Inc blog has unleashed our new theme.


Who (?) declared that multiples could always be readily seen?

"Wait just a minute, is that a multiple choice question?"

Multiple times he tried! Cowboy on horseback,
in restaurant, displays the best lasso techniques with zero results.

Okay- multiple leaves readily in view, and at work.
Munch, munch.....

(I believe help is on the way for this dear old chap.)
Crunch, crunch.....
Multiple leaves have consumed this poor man!

Multiple times this trusty old Scare-Crow man has been warned, you can't hide behind these branches and not get stuck in the snow!

Help me, help me, my feet are crystallized, my head is over sized, I'll take less snow, don't you know! Help me, help me I fell in a snowbank and it's like quicksand- Help me, help me at least out of this parody!

Want a lift?
Click here

Just how many square boxes can you count in this photo?

Seriously, I'm kidding! I didn't count them!

Multiple times, without spilling a drop, she mixes from one glass to the other, over and over and over.

For multiple reasons I'm sure!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Mag - 151

Welcome to Magpie Tales

Where Tess Kincaid serves a photo prompt and we respond.

The Mag

 From the sunny side of life despite her woes, she sits and this is her story.

Image by Tess Kincaid


If only this woolen garb reached her toes,
and running barefoot
wasn't her style, she'd be in shoes.
Affording herself a lateral view,
of frost mushrooming
inside these windows, 
 nipplacious-ness and her worry deepening

Should she dance the funky chicken? 
Sip warmed wine or let her thoughts
fester until all hope deflates,
nose-sicles and frozen toes?

IPhone-less, but google smart, she nourishes the interstate of her mind,
with reflection and radiating along a tree-lined
soul, ever churning and yearning.

Her breath bellows a frothy plume
  she draws in tightly 
infused by
warmth.   Hole enough for one straw, she takes another sip,
feeling deliciously alive while basking willfully.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Six Word Saturday 12 January 2013

Good Morning Six Word Saturday !

It's COLD, (12*) * *  snowing, * wind blowing !



Okay, so none of these photos below are from The Children's Museum in Saint Paul, Minnesota
but we're headed out the door soon!

The Lied Discovery Children's Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada


From the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Montgomery, Alabama!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Sepia Saturday - 159 - 12- January 2013

Welcome to more adventures of sand and sea.  Alan's theme photo this week is of a bathing suit clad woman sitting on the beach!  Yes, he's bringing us out of our present day frozen tundra's to gape at life in water or, on the beach. 


Beginning with-

Double checking that we're all in appropriate dress on the beach.  All bathing suits must not be over six inches from the knee.

Bill Norton, Washington, D.C. beach policeman.

Bathers on the beach Atlantic City, New Jersey, Brady's Baths on pavilion. Between 1900 - 1910.

News Tribune Newsboys' taking time off to plunge into a pool.  Sometime between 1900-1910.

SEPIA SATURDAY- Stopping by a few Minnesota lakes.

The Swimming Hole, at Lester Park, in Duluth, Minnesota in 1904.
Boys will be boys!

Not sharing words but still feeling content together.

What's the next best thing to swimming and lounging on the beach?

Having a front row seat to all the action.

People watching.

Asbury Park, New Jersey


Lake Itasca, Minnesota
Lake Itasca, Minnesota
Amazingly enough, this photo was taken in 1936, and still today it appears pretty much like it did back then in most places around the lake.
White Bear Lake, Minnesota
at the Wildwood Landing
Aren't we something!
The Landing at Wildwood, White Bear Lake, Minnesota
 1908 Swimming, Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
One final note about life on the beaches and the latest in swimming apparel.
Aren't we happy the styles have changed drastically?